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First published in 1997
Again in 2007

Astrology and your PET!
Stargazing for the little animals around us!

Are you asking of a dog or cat for Christmas?
Do you desire to have something alive under your Holiday tree?

Scientific studies show that each and every one of us benefits from having someone we can show affection to, and care for. It is equally true that we need someone to let us know that they care for us. We may be lucky enough to have a spouse, children, nieces, nephews and an extended family, so we may take this side of life for granted. However, it is a fact that people with pets tend to be in better mental and physical health than people without them, and even people recovering from serious illness or medical procedures, seem to heal and recover more quickly when they are able to interact with a friendly animal who makes them feel needed and gives them unconditional love.

Most people either have a pet or are thinking about getting one. But what is the right pet for your personality and your lifestyle? Some of your choices may be easy, of course. For example, if you live in an apartment in a city, a horse or pony is not your best bet, nor is a Great Dane. Is there lots of overstuffed furniture in your home? Perhaps there are allergies in your medical history. That will leave out a kitten, although they are cute as can be. Then, of course, there are purely personal preferences. “I don’t like dogs.” “I don’t like cats?” “Birds are annoying, fish are simple.”

Pets are special. People are persnickety with their choices and it could be a bit difficult to give one as a Christmas present, unless it’s for your children. All this factors in with your choice of a pet. What kind of a furry, feathered, or scaly friend do you want to invite into your life? Now, there is one more factor to consider, which is your birth date and temperament.

Ah ha—that’s where astrology comes in. Even if you think you know your or your friend’s pet preferences, reading through this information might enlighten you and give you a few ideas you had never considered.

Do you ever wonder how your dog got his funny habits? Or why your new kitten is so quirky? The answers could be determined by their date of birth and how astrology affects their character. Astrology can play an important part in your pet’s life. You’ll have an easier time raising your pets if you understand what makes them tick and how their basic behavior will evolve depending on their astrological sign. If you just got, or are about to get a new pet for your home, following is a great way to know just what to expect.

Take a look at how your sign might affect what you need and desire in you pet. Here are a few basic tips on how to use astrology to find just the right loving animal companion for you.

Of course, the character and performance between people and their beloved pets can be shown by a casting a full chart to see where the specific planets fall and affect each other. However, the following shows the basic astrology Sun Sign character instincts of your pet.

ARIES: (3/21-4/20)

You are a bustling, busy, energetic sign, so you love to zoom around and participate in many activities, and may even find it boring to do one dreary chore at a time. You don’t always have the patience to spend a lot of time taking care of someone, and others may think (sometime wrongly) that you are a bit on the selfish side. It may not be wise for you Aries to choose a pet who needs a lot of attention or whose care could take you away from jetting across the country at a moment’s notice. As warm and fuzzy as your best friend might be, you do not want them to be clingy and needy. Look for a pet that’s independent and does not want you to be there every minute. Of course, you Aries have a big heart, are very affectionate and want to have a pet you can pick and hug from time to time, and bestow some love. Your best bet might be a hamster or a gerbil, a pet you can play with, but who won’t mind if you leave them in their cage for a day or two, as long as there is plenty of food and water along with a toy or two they can play with. If you’re not hooked so much on cuddly (and that possible with some of you Aries), fish will do, and you won’t hear them crying and moaning as you walk out the door, as if they even notice at all!

YOUR PET: Aries cats and dogs are always bursting with energy. They love attention, petting and cuddling and are never shy. In fact, it may be hard to keep up with these hyperactive animals. Quick tempered, they are not the type to back down from a fight. They are easily embarrassed so don’t scold them in public. Reward your pet’s good behavior with a special snack. Never give your pet “people food.” Strong flavored and spicy treats are their favorite. The most difficult aspect of keeping an Aries pet is to get them to obey you. They may be difficult to housebreak. Firmness, a schedule, and repetition are what’s needed.

