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Dec 1, 2011 | Predictions|Special Messages



I see crop circles appearing in the Midwest with many various designs, They will appear frequently, drawing numerous people to move near these locations for spiritual protection and safety. Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas.

People will start bartering more and more in the coming months through 2013. Bartering sites will become the new Ebay of the future starting in 2012, when people start to unload unnecessary items in exchange for needed items.

A major power outage that will affect the North East will occur in the middle of the night during the winter months, possibly around New Year’s Eve. I see New York City affected by this outage, some areas could be without power for several days. 2012 will have the coldest winter in history, breaking all previous records.

I feel that we may have two female candidates running for a Presidential office in 2012, one being black and one being white. More than likely – Either President or Vice Presidential candidate. This may become the chance to heal our broken country.

Flooding and hedious, rare storms will be the weather topics of 2012. The Solar Flares will grow more powerful, throwing off our electronics.



Well, I stated that October would have some crazy weather at month’s end, but a snowstorm before Halloween? Some areas got up to eight inches. Not since the 1920’s has that happened!

The Housing Market may seem to be smoothing out, but stay away from that market. In 2013 interest rates will rise and housing will again fall about 50%. Change your mortgage to a fixed rate. Also, pay down your credit cards because they will begin to charge almost 50% interest after the presidential election in 2012.

The “working age” will rise to 73.

End of November brings war and famine in parts of the world.

Romney and Cain are on the Republican ticket and Obama is not on the Democrat ticket. Now what? Hillary? More than likely!


The energy eases a bit in October, but financial worries and weather conditions continue to persist.

Who’s on the Republican ticket?

Herman Cain, Vice President 2012

Mitt Romney, President 2012

In my dream, these two were on the Republican ticket, but the Democrat ticket was blank – only a sheet of white light. No Obama – as I do not think he will be on the 2012 ticket.

There is a strong focus on Japan and the radiation fall-out through the end of November. Danger is present and seems to be doing more damage than originally thought.

We will begin to hear about climate changes throughout the East Coast and other areas as well. The continual rainfall not only has damaged crops, but there are new threats from the environment a well. Bugs, mosquitoes, snakes, rats, and other varmints need watching and controlling.

There is an earthquake watch for San Francisco, CA and the Silicon Valley. I see the computer environment packing up and leaving. Could be a radiation problem a well. Raleigh-Durham, NC will begin receiving the new business, along will Boise, ID and Billings, Montana. These areas will build up quite a bit business wise.

The November pre-election ads and debates will prove to be a horror, and many citizens will become enraged over the rhetoric. There is a possibility of some assassination attempts on our government officials over the next few months.

If you feel dizzy, tired, confused, have a change in appetite, or headaches, it could be because of weather changes and the global environmental upsets. Allow yourself a bit of adjustment to these changes. However, get medical advice if it becomes intolerable or persists.

People have the “grouchies” and lack of patience in a big way at this time. Be sure to keep out of the way of any potential conflicts.

I see a possible small plane disaster in the South and Mid-West involving six planes or more. Could be from planted bombs. This could take place on the same day, causing upsets, confusion, and thoughts of a terrorist attack. The truth comes out a few months later.


September might turn out to be a challenging month, as pressures could mount from various aspects.

It has been predicted that China will rise to great heights and create massive problems for America. This country, China, is about to have a massive earthquake, a dam explosion, tsunami’s, and worse. More than one million people will be harmed, or die. Disease will spread, and China will regret not practicing any sort of environmental control.

America has the military, scientific, and economic strength to do whatever it must to preserve freedom. As we gather and remember 9/11, we must work to prevent any kind of terrorism or hostile take-over of this country. Money and banking are only one part of possible destruction. Let’s lift fear, stop the political antics, and gather together to force a change of consciousness. It is then that some of the dire predictions for 2012 will not take place.

There is financial improvement on the Stock Market over the next few weeks. The job market improves and the recent debt worries you have faced will become more manageable. However, you may experience a short cash flow until mid-October.

Expect chaos and confusion near the seasonal change of the Fall Equinox. Relationships and emotions are experiencing emotional blocks. This energy affect jobs, love, commitment, and future plans. Separations and final endings are possible. Things can be resolved by mid-October.

Activity will be high in the following areas
1. Authority figures and Litigation
2. Public image
3. Career and new opportunities.
4. Relationships, associations, and partnerships.

Career will be in a positive and aggressive phase. You will find the work environment to be quite dynamic and active now. There will be a multitude of opportunities. You need to make an effort to choose the right options. Beyond the 10th, hard work and dynamism will be rewarded well. Good growth opportunities or new job offers are possible.

