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2013 Predictions – Monthly


We may experience an historical storm on the east Coast – actually stretching over from Chicago to Maine. This will break all record, occurring between December 16th and January 16th. Snow for Christmas? Yes – and maybe all the way down to Florida.

Anytime between December 7th and January 31st, we could see a new Pope. There is a plot to end the Vatican powers that be. Also, during this upset and confusion, a volcano in Italy shows it’s lava steam and smoke while the snow flies. To me, this is either December or March of 2014.

From dangerous pollution, a new virus will spread across China through the water/food supply before Spring. Thousands will die and the others will be chronically ill. This is a virus that attacks the nervous system directly, and becomes communicable.

Is President Obama just wasting away? I see a major health problem on the horizon, which could prove serious, if not fatal. He looks weak, frustrated and then lowered his head as to rest. A tall skinny man is becoming stronger (Paul Ryan?). He is getting his strength from somewhere outside of this country (USA). In February the Incumbent Speaker of the House, John Boehner, is replaced. Also, Joe Biden may suffer some serious health (heart) issues over the next several weeks. (The 2014 Predictions will be posted New Year’s Day)


There could be a strong storm or earthquake in the Pacific Ocean in November, the 4/5th, 18th, or 24th – possibly affecting Japan, Philippines, and/or Southern California.

The State of California will experience a strong financial crisis in November, and may shut down offices, services, etc.

Three airlines will merge into one company after another major carrier goes bankrupt in January, 2014.
Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy for President in the first quarter of 2014.

The new and emerging 3D and 4D movie theaters will make some people sick and nauseated after watching them. The negative programming could cause a serious new disease.


The USA Government shutdown will last through the Nov. 3rd Full Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Then there may be movements to Impeach Obama, and remove some of the Republican House and Senate members. The country will go into default. (Although this did not happen as predicted, the watch is still there through February, 2014.)

The shutdown brought closed National Parks, War Memorials, and cut out the children’s milk fund. Still billions available each month to send support to Egypt’s military dictatorship, the Palestians, terrorist groups in the Middle East—and on and on. No shutdown there. The government shutdown has been mostly a Political Theater. Congress has never missed a paycheck and their super high quality medical care is as available as always.

Just before the Full Moon in Taurus on November 17th expect: Thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard officers, F.B.I. anti-terrorism experts and officials from government agencies in the United States, Canada and Mexico are preparing for an emergency drill on November 13-14, 2013 that will simulate physical attacks and cyber-attacks that could take down large sections of the power grid. SO—What’s up Folks?

But never mind any of the above because Nov. 17th is supposedly the actual fiscal cliff—the day the US government defaults unless a solution is found, all of which is supposedly determined by events back on October 17th, four days from now. Yes the situation is serious. Not just the financial situation, but many other things, and those officials, who do think they understand the seriousness of various situations, and those who are supposed to be experts in the media do not report what they think to be the true seriousness. This is because they don’t want to frighten the public and create what they would then consider a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But the true seriousness is not understood by government officials or media pundits. The true seriousness is the moral decay of society and humanity’s turning away from God. The cause of the social decay resulting in lack of business, banking, political, military, ethics that can be described in a great many daily examples, is invisible to a world/society that has largely turned away from God. Anyone who would point it out would be assailed as a religious doomsayer – and thoroughly ridiculed. Nevertheless, the Divine Destiny continues to unfold as humanity is permitted to immerse itself in its own will.

Coming soon: An impending extraterrestrial disclosure by the Obama administration.

Regarding the 2013 October meteor showers. The next meteor shower is the Orionids on the night of October 21st. The Gibbous Moon, which is about 90 percent full, on its wane, on the night of the 21st, rises by mid-evening and bringing in a new energy, culminating on November 3rd at the New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio. This will put the orbit of Earth and the Moon in a dangerous line-up with space activity. Check: — news and information about meteor showers, Science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment. The energy affects our moods and state of mind at this time and can cause heart attacks, strange behavior, and mental confusion.


September 2013 is a positive month for many. There would be a turnaround in your luck, mental state and social stature now. New ideas will bring in gains and progress. You will manage success with a better expression as well as support of friends now. Travel and luck in foreign lands may occur. You could be dynamic but impatient at times, that could lead to missed opportunities. Avoid rude behavior and extra aggression.

This is a happy month for the children. A major event that you have been waiting for could come about around the 16th September 2013. You should avoid conflict as well as ego hassles close to the 9th September 2013, or else relations with a sibling or a business associate might get spoiled.

Be very careful between September 9th and 11th. There may be an attack or upset on the 11th, twelve years after the 9/11 tragedy. The energy is smoky and dark, representing an explosion of some magnitude.

There is more war talk concerning Syria, and some tragedies, however the war escalates more in November, December.

Flooding occurs and many areas in September, October as the hurricanes hit. At least two will cause some major damage, one in September, and another at October’s end.

Mid-November brings a financial crisis worldwide. The reason is not revealed to me at this time.

The passing of the new Pope is near. I am not exactly sure about the circumstances, but feel it will be natural causes.

Last but not least, Obama’s presidency go into sharky waters over the next few months. The public will be up in arms regarding some financial decisions the oval office makes. Watch your back, Obama.


I took the month of August off, while I was healing from my sisters death. It went fast, and rather quietly. I do hope you all enjoyed this summer month, and were able to vacation a bit.

JULY 2013

July welcomes the respite from our financial concerns, beginning July 8th. We will see some powerful effects and a come back in weakened markets, especially real estate. There is a rare combination of celestial events that brings a positive impact on our financial market and the overall world economy. The European financial system will reorganize and fluctuate, but winds up bringing strength.

Many political situations will be heated up now, especially Egypt, India, and China, where an overthrow of government is possible. Minor skirmishes wind up becoming major events. Someone may be impeached or removed from office in the US over a political tragedy or upset. Many sudden and unexpected events will occur politically over the summer and early fall months. A major world leader leaves office in the Fall but it will not be “one of the usual suspects.” Perhaps Queen Elizabeth makes a change after the birth of the new princess.

The ill effects of natural calamities also come into play. Expect intense heat (up to 120 degrees) in the desert areas, and water everywhere on the East and West coasts. Major water arteries will flood out, and at least five hurricanes are expected.

On a positive note, several sudden breakthrough in disease control will occur. Muscular Dystrophy, MS, Diabetes and some cancer treatments will begin and be successful. Also – a new procedure for restoring eye sight.

The possibility of another oil spill or related issue may occur this summer.

By the end of 2014 there will be a radical shift on how the world is run!

JUNE 2013

June 2013 will be better than the period of time, going back at least a year. A a real good and positive period is yet to begin, when Jupiter moves into Cancer on the 26th. The economy begins to come back and real estate is on the move once more! Your projects and plans could get implemented in the coming few months, especially in October, 2013. The germination of ideas for all such plans could come about this month. After the 3 eclipses, you will see strong movement in your life. A letting go process, that began in April, will be in completion by mid-July. At that time your life – with the new changes, will begin to move forward and grow.

Your mind will turn very sharp and a new wave of ideas will come to you . Creativity will be very high for the rest of this year.

A wide range of new ideas begins after November 7th, 2013. It could boggle your mind but a lot will happen during this phase till the end of the year; especially with weather changes and politics. Obama’s position and authority is challenged in Congress or Court at the end of the year.

There is worry, upsets, and concerns with siblings, children and spouses the last half of June, which continues into July. Restraint, medication, and prayers could become necessary.

You should take accelerated steps and accept any challenges that come up over the summer months. Acting on such challenges could hold the key to your success this year and the on-going future. Check may for the up-coming weather changes. A wet Spring – then a very hot, hot summer.

MAY 2013

These three eclipses will bring unusual volcanic activity around Japan Singapore, China as well as dangerous water problems. Each country will suffer something different. Japan, tsunami and high water flooding, China, sickness, pollution, and white collar crimes, Korea, human trafficking, and cruelty to women. There could be a severe earthquake in Korea this summer.

There are great political tensions with Japan and China that will begin to escalate, creating financial tension waves across the world.

It will be revealed Vice President Joe Biden has been under medical care for senile dementia. His credibility will be challenged, and he may need to step down because of mini-strokes.

George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth have some serious health issues coming up. George Walker Bush may pass away.

India is the up and coming world leader in technology, and Germany has asked Obama to come over and manage their country after his presidency comes to an end in 2016.

We will see weird weather conditions worldwide. The powerful Solar Flares cause a worldwide blackout for about a week this summer, perhaps August.

Expect flooding in the Unites States, Europe, and Asia. The Mississipi River will overflow, and expect a
major earthquake in Washington State, Oregon, British Columbia, Vancouver as well as Alaska.

I see an aircraft tragedy, as two planes collide over Kennedy Airport in New York. Also, over memorial Day Weekend we may sees ships blow up at port in New York City. This is a terrorist attack against the cancellation of the annual Harbor Day to open up the summer events in New York City. The Intrepid will experience financial losses because of lack of ship tours.

APRIL 2013

The behavior of the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, tells the world that North Korea is focused on nuclear testing to make bombs. With rising military tensions American officials say new ‘counter-provocation’ plan calls for immediate but proportional response that would hit the source of any attack by North Korea with similar weapons. – from the New York Times…Unfortunately, the energies support this possibility, but not in the near future. Once we pass 2015 – the going will get rough. China will experience a downfall and North Korea may acquire some of the land and people.

It’s cold, it’s hot. It’s cold, it’s hot!! California and the Pacific Ocean are experiencing some very strange weather changes. As 2013 opened, I predicted a large earthquake in California – along the fault – but it could be in Southern California as well. I see a quake 8.+++ amid devastation, before the end of June. Perhaps just after the three eclipses coming up.

God has called me to a prophetic end-time ministry. I believe that most of what I envision will occur, but the timing can be off. Japan has water trouble during the summer and fall months of 2013. The vision showed dark blue ocean waves crashing on the rocks in the sea. The sea was climbing over the rocks and into the houses on the edge of the island, and moving further and further inland. The telepathic message was, Japan will be under the sea, the entire country!

Rome, Italy is to be destroyed. However, it will not be through war. In the vision suddenly a huge wave appeared on the horizon. A tsunami was coming. The wave got closer and closer until it was inside the Vatican. When the wave hit, the palatial building began creaking and tilting. Antique tables, chairs, candelabra and statues began sliding to one side as the floor moved and began to crumble apart. Chandeliers were hanging at odd angles. Within minutes the floor was perpendicular to the ground and more furniture came crashing down. The movement continued until the floor became the ceiling. More religious artifacts, statues, and paintings fell and broke into pieces. The Holy Spirit said: “I am going to turn the Catholic Church upside down.” Along with this came a “knowing” that this event would begin World War III. I sense the new Pope Francis will pass away around the same time Pope Benedict passes. Perhaps between now – 2013 and 2016.

Take a deep breath – here comes the good. The economy improves over the rest of 2013, with housing and contractors picking up work. YES, we can still have banking and financial problems, but not a wipe-out. Laws are changing and the stealing higher-ups will finally be prosecuted. This is good news. Choose the right path, and think positive for yourself.

MARCH 2013

I have predicted that in 2013 there will be a major clash between Islam and Christianity, acted out with germ warfare.

A financial crisis that will change the way we live, which could begin in June.

A rise in sea levels that will inundate coastal cities — in 2013 there will be water, water everywhere. This begins in April and continues through October. Expect a hot, hot late spring and summer.

Natural disasters throughout the world — Tsunami’s in India and Indonesia, Hurricanes in New Orleans, Corpus Christi, Houston, and Galveston, TX — Earthquakes in the mid-west, and along the St. Lawrence River. The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers joining together — Problems at Yellowstone, eruptions, cave ins and earthquakes.

Giant sinkholes will continue to appear all over the United States and all over the globe, and scientists will continue to struggle to find an explanation for why it is happening. The cause is fracting for natural gas and intense oil drilling. However Obama has an agenda, and it’s to gain power over the oil companies to bring some wealth his way! He is constantly under threat of assasanation, and this continues throughout the year.

The Obama administration and Democrats in Congress will make an all-out attempt to pass gun control measures in 2013. When their efforts on the legislative front are stalled somewhat by Republicans in the House, Obama will use his executive powers to further his gun control agenda.