TAURUS (4/21-5/21)

You are a mellow soul and you like to take your time when you go about your activities. You love to take long walks and enjoy the beauty of nature, perhaps while sharing a quiet conversation with a friend or a loved one. Being in a park and admiring the greenery as you stroll along watching the clouds go by probably is one of your favorite activities. You also enjoy being out in your own backyard and you relish you can be in your home on the computer or enjoying the family atmosphere. Since you donít take a lot of trips to places far away, you are the perfect candidate for a dog with a friendly temperament; one you can take on those long walks. You would love to brush your best friend’s coat and take care of your petís grooming needs, including an occasional bath in the backyard with a hose. The best candidate: a golden retriever. These dogs are loving, friendly, sociable, and easily trained. They do require more care than some other dog breeds, but you are very conscientious and caring, and any extra care needed fits well with your temperament and talents. Not a dog person? Consider a canary or nice songbird. You may not be able to take your Tweety on long walks with you, but your pet will sing for you all day long.

YOUR PET: Taurus pets are quiet and passive and are the easiest in the Zodiac to train. However, if they are provoked into fighting – watch out! These animals never give up. They are cautious about meeting new people, but when they like you, you are a friend for life. They will always remember your “scent.” These animals love to be outdoors, but may prefer sleeping to playing. They love to eat and may develop a weight problem. They are possessive and will guard their food and toys fiercely.

GEMINI (5/21-6/20)

You are the most versatile sign in the zodiac and your multi-tasking ability is absolutely legendary. As a Gemini, the sign of the Twins, You don’t just want to have someone to keep you company on a daily basis, you really need someone to be around you at all times, if possible. That someone does not have to be of human species, not at all! However, any pet you take into your home has to be entertaining in some respect, and definitely interactive. You will be very happy to chat with your friend whether they can understand you or not. Having a parrot or a talking bird would be perfect for you. On the other hand, you are a true chameleon, as you can change your persona very quickly, as you adapt to those you meet in your daily activities. So, why not have a pet that can do the same, such as a chameleon? This little lizard won’t be able to talk to you, in words anyway, as he communicates by changing colors. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a pet that looks just a tiny bit different every time you look at it? Most definitely!

YOUR PET: Gemini pets are curious, friendly and loaded with energy. These dogs may bark a lot. If possible, get a playmate for these animals, as they hate to be alone. They are fast learners and can be trained well. Remember to always keep the door shut, or they will be off in a flash, exploring and looking for new friends. With both people and other animals, Gemini pets rarely have favorites. They just love the company of everyone.

CANCER (6/21-7/21

You are a water sign so you instinctively have a rapport with water creatures, due to your love of oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and waterways. Some might tell you that this means that you should sick with fish, (or crabs?), for pets. But your preference as far as pets are concerned goes way beyond the creatures you might find swimming in water. After all, you also represent the homebody of the zodiac, along with being the most domesticated soul of the universe. You love to make your living quarters a cozy nest, a place where you can bestow your love and affection on those folks who are lucky enough to be among your friends and family. You truly give unconditional love, so in truth you would probably do pretty well with taking care of any member of the animal kingdom that would fit reasonably (and legally) into your home or apartment. But what really makes your love for pets meter go crazy is something you can nurture, and the smaller, fuzzier, and more appealing, the better. If you have a pet, or two, or three, a sweet kitten, a miniature and placid dog breed, or a bunny would be perfect for you. However, if you have allergies, you would also relish a hamster, a turtle, gerbil or some tropical fish.

YOUR PET: These little pets are very sensitive creatures and hate to be upset. They do not like loud noise or yelling. They are easily irritated by others and thrive on a calm, stable environment. Any change in your pet’s routine, or if a stranger is in the house, can cause them to retreat and be gone for hours and even days. Cancer pets are cautious about meeting new people. Once they trust you, though, you’ve made a friend for life. They do not like sharing the home with any other animals, as they want your undivided attention. They do not like to be left alone, and can tend to become a bit destructive if left alone too long.

