1996 — Integrating Art and Science – Energy Healing

Jun 28, 2010 | In the News

Integrating the Art and Science of Energy Healing

By Elizabeth Joyce

Published – 1996

New Scientific Discoveries:


  • Emotions are important, logic is important, emotions are more important. They influence health and recovery from disease, including cancer. Emotions are a strong driving force in our immune system and other body healing systems.
  • Our beliefs influence our emotions, and in doing so, influence our health as well. 
  • You have the power to significantly influence your beliefs, attitudes and emotions which significantly will influence your health in a positive way. 
  • Helpful ways of influencing beliefs, attitudes, and emotions can be taught and learned by using a variety of accessible methods. 
  • All of us function as physical, emotional and spiritual human beings. All aspects need to be addressed in the broad context of healing, with a focus on the needs and predisposition of the person who is ill, and that person”s family, community and culture. 
  • Harmony–balance among the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our being, is central to good health. This applies not only to the health of the individual’s mind and body, but also to their relationships; with self, family, friends, community, the planet and the universe. 
  • We have inherited genetic, instinctual tendencies and abilities that aid us in moving into the direction of good health and harmony. 
  • As these inherited natural abilities develop, proficiency develops, as when learning other skills. The result is greater harmony and a better quality of life — which significantly impacts one’s state of health. 
  • This learning about our inner spiritual power also changes our relationship with death, whenever it may come, lessening fear of pain and channeling more energy towards getting well and living life more fully and actively today.

Questions and Answers:


  • What kind of science is Energy Healing and where does it come from?Basically China, Tibet and India (ref. Bill Moyers TV Special) 
  • Experiential Integration – How is science reaching towards this belief?This has been difficult. Even tbough people have seen and experienced absent healing and hands on healing results, it is difficult to “prove” by medical standards. 
  • Interpersonal and Hands On Healing Synchrony – is this the Key to Interconnectedness?Hands on healing and the power of love and listening seem to effect the emotions in a positive way. This is co-integrated with shared visualizations and mental-emotional release. Many times this process will bring about a spontaneous healing. 
  • How Does Resonance with Music and Vocal harmonics help with healing?Harmonics – using two notes at the same time – helps to keep the atmosphere “clear” and enables the uptight pason to relax and begin to delve within themselves. This is known to help with heart disease and stress. 
  • How can one establish Good Vibrations all the time? Does humor really work?Positive responses – Elizabeth calls this Loving Responses – is vital to good health and a balanced life. Positive energy moves the endorphins from our brain into our body to heal. When we laugh, there is a certain energy created, and when we cry or get angry, another energy is created. Part of healing depression is beginning to do things differently, to exercise and begin positive affirmations. 
  • What is Medical Intuition and is it, really scientific?This is the ability to interpret information contained in the electromagnetic energy field surrounding the human body. Then you apply this information towards preventing an illness to occur or develop further on the body. The type of information includes; (a) memory patterns, (b) attitudes, (c) values, (d) personality strengths and (e) fears. This information is essential to developing a health profile of an individual. There are case examples of how this has helped physicians and eventually a holistic health practitioner will be essential in every General Practice Doctor’s office. That and a nutritionist are essential to developing a fully balanced preventive health care program. 
  • How is Yoga and Breath Work important in Energy Healing?Body exercise, stretching and yoga postures help all parts of the body strengthen and remain healthy. Breath work goes deep inside and helps one to release the “unspoken” emotions and fears one holds at the center of the body (solar plexus). Doing the old, traditional eastern yoga practices will open up your outer energy field and help you to move forward without fear. 
  • How can we truly heal our own worst “enemy” – ourselves?Combining the principles of energy field work and psychotherapy (i.e. emotional release) you can begin to learn to apply the practical applications that work on conflicting relationships. One way is to learn loving responses and to understand that you participate in all forms of energy. Conversation and hidden thoughts are forms of energy. Change your attitudes and change your life. 
  • Can a Visionary be taken seriously?Exploring the premise of working on energy fields and choosing a trained practitioner to work with you. What can one do and how can one know the practitioner is reputable? It is a challenge for each healer to cleanse their own toxic belief systems. Can you get beyond the personality and be clear enough to work on others. This carries with it the necessity to have extremely high integrity and intent. What is the real criteria? 
  • Does Human Potential improve and does Personal Transformation occur with Energy Healing Work?This will take into account some of the more intangible aspects of healing. These aspects include; (a) culture, (b) spirituality and love as potentially causal factors, (c) emotional release and healing responses, (d) alternative approaches seen as positive and complimentary by the attending physicians. This training is emerging as a very powerful tool with multiple applications and important psychological implications. A revolution is going on in Western Medicine, well documented by the NIH and over $3 billion spent in Alternative Medicine in 1993-94. These techniques facilitate multi-level personal transformation (For healer as well as client) and expand our concept of potential as humans. We are on the threshold of radical, positive change in our society as these applications are more and more accepted in the mainstream of the USA. The nature and process of these changes are being researched, documented, and explored together by many. This whole process is an informative catalyst for true healing and integrative well being.