1995 — Clear Light Therapy – Energy Healing Work

Jun 28, 2010 | In the News

Clear Light Therapy – The Process of Energy Healing

By: Elizabeth Joyce

Published in 1995


Can prayer, faith and spirituality really improve your physical health? A surprising gathering of scientific evidence says this is possible! A growing number of people want to examine and verify the connection between healing and spirituality. It is no longer professional death for a doctor to do so.

The field of psychology couldn’t be more hostile to spirituality. Sigmund Freud dismissed religious mysticism as infantile helplessness and regression to primary narcissism. Today, with books from Dr. Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, Barbara Brennan and Shakti Gwain, the belief of spiritual power in healing, while not yet mainstream, does exemplify a shift among doctors toward the view that there is much more to healing than taking an EKG, getting a blood cell count, or using pills and scalpels.

More and more medical schools are adding courses on holistic and alternative medicine with titles like Caring for the Soul. This change reflects a broaden yearning among doctor’s patients for a more personal and spiritual approach to health and healing. With the opening of the new Millennium, there is a growing disenchantment with one of the 20th Centuries greatest achievements, high-tech medicine.

Western medicine is at its best in a crisis-battling acute infection, repairing the wounds of war, replacing a broken down kidney or heart. Increasingly, what ails America and other prosperous nations are the chronic illnesses, such as high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome. backaches, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, depression and acute illnesses that become chronic, such as AIDS and cancer. In most of these cases, stress and life style play an important part of the disease and its continuing effect on the body system.

Clear Light Therapy is a holistic healing system that works with a person’s physical, mental/emotional and spiritual parts as a whole. The modality assists people to uncover their healthy self, as all aspects of a being contribute to its health and wellness. The techniques used enable the practitioner to look at any level of dis-ease on the body system and bring it back into balance. Once this is accomplished, the body instantly begins to resume the healing process on all levels.

If someone comes to me with a physical symptom, the mental/emotional components contributing to the physical symptoms are checked out through a system called muscle testing or kinesology along with holding mudras. For example: weight gain. The practitioner would not just deal with the physical body, but also the reasons behind the physical symptom. Designed to replenish and harmonize the vital energy of the body and to balance and strengthen the body with spiritual energy, Clear Light Therapy is a correlation of ancient Tibetan health arts. The Spiritual Energies (Chi or Life Energy) is similar to but more subtle than electromagnetic energy. We receive this energy is several ways:


  • Prenatal – received from the mother and father before birth
  • Post-Natal – received from food and breath after birth
  • Meditation – done by choice to revitalize the body/mind/spirit
  • Chakra Balancing – using the seven main chakras and meridian lines

Clear Light Therapy is a health path which revolves around an amazing acupressure technique, and also includes other traditional Eastern philosophy ancient arts such as controlled breathing, meditation methods, physical exercise system (Yoga), and traditional dietary principles. Important as these are, individually and as a whole, the most important aspect of Clear Light Therapy is a basic understanding of the forces at work, without which any technique is an empty thought.

A typical session is two hours, and begins with taking a mental/emotional history and explaining the muscle testing, mudra system used in the process. Muscle Testing or Kinesology is a way the body tells us which system is out of balance and to what degree. Muscle testing also directs the practitioner to exactly where the focus of the healing should begin. This method is primary for the Clear Light Therapist and a trained practitioner can determine quickly exactly what part of the body system needs attention the most. The technique of priotrizing what needs to be worked on, in order of importance, is the major tool of Clear Light Therapy.

Next, the Clear Light Therapist will develop a working rapport with the client and do the actual muscle testing. One cannot prescribe some technique because it worked for someone else. Each case is individual. The body talks to us through the science of muscle testing and will tell us what needs to be done first, second or third. The most specific part is the ability of the trained practitioner to prioritize, asking the body to give information, while tapping into the innate information we all have. A practitioner will use the Clear Light kinesology tools while allowing their own intuitive awareness, as well as the clients, to determine what the imbalance is on the body system. Then the exact imbalance can be pinpointed and the correct therapy applied.

The next step of the session focus on the therapy or therapies most appropriate for the client. If the physical system needs work, for example, nutritional counseling, yoga, shiatsu massage or energy healing work can be applied. If the mental/emotional is out of balance, the therapy used is generally Flow Therapy, which works on the energy flow of the blood stream and energy circuits, or chakras, within the body. When there is an imbalance within the body, energy gets crystallized, or stuck. It’s like a knot in the stomach when one is afraid. That occurs when the energy within the body is not flowing. There are a variety of techniques that can be used to unblock this energy, and muscle testing will direct the practitioner to which technique to use. It may involve acupressure, acupuncture, Flow Therapy, meditation or massage.

The final part of the session is applying the therapy. The modality to be used is explained to the client so they do not become overwhelmed. Basically Clear Light Therapy helps a person get in touch with their own natural healing powers so they can learn to apply self-healing to themselves. The environment created helps to guide a client to get in touch with their Blessed Higher Self, or their Angel Guides. If a client can learn to drop their own judgments, fears, feelings of unworthiness, low self esteem and can connect with the things in life that bring them joy, fulfillment and happiness, then they will, in fact, begin to heal.

Sometime clients will become hung up on the understanding that they are stuck and try to figure it all out. They feel they just cannot heal until they remember the past or mentally figure it al out. Actually, just lifting the stress and coming into a place of peace is all that is needed. It is almost an advantage not to know the why or wherefore, but to allow the pain and discomfort to pass. Healing does not penetrate as deep when there is a lot of mental/emotional work involved or the client tries to control the healing session. So many therapies deal with dwelling on the past. Clear Light Therapy helps one to lighten up and allow the joy of life to fill you. Let in the Light.

Healing is a transformation process, as explained by Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life. The client is encouraged to used a technique daily to nurture each level of themselves, physical (exercise) mental/emotional (communication techniques) and spiritual (meditation.) When we experience freedom of the spirit, when the spiritual consciousness rules, even briefly, the spiritual attitudes begin to be transmitted. The emotions become more balanced, the physical energies are strengthened, and there is harmony between body/mind/spirit. Clear Light Therapy is a wonderful energy healing  system.