A Holy Emperor  restores the Church beginning with the exile and martyrdom of the current Pope. (I predicted the Pope’s exile in early 2013 last summer of 2012.) The new Pope will make many radical changes, that will anger millions of Catholics, but is necessary in order to move forward in the modern world.

There will be more anger at the wealthy in 2013 than at any other time in modern history.

There will be some shocking political scandals in Washington D.C. over the next few months. We will see some high profile resignations going on throughout the year.

In the next three months, from Apple, we’ll see a seismic shift in how we understand, view and make television

The percentage of Americans that are obese will continue to rise and will set another new all-time record in 2013.

December 21, 2012 AD was NOT the day where all of the sudden a light switch flipped on and everything  changed, rather, we are currently in the process of this transition from one World Age to the next. The changes are underway and will continue steadily accelerating as we head towards the culminating date! The great cycle just completed (3113 B.C. – 2012 A.D.) was called the Age of the Fifth Sun. This time period was ruled by the 4th Earth. This fifth age, that began on December 22nd, 2012, at noontime, is the synthesis of the previous four. We have moved into 5th Earth (called Caban in the Maya language and Ollin in Aztec) and this New Age has several meanings, including: movement, shift, evolution, earthquake, navigation, synchronicity, clue tracking, turtle. In the Maya language, the word “ol” of ollin means consciousness. This is a time of raising our consciousness and embracing unconditional and Universal Love. A realignment of Earth will continue throughout 2013 – this will be a year to remember.


Obama will have a horrendous time over the next six or seven months. He knows that his life is in danger. There will be new cautions taken with his security. The focus on gun laws becomes prominent.

Investing is a roller-coaster ride – picks up in February but drops again in May of 2013. The housing market improves throughout the summer, to the pleasant surprise of many. You have an 8 month window to see your real estate, and then the market will drop again, perhaps further down that now, and remain there for a long time.

Word comes in about biological warfare and genocide in the Middle-east.

Expect a rare celestial event in August, giving scientists food for thought.

China’s economy becomes in jeopardy with s new flu strain breakout killing thousands. China must begin to clean up its pollution problems. The human eyes are endangered in both Hong Kong and Beijing.

Canada begins to realize a better economy, and American begin to purchase second homes there – Vancouver – Montreal.


What’s going on with Hillary Clinton? She seems to be a battle with Obama.  She had a fall, hit her head, and seems out of commission. How will this affect her career? Hillary knows she must be careful and cautious because her life is in danger — this energy last throughout the summer months of 2013.

(New predictions as of December 28, 2012)

On February 10th we enter the Chinese New Year of the Water Snake and in July Jupiter moves into Cancer. This is the year of water problems; sudden storms, rise of the ocean’s coastline, the Great Lakes, Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers flooding, and strangely enough, rain in the Middle East. They will experience more rain than has ever been recorded during our Summer months.

Violence against women increases in the Asian countries, as well as in the Asian neighborhoods in the US Cities.

Queen Elizabeth passes away just after Kate’s child is born. (A son and possibly twins – boy and girl.) Queen Elizabeth dies quietly in her sleep.

A new discovery regarding Solar Flares is announced, and White Light flashing in the skies in the South West this Spring and Summer, especially over Santa Fe and Sedona as well as in Mexico.  (Could this possibly be a part of our new energy system?

Apple announces and releases a “mini iPhone” for children, with parental limits incorporated in the software, and also to help many under-served populations around the world. From Steve Jobs and with speculation for several years, 2013 is the year Apple finally launches a Smart TV — without cable or FIOS.

Surprisingly, in spite of negative reviews and a shaky launch, WINDOWS 8 sees some signs of catching on, although it has many flaws and will need to be upgraded.

I still see a problem with Obama’s signing in in January. It may be that he stumbles or slips on ice and has a cast on his ankle or leg. I also see a problem with Joe Biden’s health in the late Spring, and he may need to take a short leave of absence because of his heart.


(Written Oct. 30, 2012)

Predicting the future along with its timing is one of the most difficult things to do. The future is not a set thing and that we can always change our own future. Following are the current tendencies for 2013.

The energies show us that instead of destruction there will be a big change in the world concerning life-styles We will not be able to live the same as before, there will be new structure of society and we will need to begin to live in harmony with nature. This happens over a period of time between 2012 and 2017.

A meteor strike will happen before late spring; perhaps in May, plunging human beings into loss of property and distress, especially in coastal areas. The meteor impact will cause tidal waves and volcanic eruptions on both coasts.

In many areas there will be excessive snow and a longer winter than usual, extending into mid-April. However winter is mild in the East Coast.

Expect a very wet and flooding spring, and a hot, hot summer creating excessive solar radiation. Everyone must be careful at the beaches, in sunlight, as well as in the lake regions.

In the mid-west there are sudden storms and tornadoes, creating severe weather.

Many people will re-arrange their mode of living. There is extensive loss of buildings and property along both coastlines. I see “tent cities” and refugees with people who have been displaced; also some problems with FEMA, rescues and other government functioning.

Our transportation system comes to a standstill somehow – just before the summer months. The reason is not clear to me – perhaps because of the loss of refineries on the coastlines. Cars leave and a new mode of transportation enters – monorails, flight is different, groups travel together instead of individuals.

For the Lightworkers a new dawn comes. A new door opens (the Double-Helix and Spiritual Chakras) to creating spontaneous and lasting healing. Using the power of the mind grows – as a popular mode of education.

With the flooding comes the drug shortage to hospitals and medical clinics. This becomes a problem, especially in the cities. New York and Chicago.

The government space program is given the go ahead to build on Mars – housing that can support the public is planned.

Brazil begins to come into the spotlight and gain power. Something that scientists find in Brazil becomes a focus of importance. Some new technology – involving metals – metal shields – imprints.

As debts loom out of control – precious metals enter a bull market. Platinum, gold, silver, rise in value. This will become very volatile. Gold rises between $2,500 – $3,000 an ounce – and silver goes up to $100.

As the banks waver, put your assets into precious metals and technology. Some banks may close their doors in 2013. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, The US Bank. There is a sudden loss of wealth at least twice in 2013 with the banks and stock market. Stick to a local credit union or smaller bank.

The Euro – rallies. Germany recovers and works out the financial distribution.

The American dollar rallies the first half of 2013 and the industries to get into are:

Labor saving cleaning products
Social networks
Writing books
TV and radio

Industries to stay away from:

Insurance Cosmetics
Security systems

I see many people around the world lighting candles and praying over an incident. Something seems very strange here.  (This was the shooting in Conn.)

A submarine is stuck between icebergs between Australia and New Zealand – Antarctic. This presents embarrassment for a country who should not even be in those waters.

Bangkok experiences strange mud and landslides. There will be a tidal wave in that area as well.

Birds act up in several areas in the world, which will be a sign of a forthcoming disaster. India – New York – Shanghai – London

Obama’s swearing in does not go as usual. I see him wearing some kind of hat – or crown? There is an extra couple on the podium with the Obama family. Everyone seems happy – but something may be amis.


It’s a Girl! Her name could be Victoria Frances or Victoria Diana.

I am sorry about the prediction possibility I posted just before Election Day. If you’ll notice on my front blog page – I stated that Obama would win the Electoral Vote. It was an energetic statement – which I stated at the time – based on many things with astrology. Yes – I certainly can explain it. However, it was too hot a subject at the time because most others did not understand the concept. I regret that I was not more clear about the concept. It was not a “psychic prediction.”


  The 2012 presidential election was won on the issues. Think about it. In many areas we are moving forward into people of like minds, not separation and misery. It’s time for all of us to open our hearts, embrace each other’s differences, and allow all of us to work together in harmony, for the good of all.  We simply cannot remain stuck in the past!

YES there is some concern about many  important matters, especially fiscal. However, there was way too much focus on matters that pushed the young, women, and the free thinkers away. The Social Issues won this election! Luckily there is a checks and balance system in place, that hopefully prevents anyone from going to extremes. It may take some time, but  eventually we will become a stronger unit in oneness. God Bless America!

Although this may be a smoother month, after all you’ve endured over the past few weeks, the weather promises to act up. Last year we had a sudden snow storm on the East coast, and this year promises more of the same. Only ICE this time.

The nastiness of the pre-election moves along, with a life threat that cannot be taken back. Although the top candidates are debating, I see someone being removed from the running. (One of the four.)

Here’s a heads up for December 21, 2012. We will discover the second Sun. There will be two Suns in the sky, as one takes over the duties of our current dying Sun. Nothing to fear. Think of it as someone on the job training to take over leadership. This new phenomena will be visible the last week in December, 2012.

The severe weather changes of this month leads us into 2013 and beyond. July of 2013 will be memorable because of all of the water on the planet. I see earthquakes, floods, tsunami’s and major earth shifts. Many maps will have to be rewritten.

This may be the month of a serious California earthquake – watch the third week in September. From Los Angeles up to San Francisco. It will not be small, and effects everyone within that radius.

I have always felt that Joe Biden will not be on the ballot in November. Last week I had my third dream that Joe died in his sleep. I see Hillary Clinton as the replacement.

September’s third week promises to be a trying time for everyone, especially with the weather and in the political arena.

The Democratic Election in Charleston, SC will be filled with dangerous challenges, especially with security. I ask everyone to become prayerful that Obama comes to no harm. I sense the possibility of his being shot. That means that someone out there is already planning to do so.

This will be a tight election as things stand today. I see a possible recount – Ohio and one other state. Oh my – another Al Gore delay.

Because I was traveling a month with Amma I was unable to post July predictions. I will post for August on the 1st.

August is more or less a peaceful month as we endure the long, hot,’dog days” of summer. Since we are under the vibes of fire this month, we can expect to see more isolated incidences of gun shootings, fire breakouts, set arson fires, argumentative and arrogant people and drivers. Be careful when you travel especially as Mercury goes direct on the 8th, and just before the New Moon on the 17th as well.

We are traveling an energetic Arc that is tearing down the old, making room for the new, between June 21, 2012 and Dec. 21, 2012. which is causing 5th Dimension headaches, confusion, and mind plagues. People are obsessing about minutia. People are turning to outdated ways to solve problems, and using unconscious emotional thinking to the point where they cannot sustain healthy balance.

Mitt Romney could win the 2012 Presidential Election if the unemployment rates escalate. The could go beyond 10%, and the rate is not being correctly reported as of now. I see some serious health problems for Obama, beginning at month’s end. This I have been stating for several years, but now the become obvious and cannot be covered up by the expert medical care he receives. The election promises to be very close, with a possible recount. I see an upset on the democrat ticket before November – more-than-likely mid-September.

The relationship with Iran will not change no matter who wins the election. The war within Iran may not happen for a few years, (2015-16) because China is about to experience a plague, upsetting the economy balance.

Banks are about to lose major funding, closing doors and freezing customer accounts. This has already begun in Europe. It is best to get out of the big banks! (Bank of America, Chase, Citi)

August is a month with two Full Moon’s, the second one being a Blue Moon in Pisces. Pisces is a water sign and we are in the year of the Water Dragon, so the water comes in as September opens. Expect hurricanes, tsunami’s, tornadoes, earthquakes, and more. A large quake is expected in California this fall, along with flooding with high seas on both coasts.

JUNE 2012

June will be a disruptive month, with possible terrorist attacks in the USA. A world leader’s life is in danger, and any assassination attempt could be successful.

The drama in Hollywood builds, with two possible deaths of well known stars. An older man and a younger woman.

At month’s end, after the 26th, expect to see the market fall as a result of the political upsets, and Greece’s continuing financial woes.

There will be many demonstrations at both of the political conventions, one turns violent, with injuries and arrests.

Heavy weather problems begin in September, including “Space Weather,” which will involve both cell phone and computer problems. The most severe comes at October’s end, as the elections could be postponed because the machines cannot be operated.

Israel goes into Iran and then blames Iran for the initial attacks. The US gets pulled in early next year.

2013 is the year to dread – not 2012, mainly because of finances, banks, and rising interest rates, oil prices, and food costs.

MAY 2012

California may experience some serious earthquakes beginning end of May through the fall months. I see a series of them. (7.0 – 8.5)

A well known world leader — a man — departs from us very soon – there could be an attempt on the Pope’s life, as well as Obama’s. I also see serious illness for Robin Williams and Lindsay Lohan.

A new scare comes to New York City and London in the Subways. A strong smell that could prove to be lethal.

