Frank St. James

Frank St. James passed away during the evening of Thursday, August 25, 2022. Frank is warmly remembered for all of the kind and excellent work he gave to others. His accuracy and talent was incredible. We will all miss him.

Frank St. James is well known for his psychic detective work. Frank has appeared on several of the top psychic TV shows, including The Psychic Detective and The Bio Documentaries. Frank is also a TV/radio personality. He has worked with the police and FBI and usually pinpoints the answer to your questions like a bullseye. Frank uses numerology as well as his psychic gifts for guidance.

He is also very popular on on Let's Find Out on Frank is known nationally.

Frank is an excellent medium or "Cross-Over" reader, connecting you with your loved ones on the other side with skill and gentleness. He always brings forth some sort of personal identification so you know the loved one's presence is there as well as clear communication.

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