Your work environment will be aggressive now and chances of conflict with superiors possible. Avoid any sort of issues or power struggles with your boss.

Love life will be below average throughout the month due to work related preoccupation. Existing relationships will be under pressure. Avoid verbal conflicts.


We can expect to have some serious earthquakes across the Eastern United States. In fact, there will be many weather conditions as we approach September. Expect the Mississippi River to flood again, joining with the Missouri River, after an earthquake moving the Madrid Fault.

Tornadoes, storms, flooding move across Texas and Oklahoma.

Australia and South America have severe earthquakes, while Africa goes into a panic over lack of clean water.

I see several train derailments across the World; France, India, England, and New York City. A passenger-full subway may become trapped underground for several days.

Chavez of Venezuela steps down, very soon, because of a life-threatening disease.

India is facing some severe problems and challenges over the next three months. I see a health epidemic as well as bomb threats from Pakistan.

There may be three Hollywood ICON deaths. Kirk Douglas, Micky Rooney, and a female old film star.

The housing market remains a problem as interest rates will begin to climb.

The world economy is threatened at the end of Sept. Possible war from Israel, and the fall of the Euro, resulting in the downfall of three countries, and the US is soon to follow suit. I am not sure who will default first – the US or Europe.

On the good side, Apple Computers move along at a good rate, even though Steve Jobs steps down as CEO, and we have several new technologies in the medical field.

One major company will be heavily fined for moving its manufacturing out of this country. Could it be our US Mint?

Answer me this—how could Congress and the Senate consciously and secretly give themselves a raise last month behind closed doors? THEY DID! When this comes to light, heads will roll. I see at least five to eight shootings of elected officials over the next three months.

I see the “Tea Party” growing stronger because of private funding. Although they are staunch right wingers, they continue to fight to be heard. A lot of the press given is not beneficial to the country, and some states will consider leaving the Union. Stick around, it promises to get a bit dicey!

JULY 2011

The July 1st eclipse does not appear over land, but rather in the ocean between Antarctica and South Africa. This will effect the ocean underwater plates as well as the formation of some of our precious metals. Expect sudden and severe climate changes over the next six months or so.

The July 1st eclipse accompanies an astrological Grand Cross (Saturn/Uranus/Pluto) marking a time of unexpected transformation and upheavals. Emotions run high—focusing on women, children, and the housing market.

In June I had a dream that Michelle Obama and her younger daughter were kidnapped. They were visiting a school perhaps in a foreign country. Michelle was carried out, with a bag over her head, kicking and screaming. She had on a brilliant green blouse. I felt this was some kind of political payback from the slaying of Bin Laden.

The life of Pope Benedict is in danger the next three months

I am also concerned about the health of Paul Anka and Angelina Jolie.

Nonetheless, you can expect to be hearing some nasty newscasts.

JUNE 2011

With three eclipses June promises to be a challenging month. The hot, hot summer and sudden, unruly storms begin.

California should experience a major earthquake this summer to early fall. The end of September will have very strange weather patterns. 2011 is the year of major earth changes.

Indonesia earthquake kills over 2,000 while Japan sees more tsunami’s. This continues along after my New Year’s predictions saying that Japan will be completely under water this year.

A strong male Republican candidate takes on Obama, who will not be on the 2012 ticket anyway.

The United States is forever split down the middle, as the Mississippi and Missouri join together, and much of Louisiana and Alabama is washed away. Expect tornadoes along with this event.

The hot summer brings along more crime and strange deaths as well.

Europe suffers from terrorists attacks, and the Eiffel tower in France may be partially damaged.

Obama goes on TV and says that our country is without funds.

Expect the passing of our beloved Billy Graham, along with possibly Angelina Jolie.

Expect major food shortages this summer, along with a jobless society. Remember: Desperate people do desperate things!

MAY 2011

May is a quiet month, preparing you for the shallows of June and July. The major Earth changes begin in June – with a tsunami along the upper California Coastline, reaching as far as Seattle. The rivers will rise more than 250 feet. San Francisco and the Bay area will be under water.

Japan suffers more earthquakes. The bottom part of Japan will slide into the ocean. This I have predicted for the past two years now, and feel it will occur before the end of June, possibly in late May. This will cause a tidal wave across to Indonesia, India, Australia, as well as the West Coast of Mexico and California.

