How To Prepare For A Reading

How to Prepare for the Reading

In order to prepare for the reading I would like to make a few suggestions:

If there is someone in spirit that you are hoping will come through, sometime in the days prior to our meeting, say a prayer aloud to them. Our words and prayers carry vibrations. Your loved ones can hear our words. I cannot guarantee that they will make their presence known to me, but I will do my best to sit and bring through anyone in Spirit who makes their presence known to me.

During the reading, some Spirits who come through may be unknown to you. Try not to get hooked up in "who is this?" Pay attention to the message that they bring with them. You see, when we pass into Spirit we still have a lot of work to do within our Soul school. Although you may not recognize the name of the Spirit, they could be a long-lost ancestor, or a Guide, and they may be trying to help you with your life circumstances.

During the time that we sit, all cell phones and beepers will need to be turned off. Please try to make your call to me on a land-line phone. Otherwise the static may interfere with the phone conversation.

Please meditate on your reading prior to our session as well as make notes or write down the questions you would like to ask. That way we won't forget anything. If you are asking about other people, be sure to have their birthdate available.

Please do not drink any alcohol prior to the seating. The energy that you bring plus my energy is what attracts those souls in Spirit to us. Alcohol will depress your system and will bring the energy level down.

At the beginning of the session and at the end of the session I will offer a prayer. It is meant to offer gratitude to those who make their presence known as well as to show respect and love to the "Other Side," as well as to ask for protection and to keep us safe.

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