Disruptions with electrical power (or fire) at the Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention will postpone several of the speakers and events.

Our next big battle seems to be the Sun Flares, Space Weather, and the race between Nations to establish bases on Mars. A fight for supremacy in Space between the US – Russia – China, and India.

APRIL 2012

Events will begin to move quickly now, especially in the political arena. I still get that Obama will not be on the presidential ticket in the fall.

With the coming eclipse on May 20th, we can expect some more devastating weather conditions, and a surprising discovery regarding aliens and space beings.

Once Mars goes direct, expect your life to get very busy. This week after Easter and Passover marks the beginning of taking the necessary actions to change the course of your life; either a coming together or a complete breaking apart.

One more thing for April expect to hear that a cloud of nuclear fallout is approaching California, as well as effecting the oceanic wildlife. Unfortunately it is best if you give up eating sushi and fish from that Asian area. This upset will also begin to effect all fish and eventually spread world wide.

MARCH 2012

The Stock Market goes down, down, down! Between March 15th-20th the Euro collapse is expected because of the bonds due date. It cannot be met.

There will be trouble in joint areas of work/partnerships. Existing partnerships could break if you are not cautious. Be careful as this is NOT The time to lose your job. Give thanks that you are earning your paycheck and meeting your needs. This mind-set will help to reduce stress.

March 2012 will not be an average month. Many will have major relationship/partnership issues this month. Joint aspects of life and shared assets will be under tremendous pressure. Your own personality will undergo a transformation and there could be mood-swings in thinking and mindset. All these changes, as well as the environment upsets, will make adjustment with people around you somewhat difficult.


From the 8th February 2012 through mid-June we can expect natural calamities, fire, aggression, higher crime rate, and major error of judgments in politics.

Europe, Japan, South East Asia could be the hotbed of some difficult economic and political situations. China and North Korea offer some kind of threats to the Western world. Could be financial.

As predicted last August, Hillary will begin to distance herself from Obama, and resign from being Secretary of State. Joe Biden wants the job, but it will elude him.

Michele Obama and Angelina Jolie will deliver their babies in the same month – late this summer. Brad and Angelina will finally tie the knot — quietly, if possible. (Michele lost her unborn child, ad did Kate in England.)

The OWN Network will fail after Rosie O’Donnel’s show goes belly up due to low ratings. This was such an ambitious project for Oprah, but just had poor timing. Better to put all this money into helping children with getting a good education.

Johnny Depp and his longtime love Vanessa Paradise with break up and soon after Johnny will be seen with his new lady love – an young and famous Starlite.

Donald Trump is placed as either Vice President or Chief of Staff with the Republican Party.

George Clooney loves to direct and act in movies but his new love just may be politics, as he marries and runs for the Senate.

These predictions were written on December 1, 2012 – and have been composed throughout the year of 2011. Many have been recorded on The X-Zone Radio Show throughout 2011.


Annual Predictions with Elizabeth Joyce

SUPERBOWL New England Patriots


The US Election in November will be a close call but Barack Obama will fall from power. The US economy and financial losses worldwide will be his downfall.

Not only will Obama not win the election – I am feeling that for some reason he may not even be on the ticket. If he is – Hillary Clinton will be his running mate. Joe Biden will be offered a cabinet position. If Hillary runs for President – she will win in a landslide.

President Barack Obama will face conservative Republican, Mitt Romney as the US Presidential choice. Vice presidents are Hillary Clinton and Meg Whitman (current president and CEO of Hewlitt Packard.)

In 2012 between the months of January — March there will be panic in countries like the US, UK, Spain, France, Egypt, Russia, and China due to hostilities among its citizens for greater political and financial reforms. Most of these protests will pick up speed after August of 2012.

Race riots with looting and many arrests will follow the election results.

In 2012 The U.S. will be involved in another war, this time with Israel, Russia and Iran.

A top-secret “hit squad” will begin assassinations worldwide on targeted public figures that will appear as accidents, suicides etc. without anyone realizing what has happened.

An Iranian revolution occurs in 2012. Spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are removed from power.

Japan receives threats from China and a partial naval blockade will be put in place.

Mexico enjoys a truce between the government and cartels after President Felipe Calderón leaves office in 2012—perhaps in the summer months.

Facing a tough election fight in four months, French President Nicolas Sarkozy faces the threat of an assassination attempt while he is traveling away from France.

South Africa will continue to prosper after the discovery of a major new gold/diamond mine and China will be pushed out of the region. South Africa will flourish and many will buy second homes there.

The US Postal service will continue to fail in 2012. They will start contracting with other service carriers like UPS, FedEx, and local services to deliver mail and packages to save money. Expect junk mail, junk mail, junk mail, and some post office closures.


FIRST expected is a severe problem along the California coastline as the plates slip and move deep in the Pacific Ocean. Tsunamis and earthquakes can b expected- very soon.

Ecological disaster and rising sea levels in 2012. This is the year of the Water Dragon, so water we will have major flooding. Thousands will have to move to higher ground as the Mississippi and Missouri Rives merge together – once and for all.

2012 will be one of the hottest summers on record in the Western part of the US.

Jet planes and space launches will be blamed for destroying the ozone layer in 2012.

There will be great floods in Japan, China and the Gulf Coast again, due to massive amounts of rain. New Orleans will flood again as well, due to unruly hurricanes and storms. The country of Japan may go underwater completely.

Naples, Italy is evacuated after serious eruption of Vesuvius. Lava flows in a different direction than expected and the Pompeii ruins are not lost.

This will be the wettest year on record around the world.

Across the world there will be strange weather patterns with NO consistency. Extreme cold where unusual, many measured snowfalls, rain heavy where not usual, drought in other wet areas, extreme weather and disruptions across the world. The globe will experience harsh weather patterns that will break current statistics in 2012. The Scandinavian countries begin to ice over in parts.


People will go to holistic healers; Energy healing has all the positive energies to heal. We will be taking more natural medications and no more medications from doctors. The pharmaceutical companies will want to fight this trend and instill laws banning taking vitamins and minerals without a prescription.

People will be airing their dirty laundry, gossip, and jealousy on the computer and texting services. This way they feel they will have a constant audience. A new term will be “cyber lawsuits.”

Apple unveils it TV Internet combo, but it won’t be what it’s cracked up to be. The stock falls – more research and work has to be done.

2012 will be a good year for ship and boat manufacturers as water travel becomes more common and the demand for ships, crafts, and boats will increase.

In 2012 there is a Backlash from flu vaccines. There is possible danger to health of those that have taken the vaccine, not necessarily the flu, but strange organ breakdowns.

A conflict or battle in outer space will occur this year between two countries, most likely involving Russia or China.

Oil doubles in price causing travel to become prohibitive – no vacationers in many summer resorts.

A large comet enters the earth’s atmosphere and crashes into the Pacific Ocean. This will become a television spectacular! The impact of the comet causes flooding of the California coastline.


Possible unexpected deaths include:  Henry Kissenger, Barbara Walters, Joan Rivers and Lindsay Lohan. There is another tragic death in the Michael Jackson family.

A son is born to Prince William and Kate in the fall of 2012.

Pope Benedict XVI will pass away in 2012 and his death will be questioned.

Sally Kirkland and ex Nick Nolte get back together much to the surprise of his current sweetie.

Angelina and Brad do a new movie together, he acts, she directs, that meet fair reviews.

Elizabeth Taylor’s children search for the out of wedlock daughter she had. Norah, the child Elizabeth gave up, is located.

I’ve been humming Harry Connick Jr. songs. Harry starts a wonderful cycle of big hits. His Movies are around the corner!

Gayle King leaves the waffling OPN for another cable channel away from Oprah. Good results for Ms. King, but it creates bitterness for Oprah.


In the Year of the Dragon – the Dragon takes what it deserves.

2012 will not be the end of the planet or the Solar System. The December 21st date will come and go without incident.

There is always a disaster/tragedy as we enter the Chinese Year of the Dragon  (Jan. 23rd, 2012) and a tragedy as we exit the year (Feb. 2013.)

There is an earth-shattering event involving everyone on the planet in 2012 – perhaps in the first half of the year, sooner than later. Has to do with weather patterns and outer space. Timing can be difficult. This leads to a deep spiritual awakening after a global tragedy.

The corporations and powerful families that have brought pain, hardship and misery to others will lose power and fall away. Expect to see the following corporation doors close forever.   Sears, Sony Pictures, K-Mart, Stuart and A&W Drinks, T-Mobile, Kellog – many of their cereals.

An aborted space launch causes high altitude explosions that knock out many communications satellites. This may take a few months to fix. Ideally there should be another replacement satellite ready to launch – but this has not been followed through on because many people refuse to believe a disturbance of the current one is possible.

Food Shortages expected in 2012 and 2013. Russian and American grain harvests will be poor and suffer loss due to weather conditions. This will not be catastrophic but will affect world food prices. Food shortages bring protests and change of government rulership.

Banks: More People will be forgiven for their mortgage loans and will be able to forgo foreclosures so they can get back on their feet.

Stocks plummet in the first few months, based on the failing Euro – and then grow again throughout 2012. Don’t sell and run scared, hold tight to what you can. Stem cell research will be the best buy for long term stocks.

There will be less children born in 2012. Couples will get pets because they take less care and responsibility.

The government will admit that we do have contact with other beings in other dimensions. Our Invisible helpers.

China falls from grace and their money system begins to collapse. Expect major changes with China, North and South Korea. Politically, they could join together and form a strong ally in Asia.

Christianity will make a big comeback, as people flock to churches for spiritual enlightenment and guidance from God.

In mid-2012 Marijuana will be legalized.

Montana is in the news because they are changing the state laws to reflect a unity and community responsibility. Thousands will move there and Montana will set an example of the future lifestyle of oneness.

A trend will emerge as many people move from cities and urban suburbs to smaller and more communal villages.

There will be a new kind of charity – help those in your town and community. Each working person in the U.S. will be asked to take in another person. Each person will also be required to cut back their consumption of energy, food, water, and other amenities due to overpopulation.  At first it will be “suggested,” through a mass marketing campaign, and later it will become mandatory. A strong message about birth control will be issued. The Catholic Church will comply and promote this change. This change has already been requested from the MA Center in Kerala, India.

Stargazing Week of December 5th—December 11th, 2011


This week’s astrological event brings the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Saturday morning, December 10th. The high-strung Sun-Moon opposition is more intense than usual because of a combative T square from impatient Mars in Virgo that can instigate battles over minor details. Don’t allow the energy to trap you. Working out practical matters before they escalate can keep resentments from building and nerves from becoming frayed. The Moon moves into nurturing Cancer early on Sunday morning, soothing our hearts with some much-needed healing, calming, along with peace and quiet. Time to sit, think of others, and begin to get those Holiday cards out.

