The Chakras and Your Body

The Chakras and Your Body


Walk the spiritual pathway by opening all of the 7 Body Chakras. Two tracks totaling over 1 hour of information!

Track A contains information to help you understand the Chakras. Track B is a 25-min Guided Meditation to open your Heart Center.

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Track A: Information about the Chakras (38:13)

  • The meaning of each Chakra is revealed.
  • Discover which gland each Chakra rules.
  • Learn to open the Chakras for Spiritual Development and Clarity.

Track B: Guided meditation (25:53)

  • Helps you work the Chakras to remain balanced and healthy.
  • Assists you to open up your Heart Center.
  • Opens your third eye by doing the Guided Meditation on a daily basis for several months.
  • Begin to know the power within yourself!

Vibrating to the music of Richard Shulman, Elizabeth guides you through the Charkas, one by one, while spending extra time at the Heart Center for healing on the inner levels.

An excellent compliment to Elizabeth Joyce’s book Ascension — How To Access The Fifth Dimension.

Begin to maintain optimum health and balance while manifesting your desires too!


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