1994 — The ASHTAR Command – the truth about this Angelic Scam

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By: Elizabeth Joyce

Published 1994

Introducing the following column to “Light Body Connection” in 1994. The Metaphysical Corner by Elizabeth Joyce is a question and answer column concerning the paranormal. Elizabeth is a natural clairvoyant and natural healer. She has studied the works of Edgar Casey, the Essenes and A Course In Miracles. She has worked with Louise Hay, Dr. Deepak Chopra and pursued world wide writings on Spiritual Law for the past fifteen years. She is featured in Prof. Hans Holzer’s new book, “Directory of Psychics” and Elaine Landau’s book “ESP” as well as several magazine and newspaper articles. She is well known in the New York/New Jersey region as a teacher of Intuitive Awareness and Personal Ascension.

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The Metaphysical Corner

Astral Contact Speak Of The Devil!
Psychic Phenomena – The Ashtar Command – Ashtaroth
By: Elizabeth Joyce



Who is Ashtar and the Ashtar Command? Will they really save us on Judgment Day? Are they friendly space beings? Is any of this information being taught in Ascension sessions applicable to the variety of “entities” encountered in many close encounters? How would they “find a body to appear in?” Could this somehow refer to the modern phenomenon of mutilations?

If we accept the assertion that the “real” Ashtar is merely an “entity” that changes with the times, then a quick look at Ashtar in one of His/Her’s former guises as the demon ” Ashtaroth” may prove interesting…

According to “The Lemegeton of Solomon” (The Book Of The Spirits), which was considered to be the source for many occult works of the 17th and 18th Century, “Astaroth”(also called Ashtaroth) was a very interesting Demon indeed:

Astaroth is another demon who appears in the form of an angel. Opinion is divided as to whether it is a good or bad angel, but an angel he is, that much is agreed. He is an important Duke, and is mounted upon a dragon, with a snake in his right hand. He will tell the sorcerer of the past, the present and the future. He will also teach every secret and science. (If you were going to “channel” a demon/spirit/angel/ whatever, what better entity to have in your midst than one who is conversant with science and is an all-seeing prophet?)

In the “Grimorium Verum – The True Grimoire”, another occult book dating back to the 17th century, there is a section about the three superior Spirits: Spirits do not always appear in the same shape. This is because they are not themselves of matter or form, and have to find a body to appear in, and one suitable to their (intended) manifestation and appearance. Lucifer appears in the form and figure of a fair boy. When angry, he becomes red. There is nothing monstrous about him.

Beelzebuth appears sometimes in monstrous forms, sometimes like a giant cow, at times like a he-goat, with a long tail. When angry, he vomits fire.

Astaroth (Ashtaroth or Ashtar) appears black, in human shape.

Under the heading “Kinds of Spirits” in the aforementioned reference, we learn:

Names of the superior spirits are Lucifer, Beelzebuth and Astaroth. The inferiors of Lucifer are in Europe and Asia and obey him. Beelzebuth lives in Africa, and Astaroth (or Ashtar) inhabits America.

(Is Ashtar “channeled” anywhere outside of America? And why is it that animal mutilations seem to be a particularly American – Northern and Southern – phenomenon?)

The book “The Grimoire of Honorius” gives a very detailed system of the conjuring of spirits according to the day of the week they are to be summoned. Each “spirit” has a day of the week allotted to it when it is at the peak of its abilities: Wednesday – between the tenth and eleventh hours of the night – is the day set apart for the conjugations addressed to Astaroth.

(It is widely held in UFO folklore, that UFO encounters/sightings seem to be at their most prevalent on Wednesdays. John Keel quotes figures that suggest that over 20% of all sightings have occurred on a Wednesday.)

None of this is conclusive evidence of anything, But if we accept the times this information was written in, and look at it through modern eyes. Then the contention that this phenomenon has been around in various guises for a very long time, may have some validity.

Ashtar is not new. He is not a part of the “New Age” movement and he is an endangerment to many if they follow his instructions to sell everything and wait on a mountain top to be lifted off by space beings.

From John Keel’s book ‘UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse’, here’s some quotes about Ashtar. (He/It certainly gets around!)

…I will try to demonstrate that the UFO entities are directly related to the entities and manifestations involved in religious miracles and spiritual seances. There are many thousands of published messages from both the UFO-nauts and the invisible, lower plane spirits, all of which employ the same techniques for burying information deep in simple-minded descriptions about life on other planets or other planes. One of the most important correlation is that many of these messages have discussed in depth the existence of another reality which is formed by energies operating on another frequency, or vibrational level. This is where people get confused, and tend to believe the entity. There is a definite 4th and 5th dimensional energy, and unknown energy beyond that, which our technology has not caught up with or been able to understand. We are evolving into that knowledge at the present time. However, it will not happen overnight. It is a gradual process of opening up to hogher knowledge a generation at a time.

There has also been a great deal of discussion about light and rays of light. New rays are coming in for transformational healing. These are very powerful and can be used for the good of all. The lore of “the seven rays” goes back to the most ancient of times. The Bible’s Book of Revelations repeats the number seven in many ways, and the Seven Sisters, or the Pleiades (seven stars in the sky) form an important part of this lore. God and Christ are “The Light” in most of this literature …

On January 8, 1968, “Mr. Orlon” of the Ashtar Intergalactic Command, passed this message on to a contactee: “The saucers you speak of as such are in reality the space bodies of certain aggregates of consciousness. They exists duo-dimensionally; that is, they penetrate both the third and fourth dimensions simultaneously or can, if they wish, confine themselves to either one of these.”…

Thousands of mediums, psychics and UFO contactees have been receiving mountains of messages from “Ashtar” in recent years. This has escalated in the ’90’s. Mr. Ashtar represents himself as a leader in the great intergalactic councils which hold regular meetings on Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and many planets unknown to us. But Ashtar is not a new arrival. Variations of this name, such as Ashtaroth, Ashtar, Asharoth, etc., appear in demonological literature throughout history, both in the Orient and the Occident. Mr. Ashtar has been around a very long time posing as assorted gods and demons and now, in the modern New Age phase, as another glorious spacemen.

