Elizabeth Joyce’s Healing Tea


Blended according to Ayurvedic principles and chanting of ancient Sanskrit mantras to assure deep cellular healing…relief from within…outward!

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This tea helps with illness because it penetrates any damaged cells in the body and flushes out the poisons. If you are on heavy medication, this tea will be helpful with their effect, creating extra healing energy power. Drink just before meditating, while listening to ascension music or chanting your mantra.

The formula came in from the Divine and contains the “holy Tulsi leaf”

Drink hot or cold.

A review of my tea:

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  1. Valerie

    I served this tea at the recent Psychic Fair this past Sunday. It has a pleasant, soothing taste and delightful aroma. I brewed 5 pots on Sunday and I had several people return for a second cup. The flavor palette is decidedly warm and spicy. The ginger, tumeric, cloves and citrus peel are subtle and charming. I found it to be relaxing just to smell it. Also I usually put honey in my tea but this tea tastes naturally sweet to me even though there are no sweeteners/sugars/honeys in the mix. There is an herb called honey-leaf which must be the answer. I would recommend this to anyone looking seeking peace, calm, and relaxation.

  2. JoAnn McGinnis

    I absolutely love this tea.The flavor is incredible and makes me feel so alive.I swooshed some around in my mouth before drinking and it took my toothache away as well as easing my gum pain.

  3. Laura

    I had a bronchial infection the day I visited the psychic holistic fair. They served this tea at the luncheon they had for us. I had 2 cups of tea and loved the healing affects it was amazing! It cured my bronchitis. I went home with a bag of it.
    I am ordering another one! Truly magical.

  4. Deborah

    Soothing, fragrant, and delicious

    • Elizabeth Joyce


      This tea is a healing tea most of all. The ingredients are the top healing herbs mixed together plus the holy Tulsi leaf from India.
      Thank you for your kind words Deborah.

  5. Sharon (verified owner)

    Soothing healing balancing- I look forward to healing my tired body and soul- your tea is beautifully balanced and I stir it with a spoon shaped like a heart blending love and purity for my healing

    • Elizabeth Joyce

      The tea is delicious as well as healing. Prepare a cup of tea, get a warm, snuggy blanket, sit by the fireplace, play ARDAS or The Chakras and Your Body and zone out to a different space and time. You will feel refreshed, both inside and out.

  6. Leigh-Ann

    I was given this tea as a gift. I wasnt sure what to expect but when I opened the bag, it smelled so good! It has such a calming and soothing scent and taste. As i write this review, I have just started my second cup and Im feeling my headache and stress lift away.

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