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Mini Reading (One focused Question) and Karma information. The reading response by Elizabeth Joyce, your past-life karma, and astrology birth chart will be e-mailed out to you. One focused question in one area; Love, job, finances, relocation, health maintenance, and/or family matters. — Your Astrological Chart and written Karma Report. Send along your birth information – Birth date – time of birth – location of birth – (city & state.) (This is a $280 value.) 

You can e-mail me this information at

Once the order is received, I will send you an email acknowledgement and you can also call 201-934-8986 to ask a question about the process, and let me know you sent in your payment.

There is a $75.00 fee if the appointment is cancelled before the reading, unless it’s rescheduled. If you do not make the reading, and do not notify Visions of Reality, there is no refund

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