Testimonials and Gratitude

You said you were going to send -ALOT- of healing energy to my sick dog&it worked! Most of all, with the healing energy is the LOVE. She is getting better, and is now eating on her own without forcing her. Her fever broke two days ago, but she still walks around gagging 2 to 3 times an hour, but not vomiting. I love her as much as I love my two children, & I never make a secret of it. Thank you so much, Elizabeth.


 Marian, Florida

God bless you Elizabeth, your a saint! I will highly recommend your service to my sister and friends who are interested in this. Thank you again

 John, Indonesia

I can see!! YOU have saved my sight. I play Ardas all day in my home and recite the mantra you suggested for me. Yours is the first face I see on my computer in the morning and the last one I see at night as I play Ardas before Steve and I retire for the evening. He shares all of this with me. I am so grateful to you. You have changed my life in so many ways. When I first talked with you, I had no sight in my right eye, now I am able to see almost everything through the veil. I am seeing more clearly with each passing day. The doctors are amazed.

 Kathy, Texas

You continue to knock our socks off Elizabeth. This weekend (Vibrational Healing Workshop)was phenomenal  we certainly experienced many firsts. I am extremely tired today BUT, the lymph in my legs are down considerably and that in itself is making me happy. I look forward to continuing on with these Intensives.
God Bless you,

 Theresa, Bridgeport. PA

I am taking this time to thank you for your insight and help with the April 23rd reading you did for me. Upon the information that came through, I did end an unhealthy seven year relationship, and changed the locks on my home. Elizabeth, you may have literally saved my life!

 Sue, Illinois

The Intensive was a wonderful experience who helped me clear the clutter from my head. Through your instruction and loving encouragement, I was able to gain clarity of thought and purpose. This gave me the tools to use on my own to achieve an inner peace. I am very happy that I was able to participate and I plan to attend again.
Thanks again,


My girlfriend, who is on hospice, is still in a holding pattern what she calls it. We have experienced wonderful moments with each other; she responds well with Reiki and we both feel the connection from within us. Sometimes I wonder where my words come from. I will be visiting her tomorrow.As for the vibrational intensive I attended in September, it is actually interesting that you picked up the elbow, had you said the right wrist, I would have immediately known. So I gave myself Reiki on the elbow, and sure enough I felt the congested energy, so the next thing I looked up in Louises Hay Heal Your Body and I had to laugh, as for elbows she states that it Represents changing directions and accepting new experiences. How appropriate. The stomach issues I know about, as I felt out of control regarding our situation. I still put my husband on a chair with Light and I could see immediately a change since the Intensive. But there are more changes taking place. I have made the decision to go to Switzerland. It took me almost two weeks until I told my husband as I wanted to listen to my inner self for guidance.I also told him that you, Elizabeth, mentioned to leave before the spring, and he felt that this was almost impossible as we still have to finish several large projects before we can put the house on the market. I dont know if we have the time to stretch it out.
On many occasions I do feel the wonderful joy, but in the past I sabotage myself many times by not eating the right food and then I feel not so good about myself. Since the seminar however I do feel a change regarding this as well.I would like to thank you for a life changing seminar and I am very grateful for your guidance. I meditate on a daily basis and feel much more centered.


It was a great weekend  better than I anticipated. I told you that when I saw my cardiologist last week  she has known me for years  she looked at me and said  Something is different about you  you look younger or something. I said it may be meditation . I did not want to explain what I had just been doing since I do not know her beliefs. I did tell two of my friends one lives in Vermont and was here last week and one came from Chicago. They looked at the book and took the e-mail to get one for themselves. They would be interested I am sure in a weekend of Vibrational Healing. I myself continue to feel good. Thank you so very much.


Elizabeth, I am so glad that you understood how I felt during our reading on Monday, February 21st. Your input on my relationship with Duffy was very enlightening. You did help me with how to view things in a different way. Thank you for the extra time and guidance. Good luck with your event in Doylestown tomorrow  I plan to be there. with a friend and will try to seek you out to say hello. May the luck of the Irish possess you; May the Devil fly off with your worries on making your changes; May God bless you forever and ever! (obviously I have Irish blood in me &my mother was a descendant of the KELLY clan).


Thank you for your insightful and right on reading. It was fantastic. I read the colors you have for the chakras. Studying with Jack Schwarz, he was often reminding the intern class that the heart chakra is yellow-gold, the solar plexus green. He would say, if you want to shut down your heart, imagine it being green. Green being a cooling color. The solar plexus is what wants to be cooled down. The heart is like the sun. All these years, You and Jack are the only ones I have encountered who have it correct. You must know how impossible it is to get the idea across to those who think the heart is green&teachers of chakras&They do not see chakra or the chakra reflections. All that misinformation&what a relief to see how you have it. Your book, Ascension, Accessing The Fifth Dimension, is wonderful guidance for whats coming&.

 John, Montana

Yes, I am from Sarnia, from Ontario Canada. I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly. I am hoping that you are right in that I had to go through more, and that is why spirit was off with the timing. I should find out this week if I have the position . When I get the job, I will be sending you another email to book another appointment.I was the lady who had the issues with the police service. My former husband was the officer who was charged for domestic violence by myself. You told me that he was going to get charged again by one of his girlfriends. He did and she was another police officer. His charge of assaulting me finally went to court in June 2010, and he was convicted. You told me he would be gone and you were right. He was forced by the police service to resign.I am still employed with them and had to endure a lot of hardship with the officers because of the blue wall and them sticking up for him. I stayed strong and they are okay with me now. It has been police management , one or two that dont like me. I am still fighting my way through them.I am praying a lot about this position. I know I had a good interview and have more experience then the other girl who applied. You told me in the last two readings that there was a lot of jealousy around me, and I believe this girl I am competing with for this position is one of them.As I said thank you again, and I will be in touch the minute I get the position for another consultation with you. You were fabulous and helped me to get through one of the most difficult times of my life. You told me that I was protected and you have been right all along. This position will finalize everything you told me would come to pass.


Thank You so much for your completely accurate reading. Unfortunately my company closed its doors June 1st so I am still unemployed and trying to find a new line of work and/or training/education. You told me my mother would need 24 hour care and that was the case! I was in the hospital with her when she needed an operation for a blocked bowel. With her just turning 70 and her fighting cancer for over 15 years (but still working full-time until her illness) she was very frail. I stayed at her bedside (the hospital allowed me to) because I could see the relief in her eyes  over time she woke up and I was there. She did come home but after 4 days she was having too much trouble breathing and we had to return. She had developed a blood clot in her groin area and her cancer had become fatal. Unfortunately we lost her on Dec. 13. But I am so glad she is no longer suffering and is free now. As I asked you about losing my house and my financial concerns; my mothers passing did give me just enough funds to prevent foreclosure and payoff my credit cards. I was thinking of starting school in the fall but was reluctant because per your reading I KNEW my mother would need me and I couldnt chance having to drop out. Its been a very rough road losing the job I worked and loved for 21 years and mostly losing my mother who I was extremely close to ! Thank You again for your insight the knowledge It really gave me a heads-up and I was better prepared in every way.