Terms & Conditions

Legal Notice: When placing an order, you implicitly accept the financial terms and conditions below. When ordering your reading appointment or other service, please note that all sales are final. If you require to change your reading time or date, we will accommodate you as best as possible. All credit requests must be made in writing. A credit credit, less a $75.00 service fee, will be given for canceled appointments.

LEGAL REMINDER: Opposing or contesting charges that you have approved and confirmed  directly through your bank or credit card company by supplying your CVS code (your online signature) or (CANCELLING, DECLINING, OR SEEKING A REFUND AFTER A SERVICE) is an offense considered theft, and is punishable by law. IP addresses for each transaction are saved and registered in order to identify the person initiating the charge, in the case it should be contested. All charges improperly declined or opposed after service, using methods other than the PayPal, and therefore not in accordance with the general terms and conditions of sale, shall lead to IMMEDIATE and SYSTEMATIC legal action whether through the courts or banks, as well as an OFFICIAL COMPLAINT REGISTERED WITH THE POLICE AND OTHER COMPETENT AUTHORITIES.