Dr. Charles Laughead, an MD on the staff of Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan, started communicating with various entities “from outer space” in 1954, largely through trance mediums who served as instrument for Ashtar and his cronies from that great intergalactic council in the sky. A number of minor prophecies were passed along, and as usual, they came true on the nose. Then Ashtar tossed in his bombshell. The world was going to end on December 21, 1954, he announced convincingly.

North America was going to split in two, and the Atlantic coast would sink into the sea. France, England and Russia were also slated for a watery grave. However, all was not lost. A few chosen people would be rescued by spaceships. Naturally Dr. Laughead and his friends were among that select group. Dr. Laughhead made sober declarations to the press and on December 21, 1954 he and a group of his fellow believers clustered together in the garden to await rescue … and waited. And waited. And waited!

In California, a man named Allen Noonan claims to have experienced still another variation of this particular mind-warping phenomenon. Soon after his discharge from the Army following World War II, Noonan went to work for a company handling outdoor billboards. One day, he says, he was working on a billboard when suddenly he was taken in astral form to a strange place. He found himself in a huge white building filled with white light. A group of “elders” were situated around a glowing throne, and a great voice boomed from that throne and asked “Will you agree to be the Savior of the World?”

Noonan quickly agreed to this role. Then he was told, “You may die in the hands of your fellowmen. Their sin shall remain with you until the Mother Comforter comes to deliver them.”

The next thing he knew, he was back in his body working on the signboard. In later experiences, he allegedly visited other planets such as Venus, and he frequently received telepathic messages and instructions from our old friend Ashtar. In this case, he knew it as “the Ashtar Command and the United Planets Organization”.

Allen Noonan is not the only Space Age messiah appointed by the Ashtar command…

In Denmark a man named Knud Weinking began receiving telepathic flashes in May, 1967, including a number of impressive prophecies which came true ..He was then instructed to build a lead-lined bomb shelter and prepare for a holocaust on December 24, 1967 …

…Mediums, telepaths, sensitives, and UFO contactees throughout the world were all reporting identical messages. There was definitely going to be an unprecedented event on December 24, 1967. Ashtar was talking through Ouija boards to people who had never before heard the name. Another busy entity named Orlon was spreading the word. The curious thing about these messages was that they were all phrased in the same manner, no matter what language was being used. They all carried the same warning. People were reporting strange dreams, dreams about symbols of Christmas … There were also stories about dead telephones and glowing entities prowling through bedroom and homes. Many of these messages, dreams and prophecies were collected together by a British organization calling itself Universal Links. The stage was set for Doomsday. Thousands, perhaps even millions, of people had been warned The Danish cult locked themselves up in their bomb shelter … After the imaginary crisis had passed, the American wire services finally carried stories about the cowering Danes, ridiculing them, of course. But Mr. Weinking came up with a message that explained it all: “I told you two thousand years ago that a time would be given and even so I would not come. If you had read your Bible a little more carefully, you would have borne in mind the story of the bridegroom who did not come at the time he was expected. Be careful so that you are not found without oil in your lamps. I have told you I will come with suddenness, and I shall be coming soon!”

It was all a dry run, or was it? Actually, it was a rather impressive sequence of events , and it really proved something very important. Many predictions of the December twenty-fourth disaster had been well documented well in advance of that date. These messages came through in many different, countries, from people who had no knowledge of or communications with one another. The UFO contactees received the same identical messages as the trance mediums communing with spirits. A link had been established. It was now clear (to me anyway) that all of these people were tuned to a central source. (Possibly an earthly electronic device) My earlier speculations seemed true — the UFO entities and the spirit entities were part of the same gigantic system. So more pieces of this tremendous puzzle were falling into place. A long series of events had apparently been staged to warn us of that tiger behind the door. Some of the entities were evil liars. They had ruined the lives of many by producing “proof” which led to false beliefs and irresponsible actions. Dr. Laughead and Knud Weinking had been victims in this enormous game. Many “New Agers” have become victims over the past several years.

In the 90’s people like Elizabeth Claire Prophet and David Koresh have played on people’s ignorance. More will come to those who believe everything they hear and continue to give the power of their lives over to others. Use discernment is your search for truth. Never trust a “channel” more that your own inner guidance. Walk the path of light and love in this lifetime, on this wondrous earth, with your family and loved ones. Kindness, opening the heart and respect for others are the first steps for true ascension.

In 2009 it is now claimed by the false teachers and the unenlightened –

Ashtar works very closely with Archangel Michael, in protecting the evolution of humanity through harmonizing the negative and evil influences that could overwhelm us. Ashtar is in command of a particular area of the cosmos which he and his many spiritual helpers ‘patrol’, this area or zone includes planet earth; because of this he is often referred to as “Commander Ashtar.”

Ashtar works through the Merkabah , the spiritual vehicle of Light that comes direct from the Godhead. At the moment Ashtar is Controller of the Merkabah, for our part of the Universe. He moves between heavens, dimensions, and realities with his powerful mind guiding and controlling the energies of the Merkabah so that we humans can participate in the evolutionary process of our zone.