Distance Healing Session for Family

Distance Healing Session for Family




Elizabeth works with your personal vibration and places the families photograph(s) on the healing altar for 7 days. You can provide a group photo or individual photos with each person identified.

Since the rays are from the 5th Dimension, they are strong and you the recipients may be able to feel the healing energy as it works. These natural rays will begin to work on and heal the weakest issues first.

It is recommended that you have a treatment, and then allow your body to absorb the healing. You can plan another session on 40 days if you want to continue on with the healing rays.

Be prepared with:

  1. Birth information for each recipient:
    1. date of birth
    2. time of birth
    3. location of birth
  2. A photograph of each family member

After placing your order, please respond to the receipt that is emailed with your information and photograph and I will respond.

Also, to enhance your healing from within, use Elizabeth Joyce’s Healing Tea and to keep your home sanitary and safe, use Elizabeth Joyce’s Brite Clearing Formula Sanitizing Healing Spray.


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