1999 —Astrology and Your Driving (The National Enquirer and AOL Magazine)

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Astrology and your Driving!

Stargazing for the Crazy Drivers on the road!

By Elizabeth Joyce

Published 1999 (National Enquirer and AOL Magazine)


Want to know what the driver in front of you is really like? The choice of wheels and color reveals a wealth of information about the driver. Your automobile exposes your true personality and many character traits you may be trying to cover up. Everything about your car, the model, color, age, license plate and bumper stickers, gives others a little look under the hood of your personality.

Here are some fast speeding clues to the inner you:


  • A NEW CAR shows that you like to be pampered and spoiled.


  • A USED CAR, that is well maintained, shows a smart investor. One who knows the value of saving money.


  • 80% of millionaires save money by driving their cars for at least five years.


  • BUMPER STICKERS plastered all over your car shows causes and interests nearest and dearest to the driver’s personality. If the stickers boast of the children and their accomplishments, the driver is a proud parent who likes to boast about others rather than themselves.

    VANITY PLATES are associated with outgoing types who love to introduce themselves to others. A riddle or private joke on the plate indicates a lively sense of humor. One of the neatest plates I’ve seen recently was sported on the back of a 1998 Mercedes convertible. It read “WAS HIS”. Plates with initials or names show people who wish to be famous, even for fifteen minutes.



  • RED – never chase a red car or cut one off! Always stop and allow them to pass. This color indicates an outgoing, energetic owner who basks in being the center of attention. Statistics claim that Red cars get more tickets than any other color.


  • BLACK – is for sophisticated and self-assured people, but this is a very hot car, as it absorbs heat. However, watch out for your male teens driving a black sports utility vehicle, as they can be macho maniacs. Always keep this car in front of you. They must have their own way on the road, and everywhere else. These drives are prime candidates for road rage outbursts.


  • BLUE cars are driven by happy drivers who are calm and secure about who they are and their role in life.


  • WHITE cars are linked to shy, conservative drivers, and sometimes cannot be seen clearly on the road. They have less accidents or tickets than any other car.


  • MAROON cars denote sensual and spiritual people who are the givers on the road.


  • GRAY cars are purchased by intelligent, practical drivers.


  • TAN cars are another tip-off that the driver is a solid citizen who drives within the speed limits and doesn’t take chances on the road.


  • GREEN cars are the ones favored by peacemakers and plain, friendly folk and can be seen the best when driving in fog.


    Discover the secrets of your driving tendencies. Do you cut people off, are you stressed when someone honks at you? Why not wave and say, “Hello, glad to see you out today. How’s your Aunt Myrtle?”

    Don’t allow other drivers to put stress on your heart. How’s your driving? Here are the tendencies for each sign as we travel through the Wheel of Astrology.

    The Personal Signs

    ARIES: (3/21-4/20)

  • You are usually a speed demon who prefers red cars and gets more tickets than other signs. Your aggressive tendencies will not allow others a space in when they’re trying to merge. If someone is trying to pass you, you speed up. You are the most likely sign to lead the police on a high-speed chase.

    TAURUS: (4/21-5/21)

  • You are the stubborn horn-honker who complains about everyone else on the road and you don’t like to wait for anything. You don’t speed, and always avoid toll roads because you hate paying out your hard earned cash. You’re a very difficult back seat driver when not at the wheel. Taurus drivers are most likely to stay in the right lane and drive at or below the speed limit.

    GEMINI: (5/21-6/20)

  • You are the great lane-changer. You enjoy going fast and zip in and out of other cars to avoid getting stuck behind a slow driver. You almost feel as if your car is invisible. You take chances and have a few fender-benders. Gemini drivers are very good City motorists because they can adapt to the traffic flow.

    CANCER: (6/21-7/21)

  • You are both considerate and defensive. You are very conscious about other people on the road and drive defensively. Cancer drivers can be a bit stubborn when it comes to merging, though. You drive in the middle or left lane. You always make sure your children are buckled up and safe.

    LEO: (7/22-8/21)

  • You’re a speeder who wouldn’t think twice about cutting others off, unless you have the children in the car. Then you’re a little better. You want to get to where you’re going and your focus is miles ahead. You play the music loud and always look in the mirror, not for other cars, but to check your hair or make-up. If someone rolls down a window at the light to make a comment about your driving habits, that one is most likely to be a Leo, too!

    VIRGO: (8/22-9/21)

  • You like to drive in the right land and never speed. Crowds make you nervous as well as expressways. You hate starting and stopping in traffic, or long toll lines. You prefer E-Z Pass! You want to arrive safely and maintain a spotless driving record. Virgo’s are the most likely sign to drive a mini-van because they like the extra room.

    LIBRA: (9/22-10/21)

  • You make the best drivers for long road trips because you like to please everyone. You don’t mind frequent stops for the bathroom or to stretch and buy snacks. You’re considerate of other drivers but like to drive with the flow of traffic and may go five miles over the speed limit. You rarely cause an accident, but can get hit at times because of indecisiveness.

    SCORPIO: (10/22-11/21)

  • You also are a speed demon who loves a red car or a brightly colored yellow/orange. You like the corvettes! Scorpio drivers can cause an accident and be totally oblivious to it. You are also the kind of driver who likes to get even. If someone cuts you off – you will speed up to find them, and cut them off, then break and slow down. You get many a ticket and like to avoid payment, if possible.

    SAGITTARIUS: (11/22-12/21)

  • You are a better country than city driver. You also don’t like all of the starting and stopping. Sag’s are good driver’s education teachers, as this comes naturally to them. You concentrate on driving safe, but will often yell or get upset with other drivers. You don’t mind the middle land, and don’t mind going fast with traffic flow, but you won’t speed for a thrill.

    CAPRICORN: (12/22-1/21)

  • You’re another back-seat driver when not at the wheel. You are good at reading maps and tend to be quiet at the wheel. You like to listen to educational talk-shows or books on tape while driving. When you are behind the wheel, you tend to be controlling and forceful. You also can be judgmental of the police and traffic cops. Capricorn’s like larger cars and you won’t speed because you don’t like to pay any fines!

    AQUARIUS: (1/22-2/19)

  • You like to tell driving stories while you’re at the wheel. You can get lost easily because of a natural poor sense of direction and lack of concentration. You don’t look at where you are going because your mind is always far ahead of it’s time. You are already where you’re headed for, mentally. You tend to change lanes or turn left without checking the rear-view mirror. If someone is driving slow and looks lost or confused, that’s an Aquarian.

    PISCES: (2/19-3/21)

  • You often give others the right-of-way and are very fair on the road. You’re accident prone because of the New Age music you play in the cassette deck, or your mind wanders up in the clouds. You prefer other’s to drive for you, if possible. Your poor sense of direction gets you lost, but there is always a car phone handy and the money laid out for tolls, as you are practical.