Week of Dec. 5th – Dec. 11th, 2011
The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The alluring planet Venus aligns favorably with passionate Mars on Monday, making you want to take some time off to play. A mix of work and pleasure is possible, allowing you to take care of business while enjoying yourself. Friends may be elusive, but don’t worry about it. They could be preoccupied with other things like shopping for the Holidays. Soon they’ll be back calling, texting, seeking you out, and looking forward to spending time with you. As Uranus turns direct on the same day as the Lunar Eclipse, you may find it easier to translate your ideas into action. With this powerful energy you will need to be careful on the road. Try to relax and don’t overwork your brain—it needs a rest. Take a few breaks during the day or you could give yourself headaches. Travel and people from faraway places could be especially appealing on Friday and Saturday, but the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse might necessitate a cancellation if you make too many plans. You could be the star of the weekend with the Full Moon in the interactive and intelligent Air sign of Gemini. This Lunar Eclipse is likely to intensify your emotions and put you in the spotlight whether you want to be there or not. Your romantic life will rock this weekend with a high level of cosmic activity. The flirty Gemini Full Moon prompts curiosity, provoking a playful attitude. However, this event is also a Lunar Eclipse stressed by irritable Mars in Virgo. Being too fussy in your tastes or negotiating with picky people needs to be tempered with a forgiving and flexible attitude. Reacting strongly to just about everything makes you a lively companion, but also a restless and unpredictable one. Mixing things up with a variety of activities and people allows you the freedom to keep on the move. Listening to your intuition will bring the answer to an ongoing family problem. Allow yourself to be guided from within. The Lunar Eclipse encourages you to let go of old beliefs. Make a clean sweep. Just know that happier times are coming. Also, this Lunar Eclipse gives you a good reason to fall in love, Air Signs, but don’t rush it. Something may connect you with someone you’d lost contact with. There may be a reunion, and it looks like it will be a very special one

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Don’t give in to outside pressure this week as Pluto joins Venus. If you roll over now to make someone happy, you’re likely to regret paying such a high price for it. The Full Moon in lively Gemini on December 10th is a powerful Lunar Eclipse, which can disrupt your personal life. Aggressive Mars’ stressful T square to the Sun and Moon can spark fights and fussiness that will be unsettling. Watch out for accidents in the home or on the road. If, on the other hand, you’re willing to battle for love, focus on the specific issues that can be fixed to get you two back on track. If you’re single, perhaps making some adjustments to your appearance or attitude could be helpful to enhance your desirability. Be willing to work hard and face some difficult truths in the early part of December so that you can benefit with a more lively relationship life in the second half. Venus, the Goddess of Love, has joined deep, dark Pluto that can bring complex issues to a boil. Sure, it’s understandable if you don’t want to face unpleasant feelings or share them with others. But looking within, going deep inside to expose old wounds and current disappointments is painful work that’s worth the effort. That’s because you will find a truth in yourself that can help to heal old wounds and open a wider road to creating meaningful partnerships. Mistrust and self-doubt, difficulty in a current alliance, and fears about being less desirable are possible. Obsessing about someone you’ve lost or someone you think that you can’t live without could provoke discomfort. Yet investing in the process of addressing these issues with patience, commitment, self-discipline and honesty can pay off with personal satisfaction that is more than worth the price. It’s essential that you take charge of your emotions now, so begin your spiritual work within. You could feel more like an outsider than usual until December 20th. Perhaps you won’t get your usual share of attention, or maybe it’s just that you need more private time away from the spotlight. Either way, you’re likely to benefit from quiet getaways with one trusted person or simply spending some time alone where you can get a more strategic view of your relationship life.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Your creative energy continues at optimum power this week, but there may be more delays than usual. Don’t let them get you down. Keep going, Fire Signs. Be careful, especially when signing contracts. Make sure you have the facts and read the fine print. It’s never wise to sign anything with Mercury retrograde, so see if you can postpone matters until after the 15th. Brainstorming will be more productive than usual, so use it to solve your biggest problems. Your patience for slow-thinking people could reach its limit this weekend. The volatile Gemini Full Moon brings a dramatic flair, filling every word with an extra charge of emotion. This passionate enthusiasm could open doors to new people and ideas as long as you can tolerate individuals who don’t look at life like you do. It’s better to ignore minor differences than to let them damage a promising relationship. Relationship issues could come to a head with the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. If you’re single, you could have a major revelation that places you on a more productive path toward romance. If you’re already involved with someone, expect plenty of relationship drama. Big issues and little ones pop up for discussion, yet resolving matters may not come easily. Don’t force yourself to make a hasty decision just because others are impatient. Wait and see how you feel after the dust settles in a few days. Friends can be your salvation by filling your social calendar with interesting people and intriguing invitations. Yet some of these individuals might be a little unpredictable and not live up to your vivid expectations, indicating that it might be wise to eliminate a few activities from your overcrowded agenda. The complications that you can attract now are best managed with a lighter schedule and a healthy sense of humor. Delays can keep you from getting things done. Persevere, as they may work in your favor. Sometimes timing is everything. Mars in Virgo encourages you to be a go-getter and fulfill some of your cherished goals. Be mindful of others and try to cooperate, as this will help you succeed more quickly. This is an opportunity for a heart-to-heart talk. You might just learn something that can change your life if you keep your mind and heart open.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Personal messages are mixed when the week starts. The all-powerful Sun is in the optimistic Fire Sign of Sagittarius until Dec. 22nd. Yet, even if your heart is open to taking chances in the pursuit of love, Venus, the planet associated with amour, is in serious Capricorn where accountability is high. Obligations at work and home can cut into your playtime, especially after sweet Venus joins dark Pluto. You can feel manipulated or mistrusted with this alignment, so handling alliances with extra care is recommended. With the Sun in Sagittarius, it is likely to lift your self-confidence and encourage the adventurous side of your personality. However, it’s wise to be a little cautious when it comes to relation ships now. Amorous Venus is in cautious Capricorn, where it joins intense Pluto, stirring deep feelings of mistrust or discontentment, signaling a need to be on guard with what you say and how you act. Verbal Mercury is in Sagittarius, retrograde, where it can loosen tongues with some overly frank statements, so a bit of self-restraint is recommended. Don’t hold on to who or what no longer serves you now, though if this is about a very important partnership, you may want to think things through before taking action. On Saturday the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse can spark conflicts within a current alliance or make you edgy about pursuing a new one. Pay attention to the details, though, because making some minor adjustments could be all that’s needed to get you back on track.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This week you’ll be doing a lot more intellectual work. Don’t forget to give your brain a rest now and then. Switch to off and work out or go for a walk. Mercury continues retrograde until the 13th, so you may encounter obstacles and delays. You need to work these into your schedule and allow more time for everything. You may struggle to advance in your career. Meetings may be canceled, and getting decisions you need may prove impossible. Don’t worry – this phase will soon be over. You’ll then have the clarity to make the right choices. Your partner is still being critical, so either ignore it or tell him or her how much it affects you. Consistency may be hard to come by this weekend with a Full Moon in fickle Gemini on Friday and Saturday. This is also a Lunar Eclipse that’s pressured by a stressful T square from restless Mars. If you can patiently iron out the details of a partnership, this can be a useful time to talk things out. But it’s going to take flexibility and a light touch to avoid the discomfort of minor conflicts. The Lunar Eclipse may stir up family dynamics just in time for the holidays. Something needs to change. This Eclipse helps you Water Signs make peace with your shadow and brings healing to the neglected areas of your psyche. Saturday morning the lunar energy that can shake things up at your place. It’s a Lunar Eclipse, spurring surprises at home. This unsettling atmosphere brings hidden issues to the surface where they can be discussed freely as long as everyone stays calm. But this powerful event also could make your private life more interesting if you’re open to experimenting and breaking free of the past. Love is in the air. The tide turns on Sunday, with a lunar entry into the Water Sign of Cancer making you more emotionally available to others. Close connections may be shaken by surprises in the morning and awakened with intense passion at night that can run you through a full range of emotions. Enjoy the ride, but hold on to your heart.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Your high hopes for a happy Holiday Season could take a hit this week after festive Venus creates a tense conjunction with manipulative Pluto. You may be disappointed by a friend or run into complications within a group where your sense of worth is undermined. You might want to withdraw into a wounded place, which is understandable, yet there’s healing possible now as well. Notice what you’re missing in your life and where you’re paying too much in relationships. This difficult self-examination can help you change unrewarding habits and restore your power in partnerships. A clear head is especially helpful on Wednesday when Venus runs into a challenging angle with super-sensitive Neptune. You could make sacrifices or get lost in a dreamland of romantic fantasy. It’s great to be inspired emotionally but don’t lose your sense of good judgment at this potentially confusing time. Pluto pops into the relationship picture and secrecy could play an important role as you uncover a hidden truth or are charged with keeping a confidence. This provocative transit can also spur some strong reactions as even gently spoken words may hit a sore spot. You could burn with resentment, but remember that it’s healthier to be honest about your feelings than to simmer with anger. This could be the kind of inner crisis that provides a wake up call about your personal life. You may find an opportunity to enjoy the company of someone new or to put more spice in a current union. Yet, it’s possible that even though pleasure is in the offing that some patience and self-restraint are still required. Tread carefully, but enjoy the coming positive changes, Water Signs.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Relationships have been intense and passionate lately, and there’s still time to show how much you care. Monday is perfect for an impromptu date that could be a turning point. Continue to be careful when purchasing, especially online. Mercury retrograde could gum up the works. Keep receipts and paperwork. A romance may strengthen early in the week. Your passion becomes more intense, Earth Signs, so you may want to make a greater commitment to one another. Mercury continues retrograde until the 13th, so don’t even think about putting your house on the market or buying a new one just yet. Be prepared for a change of heart if you have already done so. The order and planning that put your feet on solid ground may not work out as well as you wish this weekend. First, the Moon is in jumpy Gemini where moods and rules change very quickly. Second, there’s a Full Moon on Saturday that tends to increase emotions and reduce logic. Third, it’s also a Lunar Eclipse, which brings up unfinished feelings from the past that may be too difficult to face. Keeping things simple is your best bet for all these reasons and more. Flexibility is the key to enjoying yourself as well, this weekend with the jumpy Gemini Full Moon changing up everyone’s moods from minute to minute. Keeping your cool with a relaxed attitude is especially important when you feel criticized or under pressure. Pushing back is only going to inflame the situation. Working around issues may not be your style, but it’s better than wasting time fighting a major battle. You might be so busy taking care of other people that you won’t have much time for enjoying yourself. The diversified Gemini Full Moon fills your plate with obligations on Saturday. It’s better to reduce your commitments, even if it disappoints someone, than to wear yourself out and have no energy left for personal pleasure. The Lunar Eclipse brings a realization about your career. It may be time to make a few changes. Also, this eclipse may encourage you to reexamine your financial priorities. Don’t waste money. Invest your money in something or someone.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: There’s complexity this week because the love planet Venus is in earthy Capricorn, an Earth sign that’s compatible with yours, until Dec. 20th. Yet there’s a more serious than sensual side to this transit, offering pleasure while loading up expectations and responsibilities. As December opened, lovely Venus joined Pluto, Lord of the psychic underworld. This can stir intense feelings that are often so extreme that they are difficult to express openly. Resentment and unrelenting desire are two ends of the emotional spectrum. While mistrust is possible, facing your fears and addressing your disappointments can help you get a deeper understanding of your needs. With this intense energy component, it doesn’t take long for relationship issues to come up in important ways. This union can raise the stakes in the game of love. You might be passionate with desire and express emotions with uncommon strength. But you could also dive into the depths of self-doubt as jealousy or rejection lowers your self-esteem. There is, fortunately, a way to work with this, rather than accepting fate’s hand. Be prepared to change how you look as well as your values and expectations in matters of the heart. Holding on to the past is the least desirable way to go, even if it’s understandable to avoid openly expressing your Self. Still, you have the capacity to transform how you approach others to make yourself more appealing to them. Of course, you have to be honest with yourself since integrity and truth are among your best qualities, Earth Signs. The Full Moon on December 10th in chatty Gemini is also a Lunar Eclipse, which ups the ante. Aggressive Mars in practical Virgo forms a stressful T square to the Sun and Moon. This could trigger conflict but also arouses passion that could turn a fight into a fun time. Do your best to keep things light instead of letting a minor misunderstanding escalate into hurtful misunderstandings. If you keep your sense of humor, the rewards can be especially pleasurable. Try not to get hung up about little things than can undermine a partnership. If you have any issues, constructive criticism is a positive way to deal with them, rather than simply pointing out problems without suggesting reasonable solutions. Things will resolve themselves next week, once Mercury turns direct on the 13th. Be willing to kiss and make up.

2011 Predictions – Monthly



I see crop circles appearing in the Midwest with many various designs, They will appear frequently, drawing numerous people to move near these locations for spiritual protection and safety. Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas.

People will start bartering more and more in the coming months through 2013. Bartering sites will become the new Ebay of the future starting in 2012, when people start to unload unnecessary items in exchange for needed items.

A major power outage that will affect the North East will occur in the middle of the night during the winter months, possibly around New Year’s Eve. I see New York City affected by this outage, some areas could be without power for several days. 2012 will have the coldest winter in history, breaking all previous records.

I feel that we may have two female candidates running for a Presidential office in 2012, one being black and one being white. More than likely – Either President or Vice Presidential candidate. This may become the chance to heal our broken country.

Flooding and hedious, rare storms will be the weather topics of 2012. The Solar Flares will grow more powerful, throwing off our electronics.



Well, I stated that October would have some crazy weather at month’s end, but a snowstorm before Halloween? Some areas got up to eight inches. Not since the 1920’s has that happened!

The Housing Market may seem to be smoothing out, but stay away from that market. In 2013 interest rates will rise and housing will again fall about 50%. Change your mortgage to a fixed rate. Also, pay down your credit cards because they will begin to charge almost 50% interest after the presidential election in 2012.

