Stargazing Week of December 5th—December 11th, 2011

Dec 5, 2011

THIS WEEK'S UPDATE This week’s astrological event brings the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Saturday morning, December 10th. The high-strung Sun-Moon opposition is more intense than usual because of a combative T square from impatient Mars in Virgo that can instigate battles over minor details. Don’t allow the energy to trap you. Working out practical matters before they escalate can keep...

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2011 Predictions – Monthly

Dec 1, 2011

PREDICTIONS DECEMBER 2011 I see crop circles appearing in the Midwest with many various designs, They will appear frequently, drawing numerous people to move near these locations for spiritual protection and safety. Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas. People will start bartering more and more in the coming months through 2013. Bartering sites will become the new Ebay of the future starting in 2012, when...

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Stargazing—Week of October 31 – November 6, 2011

Nov 2, 2011

NOVEMBER 11, 2011 11-11-11 Love is coming to the planet! As the year winds down, the time has come to start thinking about what the new year will bring. You've heard about the 2012 doomsday predictions; I am confident that 2012 is not a year of endings, but a year of new beginnings. However, radical changes will be coming your way as Uranus and Pluto start to shake up every part of your life, as...

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Stargazing—Week of Oct. 24th to Oct. 30, 2011

Oct 24, 2011

STARGAZING – YOUR WEEKLY FORECAST Week of Oct. 24th – Oct. 30, 2011 The Air Signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Feeling under-appreciated or over-criticized can put you in a feisty mood this week. Hinting at what you want is unlikely to succeed. Venus in subtle Scorpio would prefer to give indirect signals rather than to be straightforward in expressing your needs. But, your desire to complete an...

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Stargazing—Week of October 3rd – 9th, 2011

Oct 3, 2011

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