2012 Spiritual Summer RetreatCelebrating the 25th Year after the Harmonic Convergence

Heaven on Earth – An Evolutionary Intensive
Living in Peace and tapping your creative flow

A Spiritual Summer Retreat with

Elizabeth Joyce and friends

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the
Harmonic Convergence

Learn how to express yourself inwardly and to the world. When you wake every morning to birdsong in a beautifully run estate and spend your days empowering your body/mind/spirit in a community of loving people – artists, writers, yoga, teachers, shamans, and spiritual seekers, you can make headway on even the most daunting energy blocks.

This is a chance to come together with individuals from across the country in a shared passion for authentic spiritual transformation. Walking the labyrinth and meditating at the pond or in the rock garden, as we find who and what we are, free from the distractions of our worldly commitments, awakens participants to a new perspective in the human experience. Walk the space of abiding love, emotional support, caring, freedom and true sharing.

Elizabeth guides you to higher frequencies and as your vibration changes, you heal from within. That’s when the magic happens!