Hypnosis Spiritual Counseling

Hypnosis Spiritual Counseling



Hypnosis is a great tool in life. The difference between Hypnosis and Meditation is that, with Hypnosis, you take something new and bring it into your reality. It’s used to help lift vertigo, to stop smoking, for weight control, self-confidence, depression, to help you on your job, and with your communication skills. (Meditation is used to go inside and bring up and remove all your fears and energy blocks. Both tools can create magical moments.) Hypnosis can help you to remember things from times of stress that you may have blocked out. It can also help you with your work and to drop your addictions.  It works with Affirmations and positive reinforcement.

Session are done on SKYPE and last approximately one hour.

There is a $75.00 fee if the appointment is cancelled before the session, unless it’s rescheduled. If you do not make the session, and do not notify Visions of Reality, there is no refund.


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