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My Mystical Experiences

by Elizabeth Joyce

Published 1992 & 2002

Was she out-of-body, or dreaming? Was the experience only precognitive, or also a projection of strength and protection for the future event?


My personal experiences with out-of-body began as a small child, although my family did not encourage the events and I supressed them until recent years. I am one of two sets of identical twins, and my experience in Hana, (Maui) Hawaii, on Novemer 11, 1986 has prompted the writing of this paper. My inner development and understanding of God and nature has greatly expanded since that time. Previously, on September 9, 1986, I was sleeping and awoke at 3:00 a.m. in what felt like another time and space. I was having an apparent nightmare:

My twin and I were in a car, she was driving. We went around a curve, across a covered bridge and began to go over an embankment, car and all, toward a river. I jumped out of the passenger side of the car, fell onto the ground, and then held the car with my hands to stop it from going over the cliff. T began to pray and call on the Masters to help me get the car back up onto safe ground. I was afraid my back would give out. Some of my inner Thoughts were negative, as I began to remember the emotions, anger and pettiness sisters have between them. However, I was determined that the car would get safely back up the cliff. I kept thinking, “This won’t happen, this won’t happen,” every time a negative thought came. Finally, the car was safely back up the cliff. and I felt a soft rain. I was aware of how I was dressed and, and of a house in the trees (surrounded with foliage) I had never seen before. I knew help would be within that house.

When I awoke, the bedsheets were drenched and every ounce of energy had left my body. I was physically exhausted. At the time of this writing, I now realized that was astral energy which was used to turn possible events around, through Love and the law of Karma.

In November, 1986, two months later. I did go to Hawaii, on a spiritual retreat. The afternoon of November 11th, at approximately 2:00 p.m.. I was in deep meditation and was aware of a voice coming to me saying. “Your sister died.” I “felt” something had happened. and was struggling with coldness and negative energies for the rest of the day. This went on through the evening, but by morning I was aware on inner levels that all was well.

During the morning meditation on November 12, I sensed that I needed to call my mother who lived in Warner, New Hampshire, 6,000 miles away. My first words to my mother were regarding my twin. She was surprised that I knew about the accident: My sister was driving to New York City from Warner on the evening of November 11; at 7:00 p.m. –exactly 2:00 p.m. Maui time– the car slipped on ice, flew into the air, and landed at the bottom of a thirty-five foot ravine. Everything in the car was crushed, as it had turned over several times; that is, everyplace was crushed except where my sister sat. The area around her was intact and she walked away without a scratch.

I was astonished at my mother’s words, and the dream two months before came into full focus. A dream, or a precognitive experience? The feelings within my being were indescribable. It was then that I noticed the soft rain, so familiar in Hawaii at that time of year, and the clothes I was wearing. They were the same as in the dream, and I was within the house I had seen beyond the trees.

Out of body death-bed visits or dreams?
A spiritual stance for the approaching death of a loved one.

When my father died, I was summoned to his bedside in an out-of-body experience. On the morning of March 31, 1984 I was sleeping in Allendale, New Jersey, and began to awaken with the bed shaking. I could not open my eyes and slowly realized I was in another place:

I found myself in a hallway, and recognized that I was at the nursing home where my father was living, in Kingston, Pennsylvania. I walked to his room and felt Dad was having a difficult time trying to leave his body, because of great fear. I sensed this as no words were spoken. Within myself I kept hearing: “Go to Pennsylvania! Go to Pennsylvania!” A few minutes later I opened my eyes and it was seven thirty in the morning on a Saturday. I dressed, waited until nine, and called a girl friend to ask if she would ride to Pennsylvania with me. We started out and arrived around noontime. My mother was waiting to ride to the nursing home with us.

I had not been able to see my father for a few months, and did not realize how much his condition had deteriorated in that time. When we arrived, I worked on his aura to clear it and free the energies; then I picked him up and put his head against mine. I spoke into his ear and asked if he knew who I was. When he finally acknowledged me, I asked him what was happening to him. He stated, “they keep telling me to come with them, but I won’t go.” Very softly I explained to him that it was all right to go with them. He did not have to be afraid anymore. I told him to call my name, which he did several times. I stated that every time he called my name, I would be there instantly to help him cross; that he was safe, and he was loved. The room was filled with such love energy. My mother, a friend. and some of the nursing staff were present and it was a beautiful moment.

Mom was in tears and told me she realized at that moment that Dad may not get well. She had such faith and had been at his bedside every day for two years. We look her to dinner, calmed her fears, answered her many questions, and drove home. The following Sunday, a similar event happened. I began to awaken with the bed shaking:

I was back in the nursing home in Pennsylvania; but I was overhead, looking down at my father. It was a strange feeling, when all of a sudden a golden cloud mushroomed out of the center of his body. It lifted up and suddenly my mother was there dressed in black. I knew my father was ready to go across that day.

Upon awakening a sense of joy filled my soul. I knew my Dad was finally free. I did nothing, and decided to live my day as planned and wait. At noontime, my sister Nancy called and told me Dad was having a difficult time breathing, and was being carefully watched over. I told her of my love for her and told her to be at peace within. as I knew she was fine. At seven in the evening, I was watching television, an old movie was on called “The Best Years Of Our Lives.” It was a family favorite and Dad loved that movie. All of a sudden I heard clapping. I was startled and thought someone was playing a joke, yet I knew I was quite alone. I walked around the house to make sure, and then settled in front of the television again. The clapping returned several times. All of a sudden I felt my father’s presence. My thoughts were: “I wonder if my father died?” Within minutes the phone rang. and Nancy told me he had passed over a half hour before. Deep within I felt a lasting peace and serenity. I have missed him, but am so grateful for these experiences because they have not only strengthened my faith. but have lessened my fears of death.

(Reprinted from “Spiritual Frontiers” Vol. XXIV, Summer 1992, Number 3)