1992 — One Life – Elizabeth Joyce (The Bergen Record, NJ)

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One Life—Clairvoyant Elizabeth Joyce

(as told to Janet Gemignani—Staffwriter-The Bergen Record—New Jersey)

Published—October 17, 1992


Elizabeth Joyce — 1992

I was driving my son Jeff and his best friend Mike over to a party when we were in a head-on collision with a drunk driver in Saddle River at 8 p.m.  on Nov. 30, 1979. I grabbed Jeff and saved his life, but I hit the windshield.  I had frontal lobe impact. On the way to the hospital in the ambulance, my heart stopped three times but they revived me with CPR.  I value the nurse who put my hand in my son’s hand and told him to call out “Mom!”. Every time he did, I came back down into the body again. What I was experiencing was the near-death experience. I was floating upward, head first, with my arms reaching forward through a tunnel as I heard music. My husband, Joe, and my stepson, Ron, who both had died a month apart in 1978, were standing at the end of the tunnel with their left palms outstretched, saying “Go back and write.” I was in Valley Hospital for ten days and couldn’t move.

A few months later I began blacking out and losing my balance. I thought I had a neurological problem, but my doctor said nothing was wrong. I didn’t know my energy system had been affected by the car accident.  I began having a recurring dream in January of 1980 that my aunt had died in an explosion and her body was flung out of the house into a dense growth of vines and weeds. In the dream, the house that blew up was in Houston, but I knew my aunt was alive and well in New Hampshire. It scared me so much that I went for help to my girlfriend, Brenda Hayes,  a clinical social worker. I drew a map of what I saw in the dream — a trailer park with oil wells in the background, and a house surrounded by a picket fence. I drew the explosion and where the body had landed.

Benda recognized I was drawing her aunt’s house near Houston. The aunt had been missing for a week, one of six victims of a gas-line fire that had destroyed the elderly woman’s home. I was shaking, and my friend was crying. She contacted the police in Brazoria County, Texas, just southwest of Houston, and told them about my dream. They found the body 534 feet from the house hidden in tall grass. The incident was written up in the Houston newspapers and later in a 1987 Woman’s Day article.  The Woman’s Day reporter, Jennifer, Donovan, went to Texas and verified with the recently retired Houston Police Chief that my dream led the police to the body.

After the car accident, I started to search and learned everything I could about parapsychology. My first teacher was Meg Stettner. Then I learned there was a higher and finer energy, and I became totally dedicated to living every day of the rest of my life for God. I like to believe that I am multidimensional in philosophy and that all religions are one. I didn’t know I felt this way until I worked with Indira Ivey in 1987. I became involved in doing healing work. Now I feel that I am open to helping anyone who is in need. I also believe if somebody breaks a bone, they go to the hospital to get it fixed. It’s a great honor that I was published in Spiritual Frontiers, summer 1993, a periodical which explores psychic phenomena and
mystic experience in Christian churches.

I feel that I was clairvoyant as a child, but didn’t know it. I had things happen I couldn’t explain. When I was 10 years old, I told my girlfriend, Wendy Quad, the lady upstairs had died. My mother punished me for lying, because the woman was alive. Three days Later the woman died. I grew up, in a family of two sets of identical twins. I am the youngest of the youngest set. My older sisters were the Tony Twins, featured in Tony perm ads. My sister and I, American Bandstand regulars for 3,1/2 years, where known as the “Bandstand Twins”.  Then I got married and had my two children — a landscaper-drummer and a doctor.  I have had a tremendous amount of loss and change and sudden events in my life. That’s why I can help others. I’ve had several miscarriages, I overcame cervical cancer, and because of a colla[sed lung,  I was partially paralyzed for eight months; After my second husband died from a sudden heat attack, I lost my home in Allendale and had to sell everything to survive.

A clairvoyant senses a whole energy opening from the center of the forehead called the third eye, and sees something happen as if it were on a movie or television screen. It’s almost three-dimensional and it’s involuntary. I don’t necessarily pass on a vision unless I feel it is appropriate.  I can be sitting down waiting for a bus or a train and someone will come by. I’ll see that they are very ill or that they need an adjustment. I won’t go over unless I sense that it will be received.  I may need to walk by and brush their back. Or I may say, “Excuse me, do you know that you have a nutrient problem and need to take vitamin B-12 ?” Or I’ll say, “I see that you are carrying some pain sbout a recent loss and I just want to tell you that you are loved” Whatever I see, I go over, and say it very gently. I do what I need to do and walk on.

I’m not always gentle when I do a reading or am trying to teach someone to get off their issues. However, I have always been a natural healer, and when I work with people’s energy, they heal within and sometimes, without also. I’ve had people say “I don’t know whether I love you or hate you,” but later they come back and say “Wow!”

(Reprinted from The Bergen Record” October 17, 1992)