LEO (7/22-8/21

It’s very easy to come up with what would be the best pet for you since you represent the Lion, the king of the jungle. You more than likely gravitate to members of the cat family, and that includes tigers, panthers, jaguars and lynx, as well as house cats. Of course, these large kittens are out of the question in most circumstances, but if you can afford it, you would adore having a Siamese cat complete with a diamond collar under your Christmas tree. If the diamonds are a bit above your budget, then you might settle for a rhinestone or clear quartz crystal imitation, no questions asked. You have a generous heart and a sunny and playful personality, so you may decide that youíd like to have more than just one pet around you. If you already own an older feline, you may want to have a capricious and cute kitten rolling around the floor at your feet on Christmas morning. You enjoy your independence, and a cat will give you the freedom you need to come and go as you please. Now—hold on—wait a minute! Not a typical Leo cat lover? Then how about a nice yorkie, a chow-chow, or a beautiful, regal dog like a poodle? One that will be fiercely loyal to you and you alone—like a German Shepard—just the kind of gift that a Leo appreciates the most!

YOUR PET: Your Leo pets feel as if they are King or Queen of the Castle. They strut around with Royal Grace. They love a good adventure and will roam as far as you will let them, so make each outside walk an event. They are born leaders and may soon have a pack of friends following them. They are quite curious and consider nothing off limits, which is a fitting attitude for King or Queen Of The Jungle. Leo animals love children and make purr-fect pets. They are very protective and would gladly give their lives for yours. Leo pets have a long memory and tend to have a long life span. Treat them kindly and they will remain friends for life.

VIRGO (8/22-9/21)

You love to help others, to volunteer, and you feel as if you are needed. In addition, the sign of Virgo governs all small animals, and you have a natural affinity for small, helpless creatures. At times, truth be told, you may feel that you can relate to an animal a lot easier than you can to humans, and there may be several good reasons for that. Pets give unconditional love, they don’t talk back, and they are not complicated to understand as a rule. What you see is what you get when it comes to your pets, animal friends, and furry or feathered companions. Youíre not likely to have your pet tell you a lie or skip town on you. When you have a pet, you could win awards for the care you give them. You will be sure your pet has the right amount of food and water at the right time, and if your pet needs to be walked, you will make the time out of your busy schedule to accommodate them. Pet grooming is never a chore for you since you love to see your pet looking as well groomed as you are. Okay Virgo, what kind of a pet should you have or should someone consider giving to you for Christmas? Take your pick! You can choose from the spectrum of animals, including birds, cats, dogs, reptiles, and sea creatures. Any pet (even larger ones) of any breed or species you acquire will be most fortunate to have you as their companion.

YOUR PET: Virgo pets are wonderful companions and make great “seeing eye dogs.” A sixth sense lets them know when you are unhappy or sick, and they are always there to comfort you. They are shy animals, preferring their own company, and are content to play by themselves. They are reserve and won’t show their affections easily. Don’t expect your Virgo pet to come running to you when you get home. They will gladly spend entire evenings lying at your feet or resting their head on your lap. They are fussy eaters so once you’ve found them a good brand of pet food, stick with it.

LIBRA (9/22-10/21)

As a socially active Libra, you probably spend a lot of time interacting with a large circle of friends and acquaintances, so you definitely need to have a pet that will allow you a lot of free time, as well as to be very friendly. In addition, you love to shop-till- you drop, and you are very fashion and image conscious. You know the importance of presenting a good image to the world, which is why you want your pet to look as good ad you do. You always enjoy living in surroundings that are as luxurious as you can afford, so unless you have a large cleaning staff, or a big backyard, a messy pet roaming around your home would no make you a happy pet owner at all. This is why you would be the perfect candidate for a toy poodle a King Charles Terrier or a Pekingese dog. Any one of these precious pets would delight you as you run around purchasing cute little outfits for them to wear so they could look as spiffy as possible. A fish tank filled with exotic and colorful fish that would make your friends ooh and ahh is also a consideration as a perfect Christmas pet gift. You want your pets to make very little mess, to be well contained in a small space and to be awesome and beautiful to look at.

