2016—The World is Changing This Year

Mar 6, 2016 | In the News|Special Messages

From: Embracing Spiritual Frontiers™ with Elizabeth Joyce

Heart-WorldHumanity’s understanding of the world continuously changes. Many (perhaps even most) individuals are not able to recognize, comprehend or absorb the changes that take place.

Often even most experts in the fields – where the change takes place – are unable to comprehend or accept it, during their lifetimes. This is true about many fields and disciplines.
and the list goes on.

This has been a year of change – in several fields. Change so momentous – that before the year 1800 equivalent changes took place only centuries apart.

Since 1800 the changes have occurred decades apart – but there has never been one quarter of a year that has seen so many changes – as this year 2016, has seen – so far.

A. Changed understanding of the physical world.
In January there were THREE major scientific “breakthroughs” – that will eventually change how scientists perceive the world – and how that perception will be taught in schools.

We have all heard the stories / explanations of quantum physics regarding Schroeder’s cat and action at a distance. Einstein wasn’t convinced, but couldn’t prove otherwise. He called it (the 100th Monkey syndrome) “spooky action at a distance”. For the first time, a couple of years ago, an actual experiment was devised to test the action at a distance. These experiments usually take place at a subatomic level – and in conditions that require near absolute temperatures – and the results last for a tiny fraction of a second that we measure in nano-seconds.

1. On February 2nd – action at a distance, more properly called quantum entanglement, was achieved at ROOM TEMPERATURE level on such a macroscopic scale – (at the size of approximately a large molecule) so as to be almost visible to the naked eye. This is an effect so bizarre – as to rank right up there with time-space relativity where clocks slow down – so that a space traveler goes away and comes back younger than everyone who stayed behind. (This discovery also verifies the possibility of distant healing.)

The explanations of this new understanding of reality are quite involved and entertaining, for any who wish to study into it. And speaking of time – the ‘second’ was redefined a hundred times more accurately (http://futurism.com/physicists-just-created-accurate-clock-ever-built-redefined-second/) than was ever possible with atomic clocks before.

2. On February 8th – Fusion and Plasma power generation were achieved for the first time. Many countries were working on this but Germany achieved it first, maintaining the plasma state for a tiny fraction of a second, with its Stellerator reactor. I have been watching for a couple of years the many interesting videos on YouTube about the equipment building leading up to this. China announced a breakthrough with heres-matters it was able to sustain a cloud of hydrogen plasma for a quarter of a second at 80 million degrees Celsius, which was more than a hundred times the German accomplishment.

Plasma is one of the five phases of matter. When I went to school they only taught about three. My teachers only knew about three. Plasma had been named in 1928 and theorized about in the 1800s but none of my teachers were likely to have known about it. Plasma is not a rare little thing in the Universe. Of all the phases of matter, solid, liquid, gas, plasma and the fifth (think ice, water, steam, plasma, BEC) plasma makes up over 99%. Sort of a massive thing to overlook.

As for the fifth state of matter – the BEC (“Bose–Einstein Condensate”), don’t ask and I won’t say (because I can’t understand it). Anyway, Bose and Einstein theorized it in 1924; and Cornell and Weiman demonstrated it in 1995, and I understood it never – but again it is one of those practically absolute zero things which is three degrees colder than it gets in outer space.

3. On February 11th – we had the first report of the capture of a gravity wave (as predicted by Einstein) rippling through space. Fantastic. I have been aware of them and “felt” them since birth, but now this has been scientifically verified!

All this at the same time. It would be remarkable even in one year, or even in one century, when we compare what was discovered over the many centuries previous. Each of these discoveries is at the level of changing our understanding of the Universe and physical reality like that of realizing that it is the earth rotating instead of the sun moving about the earth, or that the earth is round instead of flat, or that the traveling stars are planets like the earth. All these new discoveries are beyond my comprehension and I have no idea what their significance is for the future. However, I do know that the veil has lifted a lot more for humans, and we are delving even deeper into cosmic understanding. This is happening because of 12/21/12 and the opening of the galaxy, allowing us to receive and utilize the new energies from the 5th Dimension.

More importantly, they make me wonder what has been theorized, or discovered and as yet unreported – perhaps in some secret government lab – that would completely change our view of the Universe – again. Fortunately, I was convinced years ago of the Hindu, Christian Science, Zen Buddhist view that what appears to us as this material world is illusion – so I can fit all this right into my concept of relativity and the illusion of the physical world. Another reason why all of mankind should “embrace the World” and not harm or destroy.

B. Changed understanding of the technical world.

I predicted magical and mystical, albeit significant technical discoveries this year. These are a few: Science Digest is reporting the most marvelous breakthroughs which includes the Federal approval of self-driving cars, computers using light to calculate at the speed of light, micro drones for the military, and advances in medicine and surgery that permit working on the brain itself opening up ways for the ability to help paraplegics. My grandmother would have thought someone was pulling her leg if she had been told about what is comparatively a simple heart transplant. Now we may begin to use the filiment transplants, that is done in energy work. (See Ascension—Accessing the 5th Dimension Workbook.)