The “working age” will rise to 73.

End of November brings war and famine in parts of the world.

Romney and Cain are on the Republican ticket and Obama is not on the Democrat ticket. Now what? Hillary? More than likely!


The energy eases a bit in October, but financial worries and weather conditions continue to persist.

Who’s on the Republican ticket?

Herman Cain, Vice President 2012

Mitt Romney, President 2012

In my dream, these two were on the Republican ticket, but the Democrat ticket was blank – only a sheet of white light. No Obama – as I do not think he will be on the 2012 ticket.

There is a strong focus on Japan and the radiation fall-out through the end of November. Danger is present and seems to be doing more damage than originally thought.

We will begin to hear about climate changes throughout the East Coast and other areas as well. The continual rainfall not only has damaged crops, but there are new threats from the environment a well. Bugs, mosquitoes, snakes, rats, and other varmints need watching and controlling.

There is an earthquake watch for San Francisco, CA and the Silicon Valley. I see the computer environment packing up and leaving. Could be a radiation problem a well. Raleigh-Durham, NC will begin receiving the new business, along will Boise, ID and Billings, Montana. These areas will build up quite a bit business wise.

The November pre-election ads and debates will prove to be a horror, and many citizens will become enraged over the rhetoric. There is a possibility of some assassination attempts on our government officials over the next few months.

If you feel dizzy, tired, confused, have a change in appetite, or headaches, it could be because of weather changes and the global environmental upsets. Allow yourself a bit of adjustment to these changes. However, get medical advice if it becomes intolerable or persists.

People have the “grouchies” and lack of patience in a big way at this time. Be sure to keep out of the way of any potential conflicts.

I see a possible small plane disaster in the South and Mid-West involving six planes or more. Could be from planted bombs. This could take place on the same day, causing upsets, confusion, and thoughts of a terrorist attack. The truth comes out a few months later.


September might turn out to be a challenging month, as pressures could mount from various aspects.

It has been predicted that China will rise to great heights and create massive problems for America. This country, China, is about to have a massive earthquake, a dam explosion, tsunami’s, and worse. More than one million people will be harmed, or die. Disease will spread, and China will regret not practicing any sort of environmental control.

America has the military, scientific, and economic strength to do whatever it must to preserve freedom. As we gather and remember 9/11, we must work to prevent any kind of terrorism or hostile take-over of this country. Money and banking are only one part of possible destruction. Let’s lift fear, stop the political antics, and gather together to force a change of consciousness. It is then that some of the dire predictions for 2012 will not take place.

There is financial improvement on the Stock Market over the next few weeks. The job market improves and the recent debt worries you have faced will become more manageable. However, you may experience a short cash flow until mid-October.

Expect chaos and confusion near the seasonal change of the Fall Equinox. Relationships and emotions are experiencing emotional blocks. This energy affect jobs, love, commitment, and future plans. Separations and final endings are possible. Things can be resolved by mid-October.

Activity will be high in the following areas
1. Authority figures and Litigation
2. Public image
3. Career and new opportunities.
4. Relationships, associations, and partnerships.

Career will be in a positive and aggressive phase. You will find the work environment to be quite dynamic and active now. There will be a multitude of opportunities. You need to make an effort to choose the right options. Beyond the 10th, hard work and dynamism will be rewarded well. Good growth opportunities or new job offers are possible.

Your work environment will be aggressive now and chances of conflict with superiors possible. Avoid any sort of issues or power struggles with your boss.

Love life will be below average throughout the month due to work related preoccupation. Existing relationships will be under pressure. Avoid verbal conflicts.


We can expect to have some serious earthquakes across the Eastern United States. In fact, there will be many weather conditions as we approach September. Expect the Mississippi River to flood again, joining with the Missouri River, after an earthquake moving the Madrid Fault.

Tornadoes, storms, flooding move across Texas and Oklahoma.

Australia and South America have severe earthquakes, while Africa goes into a panic over lack of clean water.

I see several train derailments across the World; France, India, England, and New York City. A passenger-full subway may become trapped underground for several days.

Chavez of Venezuela steps down, very soon, because of a life-threatening disease.

India is facing some severe problems and challenges over the next three months. I see a health epidemic as well as bomb threats from Pakistan.

There may be three Hollywood ICON deaths. Kirk Douglas, Micky Rooney, and a female old film star.

The housing market remains a problem as interest rates will begin to climb.

The world economy is threatened at the end of Sept. Possible war from Israel, and the fall of the Euro, resulting in the downfall of three countries, and the US is soon to follow suit. I am not sure who will default first – the US or Europe.

On the good side, Apple Computers move along at a good rate, even though Steve Jobs steps down as CEO, and we have several new technologies in the medical field.

One major company will be heavily fined for moving its manufacturing out of this country. Could it be our US Mint?

Answer me this—how could Congress and the Senate consciously and secretly give themselves a raise last month behind closed doors? THEY DID! When this comes to light, heads will roll. I see at least five to eight shootings of elected officials over the next three months.

I see the “Tea Party” growing stronger because of private funding. Although they are staunch right wingers, they continue to fight to be heard. A lot of the press given is not beneficial to the country, and some states will consider leaving the Union. Stick around, it promises to get a bit dicey!

JULY 2011

The July 1st eclipse does not appear over land, but rather in the ocean between Antarctica and South Africa. This will effect the ocean underwater plates as well as the formation of some of our precious metals. Expect sudden and severe climate changes over the next six months or so.

The July 1st eclipse accompanies an astrological Grand Cross (Saturn/Uranus/Pluto) marking a time of unexpected transformation and upheavals. Emotions run high—focusing on women, children, and the housing market.

In June I had a dream that Michelle Obama and her younger daughter were kidnapped. They were visiting a school perhaps in a foreign country. Michelle was carried out, with a bag over her head, kicking and screaming. She had on a brilliant green blouse. I felt this was some kind of political payback from the slaying of Bin Laden.

The life of Pope Benedict is in danger the next three months

I am also concerned about the health of Paul Anka and Angelina Jolie.

Nonetheless, you can expect to be hearing some nasty newscasts.

JUNE 2011

With three eclipses June promises to be a challenging month. The hot, hot summer and sudden, unruly storms begin.

California should experience a major earthquake this summer to early fall. The end of September will have very strange weather patterns. 2011 is the year of major earth changes.

Indonesia earthquake kills over 2,000 while Japan sees more tsunami’s. This continues along after my New Year’s predictions saying that Japan will be completely under water this year.

A strong male Republican candidate takes on Obama, who will not be on the 2012 ticket anyway.

The United States is forever split down the middle, as the Mississippi and Missouri join together, and much of Louisiana and Alabama is washed away. Expect tornadoes along with this event.

The hot summer brings along more crime and strange deaths as well.

Europe suffers from terrorists attacks, and the Eiffel tower in France may be partially damaged.

Obama goes on TV and says that our country is without funds.

Expect the passing of our beloved Billy Graham, along with possibly Angelina Jolie.

Expect major food shortages this summer, along with a jobless society. Remember: Desperate people do desperate things!

MAY 2011

May is a quiet month, preparing you for the shallows of June and July. The major Earth changes begin in June – with a tsunami along the upper California Coastline, reaching as far as Seattle. The rivers will rise more than 250 feet. San Francisco and the Bay area will be under water.

Japan suffers more earthquakes. The bottom part of Japan will slide into the ocean. This I have predicted for the past two years now, and feel it will occur before the end of June, possibly in late May. This will cause a tidal wave across to Indonesia, India, Australia, as well as the West Coast of Mexico and California.

Michelle Obama may be kidnapped. I “saw” this as possible Talaiban retaliation for the slaying of Osama. I saw her giving a talk in a school (could be a foreign school) she had on a bright green blouse and several “top” people came in carried her out – screaming and yelling. They put a dark bag-mask over her head. her younger daughter may have been with her.

The Ocean currents are changing in the Upper Atlantic Ocean bring cold and freezing weather to the Netherlands, the Scandinavian and Nordic countries as well as across Europe over to Northern France. Over the next five years this will create an unsettling effect. Rain in the deserts and ice age conditions in Europe.

The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers will come together and empty into New Orleans, dividing the United States by water.

Expect three upsets as least beginning end of May through July 1st because of the three eclipses. National, International, and severe weather changes.

Lindsay Lohen will never complete the Gotti movie with John Travaltia.

APRIL 2011

April will be a busy and rainy month. You will feel initiative, dynamic energy, active, leadership, spontaneity, and a pioneering spirit. Watch out for impatience and sudden anger.

Your relationships and business management need special attention now through June. Be wary of conflicts that can bring stress. Mercury is retrograde so communication can be difficult.

The Atlantic coast line along upper Delaware and lower New Jersey will experience an earthquake. It could come as soon as the May Memorial Day weekend.

This is the summer of pestulence. Every seven years the June locust appear, and this summer will be especially heavy with them. Also, we will have an intensely hot summer with a great need for water in unexpected places.

There is a fault line along the Great Lakes Region which could have several earthquakes this summer, which would empty the Great Lakes into New Orleans, and bring the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers together. I have “seen” this as a possibility since the early 90’s, but feel this may be the year we experience it.

Taking care of our oceans will become very important over the next several years. The tragedy in Japan will teach us that we cannot dispose of nuclear waste in the oceans. It does not dissolve and disappear. Sushi will be no more – very soon.

Charlie Sheen will deteriorate and could pass away in June. The show “Two and a Half Men will not re-air with him as the star.

MARCH 1,  2011

We are entering March Madness as Mars and Uranus enter Aries, marking a new generation, as well a new cycle.

Be careful on the road, watch your bag, and don’t all others to drag you into heated conversations and discussions.

We are in the final 500 plus days till 2012. We are now in self-sacrifice to the old, outmoded ways of living. Stay centered, send love, and try to make thing more beautiful wherever your are. We are about to have a bumpy ride, so say WE instead of I.

There will be more cracks in our government structures, environmental, educational, corporations, as they all go through transformations to enlightenment.

There will be two major earth shifts between now and June 30th — Possibly Japan and Indonesia. Expect fires, storms, and unprecedented weather conditions, a rise in crime, and attacks on women and children worldwide, this next month. June brings the breaking point. — More later….

FEBRUARY 2, 2011

. GREEN BAY won the Superbowl – as predicted!

Upsetting weather patterns continue throughout the year of 2011. More snow and ice are on the way and 2011 has broken all records for snowfall.

Fires in Australia, a Category 5 Hurricane in Los Angeles, San Diego area, and more flooding in Northern Britain.

Obama will have to announce his current, serious health problem soon.

Turmoil throughout the world as more and more countries change leaders by demonstration, upset, and force.

A plane crashes with a well known musical group on board. There are three or more people in this group.

Danger in Switzerland and Aspen. A celebrity dies in a skiing accident.

Pope Benedict XVI will pass away this year, perhaps in June. As before – June brings several celebrity deaths.

The economy and housing market are improving and we may see a positive turn-around in May.

A major star loses the battle with Cancer.

JANUARY 1, 2011

Several significant planetary shifts are taking place in 2011, which in turn may produce some changes, breakthroughs and opportunities in your own life. Good productivity and financial success.

2011 begins on a positive note, although we will have a severe, long winter. One of the main concerns for 2011 will be the constant environmental changes. Fires, fires, and more fires begin in the spring months. Also, many will endure severe water problems, and California will seem like it is all but slipping into the ocean. The environment where there is much rainfall will bring in a new body fungus growing on people. This is from the constant moisture and contaminated, stagnant water.

The Mississippi River will flood as well as the Missouri River, and the land mass change will brings these two bodies of water together, as one river flow. It will seem as if the United States has been cut down the middle.

Expect another rainy spring and a hot, hot summer.

Last year I spoke about earthquakes in New England, focusing on the Vermont, New Hampshire, Canadian border, and the St. Lawrence River. This action began in late 2010, and continues into 2011. Expect more intense eruptions throughout 2011.

The economy seems to be coming back, and the housing market will see an upward swing for the first nine months of 2011, but changes come after September.

Because of these earth changes, as well as the political scene, there will be much political unrest in 2011, and we can expect city strikes, demonstrations, and public outbreaks. A new Army and armed forces will come into being. Soldiers in gray uniforms will cover the streets in the cities and countryside as well. These will not be all American soldiers, but international, perhaps springing out of the UN. This is the beginning of The New World Order and a police state, but will be disguised as an economic move because most of our soldiers are overseas.