YOUR PET: Libra pets are easygoing and like lots of attention. Like the scales of justice that represents this sign, these pets divide their attention equally among all members of the family. They make wonderful companions and hate to be left alone. These pets love good food and soft music. Put music on when you leave home and they will remain mild mannered with a gentle disposition. They can be stubborn at times, and may disappear to sulk. Libra’s will eat just about anything, combine this with a tendency to be lazy, and they can put on a lot of extra weight. Be sure to give them plenty of exercise.

SCORPIO (10/22-11/21)

You love the mysterious, deep and dark things in the world, and your favorite holiday may be Halloween, which occurs at the time when your Sun is making just beginning to make its transit through your sign. Given all this, it is not surprising that you have an attraction to pets that represent the unknown, so one may expect to find a black cat, or even a pet snake in your home. You might also enjoy owning a reptile of one kind or another. An iguana or any type of lizard is nice, but you might even consider owning one of your signís symbols, namely a scorpion. If you have the space for it, something as mysterious as yourself, an Owl might bring you a lot of happiness. More ìnormalî pets are possible as well, and in this case it would be your choice of a dog, cat, bird or fish, or whatever makes you smile as well as want to care for. You have a lot of sensitivity and concern so you might very well decide to adopt a disabled or handicapped animal. Giving a potentially unwanted pet a new lease on life would make you feel good, and there’s no doubt you would love this pet with all your heart, in spite of any imperfections the pet may have.

YOUR PET: Scorpio pets are extremely loyal. Kindness shown to these animals at an early age will come back to you for the rest of their pet life. If they are mistreated early in life, gaining your pet’s trust back will be along and involved process. They tend to snap or nip if they have been mistreated. Scorpio pets are intimidating to other animals. Rarely will they back down from a confrontation. They are full of pent up energy and need to run around a lot to release it. Keep a close watch on them, however, as they are possessive and have a tendency to fight. (Watch them closely with mail men or delivery people.)

SAGITTARIUS (11/22-12/21)

Horses are your love, since you are the symbol or the Centaur, the half-human half-horse creature that gallops around the cosmos. Horses or not, your sign tends to like big animals. In fact, many Sagittarians are naturally attracted to becoming veterinarians, dog groomers or breeders of horses. If you’re into dogs, you love the big and active ones, and your idea of fun is to run along the beach with a German Shepard by your side. You take great pleasure in horseback riding, so even if you can’t afford you r own horse, you may want to check out your local stable or riding facility and see if you can rent one for the afternoon. Your personality is as large and outgoing as any in the zodiac. Any pet you own needs to be as rambunctious and fun loving as you are. You are the sign who most loves to travel, and you are liable to acquire a considerable menagerie during the course of your lifetime. Getting someone o watch your pets may take a little time and effort on your part since it’s likely that you just can’t whisk them into your travel bag when you decide to take off on the spur of the moment.

YOUR PET: Sagittarius pets are the fun loving clowns of the animal world, and they are always eager to please. They love the outdoors, so be sure to give them plenty of room to roam. If you keep them inside for long periods of time, you may tend to break their spirit. They are intelligent animals but may seem to lack common sense. When they get over excited they become quite forgetful. They are one of the most loving pets in the Zodiac, so expect a face full of wet kisses when you walk through the door. As they tend to be forgetful, you must be firm when you discipline these animals. Don’t worry or be afraid to set strong limits! They will respond well.