Michelle Obama may be kidnapped. I “saw” this as possible Talaiban retaliation for the slaying of Osama. I saw her giving a talk in a school (could be a foreign school) she had on a bright green blouse and several “top” people came in carried her out – screaming and yelling. They put a dark bag-mask over her head. her younger daughter may have been with her.

The Ocean currents are changing in the Upper Atlantic Ocean bring cold and freezing weather to the Netherlands, the Scandinavian and Nordic countries as well as across Europe over to Northern France. Over the next five years this will create an unsettling effect. Rain in the deserts and ice age conditions in Europe.

The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers will come together and empty into New Orleans, dividing the United States by water.

Expect three upsets as least beginning end of May through July 1st because of the three eclipses. National, International, and severe weather changes.

Lindsay Lohan will never complete the Gotti movie with John Travolta.

APRIL 2011

April will be a busy and rainy month. You will feel initiative, dynamic energy, active, leadership, spontaneity, and a pioneering spirit. Watch out for impatience and sudden anger.

Your relationships and business management need special attention now through June. Be wary of conflicts that can bring stress. Mercury is retrograde so communication can be difficult.

The Atlantic coast line along upper Delaware and lower New Jersey will experience an earthquake. It could come as soon as the May Memorial Day weekend.

This is the summer of pestilence. Every seven years the June locust appear, and this summer will be especially heavy with them. Also, we will have an intensely hot summer with a great need for water in unexpected places.

There is a fault line along the Great Lakes Region which could have several earthquakes this summer, which would empty the Great Lakes into New Orleans, and bring the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers together. I have “seen” this as a possibility since the early 90’s, but feel this may be the year we experience it.

Taking care of our oceans will become very important over the next several years. The tragedy in Japan will teach us that we cannot dispose of nuclear waste in the oceans. It does not dissolve and disappear. Sushi will be no more – very soon.

Charlie Sheen will deteriorate and could pass away in June. The show “Two and a Half Men will not re-air with him as the star.

MARCH 1,  2011

We are entering March Madness as Mars and Uranus enter Aries, marking a new generation, as well a new cycle.

Be careful on the road, watch your bag, and don’t all others to drag you into heated conversations and discussions.

We are in the final 500 plus days till 2012. We are now in self-sacrifice to the old, outmoded ways of living. Stay centered, send love, and try to make thing more beautiful wherever your are. We are about to have a bumpy ride, so say WE instead of I.

There will be more cracks in our government structures, environmental, educational, corporations, as they all go through transformations to enlightenment.

There will be two major earth shifts between now and June 30th — Possibly Japan and Indonesia. Expect fires, storms, and unprecedented weather conditions, a rise in crime, and attacks on women and children worldwide, this next month. June brings the breaking point. — More later….

FEBRUARY 2, 2011

GREEN BAY won the Superbowl – as predicted!

Upsetting weather patterns continue throughout the year of 2011. More snow and ice are on the way and 2011 has broken all records for snowfall.

Fires in Australia, a Category 5 Hurricane in Los Angeles, San Diego area, and more flooding in Northern Britain.

Obama will have to announce his current, serious health problem soon.

Turmoil throughout the world as more and more countries change leaders by demonstration, upset, and force.

A plane crashes with a well known musical group on board. There are three or more people in this group.

Danger in Switzerland and Aspen. A celebrity dies in a skiing accident.

Pope Benedict XVI will pass away this year, perhaps in June. As before – June brings several celebrity deaths.

The economy and housing market are improving and we may see a positive turn-around in May.

A major star loses the battle with Cancer.

JANUARY 1, 2011

Several significant planetary shifts are taking place in 2011, which in turn may produce some changes, breakthroughs and opportunities in your own life. Good productivity and financial success.

2011 begins on a positive note, although we will have a severe, long winter. One of the main concerns for 2011 will be the constant environmental changes. Fires, fires, and more fires begin in the spring months. Also, many will endure severe water problems, and California will seem like it is all but slipping into the ocean. The environment where there is much rainfall will bring in a new body fungus growing on people. This is from the constant moisture and contaminated, stagnant water.

The Mississippi River will flood as well as the Missouri River, and the land mass change will brings these two bodies of water together, as one river flow. It will seem as if the United States has been cut down the middle.

Expect another rainy spring and a hot, hot summer.

Last year I spoke about earthquakes in New England, focusing on the Vermont, New Hampshire, Canadian border, and the St. Lawrence River. This action began in late 2010, and continues into 2011. Expect more intense eruptions throughout 2011.

The economy seems to be coming back, and the housing market will see an upward swing for the first nine months of 2011, but changes come after September.