Obama is embarrassed in early 2011, as he places people in office that have not been properly vetted or cleared. He will not run for office in 2012, even though many think he will at this time.

Sarah Palin moves out of Alaska down to the lower 48 — Arizona. ??? From the coldest state to the warmest state?

A woman is the focus of the news in January and February, perhaps extending into March. There are three possibilities, and they all may occur at this timing: 1) Linsay Lohen may pass away because of her drug use. 2) Problems with Kate and William, although I do see the wedding coming off, there is disruption and disharmony beforehand. 3) Hillary Clinton tosses her pretty blond head and walks away from the Secretary of State position – very soon. Make no mistake—the Clintons are the ones who have the power here, not Obama. Hillary has to distance herself from this administration, as it beings to flap and fail, because she will run for President in 2012 and WIN. Also, the 2012 election will involve two women running against each other.

The United States will go to war with Iran sometime in 2011, perhaps in the fall months. All they need is the slightest provocation.

The public’s attention is being diverted from the real world problems. Terrorism is not the top problematic force here, but the the activities of China and Russia. These two countries will ban together and will try, and perhaps succeed, in destroying our dollar and financial system. They are the true threat, and plan to make China’s dollar the strongest in the world by 2015.

Expect to see North Korea bomb China and Japan, and perhaps a few other Asian countries in 2011.

Japan will have several Earthquakes as well as environmental problems and may possibly be underwater in  2011. (stated on the X-Zone – Oct., Nov. 2010)

Some cities will be bombed soon, and they are not the one’s you’d expect. Seattle, Jacksonville, Fl., Atlanta, Albuquerque, and other areas where our nuclear and space research centers are located. These will be small, nuclear bombs, so begin to prepare.

Expect a food and water shortage: Prices will rise extensively for fruits and vegetables.

Gas an oil prices will rise and it may become prohibitive to travel over the summer months. The best way to travel will be Amtrack, and the country will decide it needs to improve its train services, much like Europe has.

Say good-by to the natural cotton fiber because pure cotton will cost more than cashmere, and be impossible to locate. We all will have synthetic fabrics forced on us.

The banks? Over 100 banks are in deep trouble as I write this. The ACORN group caused this problem, and people cannot pay back their mortgage debts. This continues, even though the job market will rally a bit in 2011.

Expect to see a large drop in the Stock Market between March and May of 2011.

2011 will be remembered as the Year of Pestilence, as a strange, large insect begins to attack humans because of the environmental changes. This insect will act like a mad wasp.

There will be disruptive weather across the world in 2011. Volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes.

ARGENTINA – has found the cure for cancer and will be criticized for this. Also, Argentina has discovered a new colonization deep within the Amazon Jungles that cannot be easily reached, if at all. This colony of people seem to have some supernatural powers.

Some strange UFO sightings come out of Peru, and Peru may be the first country to acknowledge our Sister Galaxies and the reality of UFO’s.

An antibiotic being worked on could kill the scientists working on the project.

A high-altitude mountain crumbles without warning, could be in India or Tibet.

Parents can begin to plan the sex of their unborn child because of new genetics.

There will be a new focus on body building and physical fitness, especially those between 20 and 35, because of some new wars. People will be encouraged to work out, and eat some new, body building foods.

What’s positive? Better school systems with improved food, major healing discoveries in medicine, a longer life span, and a new colony on Mars, finding out if Mars can support life – all in 2011.

A deeper spiritual reality is desired, as people begin to plan their lives, focused on looking inside. Alternative medicine and healing techniques will be on the rise, accepted, and become more mainstream because they WORK! People become healthier and live longer.


These predictions for 2011 involve the strengthening of the family unit, retrenchment, and forgiveness. I feel the world as a community — we are all one; As a cooperative group of powers and principalities, as a family of brother and sister, nations will unite on a unilateral front for the benefit of mankind this year. We have to join forces, help each other and create World Peace.

Lokah, Semastah, Sukhino, Bhavantu.


Elizabeth Joyce is well known for her accurate predictions, such as the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton affair, the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina, The Tsunami in Indonesia, the economy collapse and many more.

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Stargazing—Week of October 31 – November 6, 2011

NOVEMBER 11, 2011
Love is coming to the planet!

As the year winds down, the time has come to start thinking about what the new year will bring. You’ve heard about the 2012 doomsday predictions; I am confident that 2012 is not a year of endings, but a year of new beginnings. However, radical changes will be coming your way as Uranus and Pluto start to shake up every part of your life, as well as the world. Combined with major planetary moves from opportunity-driven Jupiter, the changed North Nodes, and karmic Saturn, knowledge is your most powerful tool as you step into 2012.

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Week of Oct. 31st – Nov. 6, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Guard your reputation on Monday. Resist the urge to gossip. You may have the facts wrong. Don’t associate with unethical folks. Stick to the high road. Don’t fudge the truth. Strive to be honest in all circumstances. Go slowly in a money matter on Tuesday. Research any new investments before opening your wallet. Consider creating a new business plan. It may be wise to take your career in a different direction. A colleague could ask you to become a business partner on Wednesday. Read the fine print before agreeing to participate. Your brain will overflow with good ideas on Thursday when Mercury trines Uranus. Consider writing your thoughts down for future reference. Call on your smarts and the energies will help guide you to figure it all out. It’s time to think outside the box regarding a certain situation. Also, romance will pick up steam. If you’re single, a new lover will bounce into your life. You’ll be in a stubborn mood on Saturday. Try to be flexible when dealing with others. Strive to be realistic. Don’t exaggerate the chances for success in a certain situation. A new friend may appear. Broaden your mental horizons on Sunday. Try to see a certain situation from a new point of view. Don’t procrastinate. The Moon is quincunx Saturn in Libra. An opportunity will be lost if you hesitate.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Your individuality, knowledge or expertise is in the spotlight this week, which makes you a magnet for people who will respect your talents. Romance comes through a work-related activity or public event. Hinting at what you want is unlikely to succeed at this time. The romantic planet Venus in subtle Scorpio would prefer to give indirect signals rather than to be straightforward in expressing your needs. Your airy intellectual signs tend to rely a great deal on rational thinking. Logic is a great thing, yet the planetary patterns that dominate this week are much more about evoking emotions. If you apply reason to a relationship matter, you might fail to connect and understand what’s really going on. Tune in to your own non-rational senses and you will recognize what you need to do. Silence can tell you so much more than words now, so give yourself the chance to listen. But Wednesday’s stressful square between cosmic lovers Mars and Venus indicate that staying quiet can leave you very dissatisfied. It’s better to be just a little pushy and deal with others’ discomfort in the moment than to remain silent and unhappy any longer. Socializing soars on Saturday, when love can be found through a friend or community activity. A serene environment can make love bloom on Sunday.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

A hidden matter will become known on Monday. You’ll finally learn the truth regarding a certain situation. You’ll be bursting with ambition as the Moon trines the Sun. It’s time to show initiative to the boss! Tone down your aggressive side on Tuesday. A family member will be a cause for concern. Think about taking a tough-love approach with this person. When Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius on Wednesday, your heart and mind will be in sync. Capitalize on all of the positive energy surrounding your efforts. A moneymaking scheme catches your eye as you consider pursuing new economic endeavors. The urge to travel will be strong on Thursday. If an exotic locale is too pricey, visit a destination closer to home. Also, a lover will be in an adventurous mood on Thursday. If you’re single, you’ll meet someone special in an unusual way. Don’t offer unsolicited advice to a friend on Friday. This individual may interpret your guidance as criticism. Think carefully before making a life choice on Saturday. Consider all the options. Your selection will have far-reaching consequences. Tax issues will need your attention over the weekend. Be prepared to spend time with a calculator. Religious differences may cause tension in a relationship on Saturday. Strive to be open-minded when dealing with loved ones. You’ll search for excitement on Sunday evening.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Unconscious desires may surface to energize or unhinge you this week. Talking about the past and heeding your intuition will increase your emotional clarity and provide insights about your direction. Irrepressible Mars in Leo sign encourages you to keep pushing for who and what you want. But loving Venus’ stressful square to the warrior planet is a mid-week reminder to be more sensitive in your seductions. Tuning in to what someone wants and subtly altering your actions to fulfill those desires will make you even more enchanting to those around you. In romance, a cozy tryst in a serene environment can bring joy. Secrets can play a big role in your personal life this week. If you’ve been hiding something, even from yourself, it might come out in the open now. Respecting others’ privacy may make the difference between strengthening or weakening a relationship. Discussing delicate matters requires all the sensitivity that you can muster, but is well worth the effort if both parties open their hearts to the process. As long as you remain true to your principles, putting others first works like a charm now. During the weekend, you’re especially magnetic on Saturday, so share your light with others!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Keep a close watch on your heart on Monday as Venus squares Neptune. A smooth talker may whisper lies in your ear. A romance may become complicated and a love rival might appear on the scene. Discuss the situation with your partner. Domestic matters will need attention on Tuesday. Household chores will take precedence over leisure activities. You’ll be absent-minded on Tuesday. Mercury in Scorpio squares Neptune in Aquarius. Try to pay attention to details. Watch your words carefully when an associate may misquote you to others. A living situation may change suddenly on Wednesday. A relative might ask to become a permanent house guest. Be sure to stock the refrigerator. A financial windfall may come your way. Think about saving the extra cash. Positive vibrations will flow in the workplace on Thursday. It’s a great time to ask a co-worker for a favor. But fist, put your priorities in order. Don’t waste time on unimportant activities. You’ll experience déjà vu when meeting someone new on Friday. This person will become a big part of your life. Your intuition will be spot on target on Saturday. Pay heed to your sixth sense in all circumstances. You’ll consider updating your appearance. Get out there and shop. A new look may suit you! You may feel very lethargic on Sunday. The Moon in Pisces is quincunx Mars. Consider spending some time in rest and relaxation mode.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You’re especially alluring this week, when sharing your emotional depth and spiritual insights will bring a romantic encounter or enhance your current relationship. A preview of the future can be yours if you pay attention to your inner voice. However, the path to love and pleasure could be a rocky one with conflicting ideas and values to negotiate with your current partner or a potential new one. Don’t hesitate if your heart tells you to reach out and express your desires. But if your emotions urge you to withdraw, don’t act too hastily. Retreating to your shell now is not the best option when it comes to finding love. Your desire to understand life’s mysteries may attract you to philosophical individuals and people from faraway places. If you’re in a less-than-fulfilling relationship now, discussing your core beliefs and long-term goals should help you discover if this partnership has a future, and what you need to do to make it a rewarding one. If you aren’t feeling the love in return, it just might be the right time to strike out on your own. A long-distance romance may be in the stars. Look for romance during a cultural or educational activity this weekend.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

This week it’s finally time to have some deep conversations about matters of significant personal concern. If you are tempted to aggressively defend your position, you could win the battle but lose in the game of love. Don’t look for quick solutions to restore faith in an ongoing alliance or to get a new one heading in a favorable direction. Honesty and vulnerability are your allies in spite of the complications they arouse. There’s nothing casual about your relationships this week. It’s time to push the envelope by seeking deeper satisfaction instead of settling for a safe but unfulfilling status quo. The price, however, is a willingness to let go of some of your stubborn patterns in exchange for achieving a greater degree of intimacy. Take the first step by opening your heart and you might be pleasantly surprised at what happens next. Your head will be up in the clouds on Tuesday. Logic will be in short supply. You’ll undergo an energy shift on Wednesday when Mercury enters Sagittarius. Your philosophical side will activate. You may consider changing your address on Thursday. The chance to relocate may come up. Think carefully before calling the moving van. You may end a relationship on Sunday. A partner might no longer suit your needs. It could be time to show this person the door!

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Your highly energized partnership sector will prompt some intense discussions with your sweetie, which can reveal/resolve a relationship issue or help you verbalize your needs and desires. If you’re solo, you may meet someone spectacular through a matchmaking source during the next two weeks. Your sense of order and ambition may need to be set aside so that you can look past the surface to feel what’s going on underneath it. What’s not being said now may be more powerful than any words you hear. Listen with your gut instead of your ears and you may tune in to an important message. Playfulness in the boudoir sets passion ablaze this weekend! Being a good friend, even at some sacrifice to your own immediate interests, earns you a special kind of loyalty that will pay big dividends later.