CAPRICORN (12/22-1/21)

You enjoy dignity, decorum, and status in every area of your life. Your wardrobe is usually bought in the highest quality store that you can afford. The place where you live needs to be spacious enough to impress and entertain your friends, family members and business associates. You work hard for your money, and you feel that you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor—and you are so right. All of these traits should tell you something about the kin of pet you prefer. You don’t need a pet that is scraggly looking and you won’t want one that you can’t show off to your neighbors. You do care a lot about pedigree, so any pet you buy or that is given to you will need to be purchased from an accredited breeder. This way you can be sure of the animal as well as its bloodlines. As far as type, dogs and cats are the simplest and most traditional. You need a type of pet that is well behaved, and while a cat may need no more than for someone to keep it away from the good furniture, a dog in your care would immediately be registered into obedience school. You are very conscious and you will be sure your pet is taken to the vet as the least sign of any illness and that your animal will have all of the necessary shots and vaccinations right on time.

YOUR PET: Capricorn pets stay young forever and tend to act like little puppies or kittens well into old age. They have endless endurance and will play happily hours on end. They make the best playmates for children. They can be moody and tend to sulk if they don’t get their way. Be patient when training these pets, as they tend to be slow learners. These pets are more than loyal to the family. They are always determined to please and your patience will be well rewarded.

AQUARIUS (1/22-2/19)

Your humanitarian nature shines through when it comes to determining the type of pet best suited to you. You love people, you are friendly, and you are tolerant. You also love the underdog, so you are very prone to wanting to take in unwanted strays from your local animal shelter. The idea that you are helping to prevent your four-legged friends from being mistreated in a cold, cruel environment makes you very happy indeed, and you are willing to take in more than your fair share of pets at a time. Be careful that you don’t allow your good heart to guide you into making some unhealthy decisions or you might find your one-bedroom apartment crowded with barking pups and mewing felines that are out of control. If you manage to resist the urge, it’s likely that any pet you have is not a perfect specimen. You love mangy mutts, tomcats, and you adore calico cats. Just saying that name makes you smile. Any stray cat in your area will know by pet psychic sensitivity as well as pet telepathy that they can show up at your doorstep and be certain of receiving a nice meal as well as some genuine affection. Any pet you own or decide to keep will get the royal treatment every single day!

YOUR PET: Aquarius pets are the comedians of the Zodiac. They are gentle and loving with children and will bark or meow just to hear the sound of their own voices. They are extremely intelligent and unbelievably scatterbrained. You need lots of patience when you train them. They do not obey orders easily and the more you push them, the deeper they will put their paws into the ground and refuse to budge. Sometimes these pets don’t want to be cuddled or petted, but remain aloof. Aquarius pets are curious and inquisitive and will literally push their noses into everything.

PISCES (2/19-3/21)

Your symbol is that of the two fish swimming in opposite directions. No other symbol could so perfectly explain your temperament and nature. You are certainly the epitome of the sensitive, dualistic and intuitive lover of change, since you are a wonderfully Mutable Pisces. Having a fish tank isn’t just a wish for you, it’s an absolute necessity, and interestingly enough, many Pisces adore the quietest of sea creatures, the Starfish. Even if you can’t afford a full-fledged aquarium, you will do well with a goldfish bowl with just a single goldfish swimming in it. The water and the iridescent colors give you real sense of serenity and connectedness, which is always good for a Pisces soul. Turtles and frogs are always a good fish alternative, though lizards are a little too creepy for most of you Pisces. You also have a true rapport with birds and you love to hear them singing and chirping away at dawn. You may prefer to allow them to fly around the house as much as possible since you enjoy seeing your pets enjoy their freedom, which you also relish. Ahh well—perhaps the frog should stay in the terrarium!

YOUR PET: Pisces pets are the gentle, peace loving pets that hate shouting and fighting. They are sensitive to your moods and will plant themselves securely at your side if you are sick and upset. If your Pisces pet needs discipline, be very careful how you go about it. They tend to be quite intuitive and can sense when you are angry or upset. They will stop what they are doing in order to please you. They don’t need a lot of wide, open space and are good pets for people living in condos or apartments. You may begin to feel as if you have a “psychic link” with these animals because they can easily pick up on your thoughts. They also love music.

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