Frequently Asked Questions About Having A Reading

*  How much are readings?
$185.00 (US) per half hour.  $285.00(U.S.) per hour.  I take MC/Visa and Discover  (There are other choices under Psychic Services)
* What if I live outside of the USA?
 I  use Skype for my foreign country readings. I just love my international clients.
*  What are your areas of expertise?
Relationships, Career, and emotional problems and blockages -- Inner emotional healing and taking an action to resolve matters is what most people ask about.  I see and explain the lessons you are here to learn;
*  What don't you do?
I do not find give you lottery numbers.
*  Are my readings confidential?
ALL READINGS ARE STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.  I have never, nor will I ever, share your mailing address, phone number, vital statistics or any other information about you. EVER.
*  What if I only want to know about a specific relationship?
On a first reading you always get THE WORKS -- because who you are and where you are defines your part in the relationship and how you experience relationships.  Then I go into specific relationships and compatibility between two people.
*  What if I only have one question?
Then you can sign up for a mini-reading which is sent to you via e-mail, along with your Astrology Birth Chart.  I chose to do this by e-mail because there is never "only one question." I have had clients with "only one question" that took a better part of a half hour.
*  How often should I get a reading?
Once a quarter is recommended, but sometimes there are questions about timing for legal, medical, travel or financial situations.  In those cases I look at week by week, situation by situation potentials.  It is best to call as far in advance as possible, before you have committed yourself to any action or change in the way of living.
*  I have always wanted a reading, but I'm SCARED!
Anyone who scares you into having a reading is out to con you.  That includes televangelists, doctors, lawyers and TV commercials.  A good psychic is there to empower you.  Would you be too scared to get the weather and traffic report before you leave your house?  Would you take a class without knowing the teacher, institution, or subject?  We are in this life to learn certain lessons and it's wonderful to have those people present who can help us and bring us choices and answers.  
 *    A Follow-Up READING clearly defines your curriculum and KNOWLEDGE GIVES YOU POWER OVER THE UNKNOWN and UNEXPECTED.
*     IS THERE ANY REFUND?  If you sit for your allotted time, there are no refunds. If you cancel your reading before the reading, together we will set up a new reading day and time. if you just change your mind after payment, there is a $75.00 service charge.

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