Stargazing—Week of Oct. 24th to Oct. 30, 2011

Week of Oct. 24th – Oct. 30, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Feeling under-appreciated or over-criticized can put you in a feisty mood this week. Hinting at what you want is unlikely to succeed. Venus in subtle Scorpio would prefer to give indirect signals rather than to be straightforward in expressing your needs. But, your desire to complete an important goal is fueled by a dynamic focus on career matters. If you know what you want, nothing can stop you from getting it. You have all the determination and enthusiasm you need. Your airy intellectual nature tends to rely a great deal on rational thinking. Logic is a great thing, yet the planetary patterns that dominate this week are much more about evoking emotions. If you apply reason to a relationship matter, you might fail to connect and understand what’s really going on. The New Moon on Wednesday is perfect for new beginnings of any kind, even the start of a contract. If you get caught up in red tape, don’t worry. Any frustration will soon pass. But Wednesday’s stressful square between cosmic lovers Mars and Venus indicate that staying quiet can leave you very dissatisfied. It’s better to be just a little pushy and deal with others’ discomfort in the moment than to remain silent and unhappy any longer. Mercury’s stressful square with combative Mars can trigger harsh words on Friday. However, the message is about improving yourself rather than complaining to others or resisting reasonable advice. Cleaning up your act is a great way to feel better about yourself and, at the same time, makes you more attractive to others. A get-together on Friday evening puts you in a magical mood. Over the weekend tune in to your own non-rational senses and you will recognize what you need to do. Silence can tell you so much more than words now, so give yourself the chance to listen.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: You generally like to go straight to your destination, bar the odd stop for a philosophical discussion or two. So the energy this week could make you feel like you are in a fog. You know what you want romantically, but somehow all kinds of irrelevant issues seem to get confused into one amorphous blob of indecision. You dislike messy situations, preferring to know exactly where you stand in any given situation. But this week’s celestial lineup means that you have every chance of beginning to understand the reason why your sugar honey hasn’t been quite straight with you. Rather than feel hurt, feel grateful that they have now had the courage to express the truth – which isn’t so bad after all. . Take time to do it right, and you will get it right!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You Fire Signs entering a phase when it helps to take life more slowly and make time to smell the coffee. Rather than rush through your week, give yourself a chance to think about your priorities. You may feel more vulnerable than usual, too, which could cause you to doubt yourself. Go with the flow and don’t sweat the small stuff. Irrepressible Mars in Leo encourages you to keep pushing for who and what you want. But loving Venus’ stressful square to the warrior planet is a mid-week reminder to be more sensitive in your seductions. Secrets can play a big role in your personal life this week with Wednesday’s New Moon in confidential Scorpio. If you’ve been hiding something, even from yourself, it might come out in the open now. Respecting others’ privacy may make the difference between strengthening or weakening a relationship. Discussing delicate matters requires all the sensitivity that you can muster up. Friday may coincide with a chance to close a lucrative deal or get a raise. If you spot an opportunity, grab it. Over the weekend, tuning in to what someone wants and subtly altering your actions to fulfill those desires will make you even more enchanting to those around you. As long as you remain true to your principles, putting others first works like a charm now.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
As if your life weren’t enough of an enigma! Now you have to contend with a confusing planetary configuration, and the whole world, and more importantly, your love life seem to be like one giant kaleidoscope. You may need to take some time to be alone and to allow your thoughts to calm down so that your mind is still. Be still and meditate. Then you may understand more about your next move. An interesting conflict may result in a certain illusion finally being overcome this week, Fire Signs. You may have been under the false assumption that you and your loved one are not communicating properly. This could be due to a variety of reasons. All it needs is one change in perspective, and you will see the truth of the matter. The problem will clear immediately. Keep working on clarity and togetherness!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This week’s energies create is a very powerful time for pushing your romantic agenda forward. The passionate Scorpio New Moon and a sexy square between Venus and Mars kick up strong feelings this week. The key to success is in understanding your desires and being able to express them without making others feel uncomfortable or guilty. You have a strong desire to involve yourself in activities that take you on a journey of wonder. You may be planning a trip abroad or decide to learn more about a subject close to your heart. This could be a healing workshop, or a chance to become a medium or work with the spirit world. Wednesday’s sexy Scorpio New Moon enhances your desire to understand life’s mysteries may attract you to philosophical individuals and people from faraway places. If you’re in a less-than-fulfilling relationship now, discussing your core beliefs and long-term goals should help you discover if this partnership has a future, and what you need to do to make it a rewarding one. If you aren’t feeling the love in return, it just might be the right time to strike out on your own. An alluring invitation to enter into your world of pleasure just might be irresistible to the right playmate. This powerful New Moon is perfect for new beginnings, so start your studies within two weeks of this time. A meeting on Thursday or Friday has true soul-mate potential. The weekend may bring some Halloween fun!

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Chaos and inefficiency are two situations that you try to avoid at all costs. This is why this week’s energy may make you feel so jittery. You sense that as far as your love life is concerned, you are completely at sea, and have lost the compass. In fact you are very near your goal, but the mist is hiding your imminent success from your eyes. Meditate for calmness and clarity. The planetary alignments may contribute to your feeling somewhat confused, and also a little lethargic. Things appear to shift and change so much that it is hard to keep track of events, especially where your love life is concerned. Don’t get involved in any hasty actions. Be patient and wait while the thread of your life quietly unravels to reveal your true path. Look for a significant change after the first of the year.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The week ahead is very promising, especially if you’ve been working hard to get a new job, business deal, or relationship or you want to expand your options in other exciting ways. It’s finally time to have some deep conversations about matters of significant personal concern. If you are tempted to aggressively defend your position, you could win the battle but lose in the game of love. There’s nothing casual about your relationships this week with Wednesday’s passionate Scorpio New Moon focusing on romance and making closer bonds. It’s time to push the envelope by seeking deeper satisfaction instead of settling for a safe but unfulfilling status quo. The price, however, is a willingness to let go of some of your stubborn patterns in exchange for achieving a greater degree of intimacy. Don’t look for quick solutions to restore faith in an ongoing alliance or to get a new one heading in a favorable direction. This never works with Earth Signs. Honesty and vulnerability are your allies in spite of the complications they arouse. Take the first step by opening your heart and you might be pleasantly surprised at what happens next. This New Moon in Scorpio is a great chance to team up with someone, perhaps a business partner, to make your dreams come true. Your sense of order and ambition may need to be set aside so that you can look past the surface to feel what’s going on underneath it. What’s not being said now may be more powerful than any words you hear. Learn how to listen with your gut instead of your ears and you may tune in to an important message. Being a good friend, even at some sacrifice to your own immediate interests, earns you a special kind of loyalty that will pay big dividends later. Thursday and Friday are the key days when you may feel invincible. Whatever you want—go for it 100 percent. Even if the result is slow in coming, you’ll be successful.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
You may feel as though need to wear a pair of double-barreled telescopes this week, Earth Signs You want to look deeply into a situation in your love life, but the more closely you try to examine a situation, the less you are capable of seeing, and this may be causing you some distress. Take your time, take the long view, and gradually you will find the answer is better than you thought. The planetary alignment may create a situation in which you find yourself confused as to which lover you would prefer to be with. Many would call this a wonderful dilemma, but because you have such a strong sense of loyalty, you find it hard to cope with this problem. The answer to this may not be resolved in one week, but you can begin by asking yourself what you really want in a relationship. Allow your thoughts to unfold over the next few weeks, and know that your answers will come.

Stargazing—Week of October 3rd – 9th, 2011

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STARGAZING—Week of Oct. 3rd – Oct. 9th, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’ll be eager to reboot your lifestyle on Monday. The same old routine is getting you down. Look for ways to kick-start your existence. Fate may intervene in a scenario on Tuesday. Remember, events are working out according to a higher plan. Also, You could be in a cantankerous mood on Tuesday. Resist the temptation to vent your frustration on loved ones. A friend may ask you for a loan on Wednesday. Think carefully before saying yes. This person may not be able to pay you back. Consider showing initiative on the job on Wednesday. Demonstrate your competence to the higher-ups. The Moon in Aquarius opposes Mars on Thursday; think about postponing a decision. If you make a choice in haste, you’ll regret it later. You feel as if you can overcome all obstacles on Thursday when Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Determination will be your keyword. You might also decide to hit the casino on Thursday. Think twice now because it’s likely that Lady Luck won’t be on your side! Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Venus in Libra trines Neptune on Friday; you’ll project an appealing aura to others. It’s a great time to mix and mingle. You’ll need to take control in a certain matter on Sunday. Don’t let others influence your actions. A financial scheme may catch your eye. Do some research before investing in the proposed project. Opportunity may knock on your door Sunday. Pursue all leads. Just know that Success is waiting for you!

Your Love Week—Air Signs: If you have ever tried talking your way into a love affair, then this week you are going to have a real good shot at success. The energy really stimulates your urge to discuss and debate, but also to impress others with your obvious wit and brilliant intelligence. You could talk them to death, or better still talk them to the bedroom. You may discover that rather than employing your usual sophisticated attitude, where you royally decree whether someone is a suitable mate or not, you opt for pure childlike wonder. You spot someone across a crowded room, and for once are happy to skip up to them and bowl them over with your natural and completely innocent ways. If this were Bridge, you would have definitely scored. This October air brings breaths of fresh, new, and exciting feelings. Perhaps its love!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You Fire Signs will let out a roar on Monday. Don’t let anger get the best of you. Try to maintain self-control in all circumstances. Strive to maintain balance when Mars squares Jupiter. A project may run into trouble. Consider going back to the drawing board. This particular venture needs some tweaking and fine-tuning. Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Career matters will take up your time on Tuesday. Get ready to burn the midnight oil at work. Consider investing in your future. It may be wise to spend money to further your education. Money issues may cause discord in a relationship on Wednesday. An associate might accuse you of extravagance! You’ll encounter a confusing scenario on Thursday as the Moon opposes Mars in Leo. A relative will need help managing a life event. It isn’t the time to make important decisions. Harsh words may occur with a loved one. Try to think before you speak. A romantic partner will be in a loving mood on Friday. The Moon sextiles Jupiter on Saturday causing an unexpected blessing to come your way. You’ll go on a journey of self-discovery on Sunday. A friend may confide a secret. Resist the urge to blab the news to others! You’re likely to have a prophetic dream on Sunday. Write your nighttime reveries down for future reference. There may be an important message between the lines.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: The energy of the week is making your lover a little selfish, even though they don’t intend to be mean or hold back. But perhaps there is a lesson in this for you, as well. You are often so worried about upsetting the apple cart that you will go with others wishes to keep the peace. Perhaps it is time you spoke up for yourself, as well. An interesting scenario may come to light mid-week. Someone from your past reenters your life, and your present lover may find it hard to cope with the feelings you once had for each other. It may take a lot of reassurance, and perhaps a meeting before they believe there is no longer anything there. Curiously, they may even get to like each other! This week brings a certain childlike enthusiasm to your love life, like a breath of fresh air. Make the most of this atmosphere of adventure. Get out with your partner and do something that brings out that sense of innocence, wonder, and magic in all that is around you. Dare to do things you wouldn’t normally consider. You just may wind up having fun. Get out and enjoy the fall foliage over the Columbus Day weekend.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