Because of these earth changes, as well as the political scene, there will be much political unrest in 2011, and we can expect city strikes, demonstrations, and public outbreaks. A new Army and armed forces will come into being. Soldiers in gray uniforms will cover the streets in the cities and countryside as well. These will not be all American soldiers, but international, perhaps springing out of the UN. This is the beginning of The New World Order and a police state, but will be disguised as an economic move because most of our soldiers are overseas.

Obama is embarrassed in early 2011, as he places people in office that have not been properly vetted or cleared. He will not run for office in 2012, even though many think he will at this time.

Sarah Palin moves out of Alaska down to the lower 48 — Arizona. ??? From the coldest state to the warmest state?

A woman is the focus of the news in January and February, perhaps extending into March. There are three possibilities, and they all may occur at this timing: 1) Linsay Lohen may pass away because of her drug use. 2) Problems with Kate and William, although I do see the wedding coming off, there is disruption and disharmony beforehand. 3) Hillary Clinton tosses her pretty blond head and walks away from the Secretary of State position – very soon. Make no mistake—the Clintons are the ones who have the power here, not Obama. Hillary has to distance herself from this administration, as it beings to flap and fail, because she will run for President in 2012 and WIN. Also, the 2012 election will involve two women running against each other.

The United States will go to war with Iran sometime in 2011, perhaps in the fall months. All they need is the slightest provocation.

The public’s attention is being diverted from the real world problems. Terrorism is not the top problematic force here, but the the activities of China and Russia. These two countries will ban together and will try, and perhaps succeed, in destroying our dollar and financial system. They are the true threat, and plan to make China’s dollar the strongest in the world by 2015.

Expect to see North Korea bomb China and Japan, and perhaps a few other Asian countries in 2011.

Japan will have several Earthquakes as well as environmental problems and may possibly be underwater in  2011. (stated on the X-Zone – Oct., Nov. 2010)

Some cities will be bombed soon, and they are not the one’s you’d expect. Seattle, Jacksonville, Fl., Atlanta, Albuquerque, and other areas where our nuclear and space research centers are located. These will be small, nuclear bombs, so begin to prepare.

Expect a food and water shortage: Prices will rise extensively for fruits and vegetables.

Gas an oil prices will rise and it may become prohibitive to travel over the summer months. The best way to travel will be Amtrack, and the country will decide it needs to improve its train services, much like Europe has.

Say good-by to the natural cotton fiber because pure cotton will cost more than cashmere, and be impossible to locate. We all will have synthetic fabrics forced on us.

The banks? Over 100 banks are in deep trouble as I write this. The ACORN group caused this problem, and people cannot pay back their mortgage debts. This continues, even though the job market will rally a bit in 2011.

Expect to see a large drop in the Stock Market between March and May of 2011.

2011 will be remembered as the Year of Pestilence, as a strange, large insect begins to attack humans because of the environmental changes. This insect will act like a mad wasp.

There will be disruptive weather across the world in 2011. Volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes.

ARGENTINA – has found the cure for cancer and will be criticized for this. Also, Argentina has discovered a new colonization deep within the Amazon Jungles that cannot be easily reached, if at all. This colony of people seem to have some supernatural powers.

Some strange UFO sightings come out of Peru, and Peru may be the first country to acknowledge our Sister Galaxies and the reality of UFO’s.

An antibiotic being worked on could kill the scientists working on the project.

A high-altitude mountain crumbles without warning, could be in India or Tibet.

Parents can begin to plan the sex of their unborn child because of new genetics.

There will be a new focus on body building and physical fitness, especially those between 20 and 35, because of some new wars. People will be encouraged to work out, and eat some new, body building foods.

What’s positive? Better school systems with improved food, major healing discoveries in medicine, a longer life span, and a new colony on Mars, finding out if Mars can support life – all in 2011.

A deeper spiritual reality is desired, as people begin to plan their lives, focused on looking inside. Alternative medicine and healing techniques will be on the rise, accepted, and become more mainstream because they WORK! People become healthier and live longer.

These predictions for 2011 involve the strengthening of the family unit, retrenchment, and forgiveness. I feel the world as a community — we are all one; As a cooperative group of powers and principalities, as a family of brother and sister, nations will unite on a unilateral front for the benefit of mankind this year. We have to join forces, help each other and create World Peace.

Lokah, Semastah, Sukhino, Bhavantu.

Elizabeth Joyce is well known for her accurate predictions, such as the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton affair, the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina, The Tsunami in Indonesia, the economy collapse and many more.

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