There is too much to possibly report in this area. Ninety-percent of all engineers and scientists who have ever lived (in what we know of history) are still alive, well and working, through their recorded work and research. Every week, new astounding things are put forth. I was certainly impressed this last month when a rocket was launched into space and its first stage returned to land, and the rocket it self returned to where it had taken off, as if it had a magnet or memory pulling it back into place.

The rocket that North Korea sent up wasn’t quite as impressive – but it was certainly impressive that North Korea could do what they did. I don’t agree with the naysayers that combining that with their nuclear test, they wouldn’t be able to set off an EMP blast high above America. Then there are both theirs and China’s new submarines.

C. Changes in the Religious World.

On Friday the Pope and the Patriarch got together for the first time in nearly a thousand years. Things that happen only once every thousand years can definitely be classified as rare. To me this proves, again, the strength of this new double-helix energy. Look at what is occurring.

There are many other changes taking place in the religious world. Most will notice the rise of the Caliphate with the Islamic State. Many also note how much the turning away from God has accelerated in the last few decades. In 2010 there was supposed to be a choice element of energy present – and on Nov. 11th, 2011 that choice was etherically made. (Whose side are you on – dark or light?) That choice was declared irreversible.

Not that long ago, say 20 years, most everyone in Europe and North America attended church regularly. But today, religion, morality, social mores,father against son and mother against daughter, family breakdown and the prominence of homosexuality and abortion, have changed drastically from what they were a few generations ago.

Here too, in my understanding, there are major religious changes of which most are not aware. It is like 150 A.D. when it would have been very hard to find anyone even in the near locale of Jerusalem who knew of Jesus, so likewise today relatively few are aware of the significant events that occurred in 1844. Yet, two-thousand years later Jesus is known around the world and perhaps a thousand years later, so will be the events of 1844, the year of The Great Disappointment, concerning the Mormon Church.

Also, 1844 was a presidential election year. The general election of 1844 took place in the midst of increasingly bitter congressional disputes over anti-slavery agitation, raising questions as to whether free-soil and slave-soil interests could coexist within a democratic republic.

Democrat Martin Van Buren, his party’s presumptive presidential contender, was ousted at the Democratic National Convention, failing to meet the demands of southern Democrat expansionists for a leader favoring the immediate acquisition of Texas. Democrat James K. Polk emerged as America’s first dark horse nominee running on a platform that embraced America’s popular commitment to territorial expansionism, referred to as Manifest Destiny.

Often, changes take place suddenly – but awareness of them has to be internalized and processed and this always proceeds slowly.

D. Changes in the Geopolitical World.

A Number of sources/articles are saying that we are back to the Cold War.

E. Changes in the Military World.

There is supposedly an 18 day Saudi Arabian exercise happening now, in combination with Turkey, and opposed by Iran and Russia, that could be the start World War Three. Not exactly my idea of fun, but who knows – I have been wrong about many things.

All of the combatants have many things on their plates. Turkey is struggling with the Kurds. Iran has ISIS to contend with. Russian is constrained by the Ukraine and NATO. Constrained may be a little strong and I can’t say preoccupied because they have clearly told Saudi Arabia to back off.

Supposedly, Saudi Arabia is involving 350,000 troops, 50,000 tanks, and several dozen aircraft – the latter reportedly began bombing “ISIS” positions in Syria. Their goal, and that of the US, is to remove Bashar al-Assad, president of Syria, because of the pipeline, although they and the US say it is to bring justice, goodness and mercy to the people of Syria. (I don’t think it will happen any too soon.)
Whichever. All we can do is watch them, and Pakistan/India, and China putting multiple nuclear warheads on its missiles this week. All these are nuclear powers. Eventually, someone will rub someone the wrong way – and then the cat fur will fly. (That’s why these two eclipses in March are so very powerful to the planet.)

F. Expect Many other Changes

There are many other changes that I can list, such as the US dollar versus China, and that the US stock market is now officially a bear market – (or wait – that was yesterday, and it is said today the new bull market may be beginning). I think the whole financial world is a bunch of bull – but as little as I understand about the Einstein theory of physics – I understand less about the financial world. No matter what the financial media says, most people I know think the world is in such a state that we need to be prepared for its collapse at any moment. But, I have been thinking that for ages.

The fact that Supreme Court Justice Scalia passed away may turn out to be very significant. Obama naming a replacement could irritate some opposition so greatly that they might feel that was not the justified solution.

Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again
And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who
That it’s namin’
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin’

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside ragin’
It’ll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times, they are a-changing.

—Bob Dylan