A friend may hurt your feelings on Monday. This person isn’t as caring as you are. Consider establishing new boundaries in the association. Sugarcoat your words to a loved one. This person may need some tender, loving care. Don’t neglect the details in an endeavor on Tuesday. Tie up any loose ends before proceeding in the venture. A colleague may invite you to start a business partnership on Tuesday. Be sure the terms of the agreement are in your favor! Be careful what you wish for on this week, Water signs. The Universe may decide to grant your request. You’ll search for solitude on Wednesday. It’s time to recharge your mental and emotional batteries. Look for a quiet nook in which to unwind. Listen to your inner guide on Friday. A flash of insight will help you solve a perplexing problem. You’ll sparkle in a social situation on Friday! All eyes will be on you. Tax issues will occupy your attention over the weekend. Unfinished business may pop up with a former friend on Sunday. The Moon in Pisces is quincunx the Sun. Get ready to rehash old issues with this person. Get ready to celebrate on Sunday. Positive vibrations will surround all your endeavors. Venus enters Scorpio, the area of hot romance on Sunday. A lover will be affectionate. If you’re single, you may meet a soul mate.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: You could use this week’s energy to put some enthusiasm into your current love affair. Indeed, if this area of your life needs revitalizing, you had better do something to whip it into shape. Take your sugar bunches out, pay attention to them, and give them a massage after a wonderful meal. You display an unusual enthusiasm today with regard to your dating arrangements, and indeed, you feel extremely bold when it comes to making the first move toward a new relationship. Although this is a little out of character, you feel that you can no longer put up with the waiting involved. It’s now or never, so take the plunge and have a great time! Use your imagination, as you probably have the perfect trick right up your sleeve. There is a touch of competition between you and your loved one this week, Water Signs. One of you may feel that you are giving more in the relationship than the other, and set out to prove so, even if in a lighthearted way. The truth probably is that you both give equally to each other, but aren’t giving credit where it is due. Don’t be sad. Try to talk it over with love, caring, and humor.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your confidence will rise on Monday. You’ll be ready to undertake new challenges. Your industrious side will activate. It’s a great time to start a project. Financial matters will require your attention on Tuesday. You’ll need to crunch numbers before making a large purchase. An acquaintance may spout a negative viewpoint on Wednesday. Distance yourself from this person. Consider associating with folks who have a positive outlook. Be sure to think carefully before opening up to an associate. Get to know this person before sharing any personal information. Go slowly in all new relationships. No obstacle will be allowed to stand in your way on Thursday! The Moon trines Saturn in your career sector on Friday. The boss may increase your authority at work. A loved one will be eager to have a good time on Friday evening. A project will need extra effort on Saturday. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves in the venture. Don’t rush to judgment on Saturday night. You don’t have all the facts in a certain matter. You’ll undergo an energy shift on Sunday as Venus enters Scorpio. Your emotions will be extremely intense. You may decide to drastically alter your image. Nostalgia will be strong on Sunday. Don’t get lost on memory lane. An in-depth discussion may take place with a loved one. You’ll be able to state your case with ease.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: This is a very racy and energetic week ahead, Earth Signs. The planetary configurations create an atmosphere of excitement and competition. Perhaps it is time that you and your loved fought a duel of some kind. If you are both into sports, try racing each other, or daring each other to beat your own best record. The more you encourage each other to do better, the more you will fall in love. There is a definite air of competition where romance is concerned. People are likely to regress to a stage of their childhood. So if your sugar honey decides to throw a mammoth and blood-curdling tantrum, complete with thrashing arms and legs, best to let them get on with it. Ten minutes later they will have forgotten what all the fuss was about. If you’ve been waiting for that special person to come into your life, then you need to view your situation from a different perspective. The current atmosphere suggests you need to refresh your outlook, and perhaps consider that you will only meet that wonderful fun person when you start having wonderful fun yourself. The sooner you start truly enjoying yourself, the sooner you will find your soul mate.

STARGAZING—Week of July 4 to July 10, 2011

STARGAZING—Week of July 4 – July 10, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Jupiter makes a wonderful aspect to Pluto this week, which may coincide with a realization about your life path and purpose. You seem to be guided by spiritual forces, and this week they’re showing you how you can best serve your local community and the world. Get ready for an unexpected windfall, an inheritance, or money from another source, such as a tax rebate. If you run your own business, you may be offered the chance of a partnership that could make you both a lot of money. Your love life has calmed down, but as long as Uranus is in Aries, new love affairs will be exciting but disruptive. Even long-term relationships may show the same pattern. Make sure that your diet is suitable for your needs and giving you the nourishment you need. Don’t be tempted to eat junk food. It helps to think before you get romantically involved.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: There’s somebody out there waiting to make beautiful music with you. Maybe there’s more than one person, depending on how free and comfortable you feel. Even if you’re usually private about dating, share a few details with the people who love you and want to help. This kind of openness can only make you more attractive and ready. Hit the parties, clubs, and other public places. Take mental notes about revealing details that come up in conversation. Even if you can’t pursue every little thing, you’re getting a better idea of who someone is. And if you feel he or she is wrong for you, gracefully back away. Everybody makes mistakes – learn from yours. The next person you meet could be better for you. It could be too soon for getting up close and personal with your date. When you’re alone with the right person at the right time, trust your intuition and you will know exactly what to do.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Uranus is helping you break down barriers and blast through obstacles. You may rebel against inner fears that have had you in their grip for too long. Jupiter trines Pluto, bringing joy, luck, and opportunity your way. You may be offered a job you’ve long coveted, a promotion, or the chance of a lucrative deal. Whatever it is, it will be a dream come true. Mars in your social zone is excellent for networking and making the right kind of connections. The more you connect, the more you will benefit. A problem that you’ve been trying hard to resolve will suddenly vanish as you realize how to tackle it. A change of perception makes all the difference. Jupiter and Pluto create a fabulous aspect on Thursday that could bring a lot of extra wealth, security, and prestige. Are you ready for success? There’s also the chance of a love affair that starts in a professional setting. You may have found ”the one.”

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Use your silver tongue and intense gaze for good instead of evil. Asking for what you want is no crime, but manipulating others is a bit questionable. For all you know, somebody might be playing you instead. If you’re tired of games, see where sincerity takes you this time. There’s no guarantee that a date will go as planned, so just do what feels right. Even when the other person suspects your true feelings, it’s OK to keep him or her guessing. That’s certainly the best policy when you’re looking for a long-term relationship. Even if you just want some temporary satisfaction, everyone will feel better about it. If you don’t like your date’s friends, smile and be good. This may be a sign that you don’t belong together, but you don’t have to leave right away. Acting like you have all the time in the world is incredibly sexy. Take a deep breath, smile, and listen—you may actually learn something.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Things are going very well for your career, Water Signs. Jupiter is working to bring you lucrative contracts and assignments. But don’t sit back. Be proactive and you will reap an even bigger reward. A mysterious stranger is heading your way. You’ll be as intrigued by this person as you are by anyone you can’t fathom immediately. You love to find out what makes people tick or if they have any deep, dark secrets to share, but you may get more than you bargained for. Don’t give away too many of your secrets until you’re sure of the other person’s motives. Thursday is a key day when Jupiter aspects Pluto in your social zone. If you get invited to a networking event associated with your main interest, do attend. Something special may happen as a result. You stand to meet all the right people and gain in wonderful ways. Now you’re everyone’s darling. You’re enjoying all the attention – and you deserve it.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Understand and forgive your ex. Whether that’s a private decision or a personal announcement, you will free yourself to move on. If you’re nervous, don’t let it show. Act as though you enter new territory every day. Even when confidence is only skin-deep, your courage may be enough to impress someone. Will you look for love in your bright new world? Will you stay happily single? Anything is possible this week, and it’s all good. If you encounter casual romance, don’t let any strings bind you. If anyone accuses you of breaking his or her heart, apologize sincerely. Share the power of your own growth to help others heal. Relish an imaginary future with the person who brightens your day, but don’t ruin the moment with words that shouldn’t be spoken yet. After all, what’s the rush? Even as you hope for the best, be satisfied with what’s happening now. Relaxation will serve you better than showing your anxiety.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The movement of Jupiter through Taurus brings endless possibilities, especially if you want to learn a new skill, get a degree, work abroad, or travel. You feel so much more confident about trusting your gut, but you could do even better. Great things are possible once you decide to take the initiative. There’s the possibility of a budding romance, but if you miss out on that, then from Thursday on you’re going to be involved in some passionate action. As Jupiter aspects Pluto, you may be given the chance of a lifetime. All you need to do is take it. Don’t hesitate. Your love life looks good, as friendships may turn romantic. Passion and intrigue are also possible. As Jupiter aspects Pluto, it also opposes Venus, so the cosmos is bringing you someone you may fall in love with at first sight. You might even fall for your long-term lover all over again, since you now see him or her through different eyes.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Maybe you’re looking in the right place at the right time. Maybe someone finds you or a friend hooks you up. Be open to possibilities. Everybody has a past, so don’t allow those details to get in the way. Keep parties and events on your calendar, whether you’re going alone or planning a fun date. It sometimes feels gawky and teenage to say, ”Hey, I really, really like you,” but sometimes you have to speak your truth. Innocent fun might turn into guilty pleasure. But unless you’re consciously breaking a promise or a heart, forget the judgment and just go for it. Even if you’re like a kid in a candy store, good manners will probably get you invited back. But don’t try to map out every little detail. Leave things to luck and chance. It’s always more exciting when you don’t know what’s coming next. If the party requires a gift or token, remember that small, tasteful gifts are better than big, extravagant ones. You don’t want to scare anyone away.

Elizabeth Joyce on X-Zone

Elizabeth Joyce on the Air with Rob McConnell of the ‘X’ Zone

Rob McConnell talks about Elizabeth’s psychic abilities as well as her accuracy. Good information for those of you who are new to this site or new to the abilities of Elizabeth Joyce.

Feb 10 2010 – Download the MP3

Rob McConnell invited Elizabeth Joyce back on the ‘X’ Zone because she had stated on his show February 10th that Bill Clinton was ill, and Clinton was since hospitalized for a heart problem. Rob found that to be amazing, and they discuss the ESP and psychic phenomena, as well as Elizabeth’s special and unique gift.

Feb 23 2010 – Download the MP3

Rob McConnell talks to Elizabeth Joyce about Amma, the Hugging Saint. Elizabeth explains who she is, what she does for the world, and talks about her 30 days with Amma on the 2010 US Tour. Great information about a living Saint.

July 27 2010 – Download the MP3

Elizabeth and Rob McConnell discuss the Spring Equinox, the upcoming April 3rd New Moon Eclipse in Aries, and what it may bring to the world over the next few months. They also talk about many of Elizabeth’s accuracies with her Psychic predictions.

March 21 2011 – Download the MP3

STARGAZING—March 28th – April 3rd, 2011

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 3, 2011

Take cover!  There is powerful, upsetting, and life changing energy afoot. Six planets are about to conjunct in Aries over the weekend. This can manifest as earthquake, war, storms, and political upheaval.

On the practical side, watch out for road rage, extra traffic control, ticketing, and basic policing. Slow down, calm down, and don’t get involved or allow yourself to get upset over the anger of others.

The negative side of Aries is to be impatient and make everyone move for you. It can be the “I’m right and everyone else is wrong!” type of attitude. But the good side is to use that pent up energy to accomplish something productive. Physical efforts such as yard work comes to mind, or a spring hike. Now is a good time to work on behind the scenes projects that will benefit you later.

Remember that Mercury is retrograde in Aries beginning on Wednesday, March 30, lasting until April 23rd. You will need to practice mental flexibility and adaptability. Do not stress the small stuff, stay calm and exercise to release stress. Remember to sign your taxes before mailing them, and take your time through the details. Go over every figure twice! Use this time to research and set up future projects.

More than anything, use Aries to try out some new activities or explore a different way of doing things. Make time for those activities that activate your passions, because Aries does not like humdrum or status-quo. It likes to bring in the new perhaps by stepping on or throwing out the old. Suddenly and without thought. (Typical bull in a china shop!)

May brings quieter times. Watch your driving as well as the other vehicles. Be careful with small tools, and above all, stay safe!

Week of March 28 – April 3, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You can expect to open a new chapter in your social life this week. You address your friendships, and decide to take some distance from one or two people who take advantage of your good nature and exhaust you emotionally. This does you the world of good and creates more room in your life for friends who are generous, attentive and uplifting to be around. If you’re single this engenders a change in your social circle. You’re gravitating towards new faces and your chances for meeting someone you like and have lots in common with, are higher. This week you’re focused not only on couple life, but also on your relationships with others in general. The Uranus/ Sun/ Jupiter/ Mercury team in Aries are placing your social life and everything having to do with others in the spotlight. Couples, you tackle joint projects that allow you to spend more time together and make exciting plans for the future. You’ve got a lot to look forward to. Your communication is more intense and you’re learning a great deal about each other. You’re more partners in crime than ever. If you’re single, there’s a lot of activity in your neck of the woods and your social circle expands with new faces. The person of your dreams may be hidden in the bunch. Keep your eyes peeled. Life on the job is rather stable and doesn’t bring many surprises. You’re taking care of the daily grind and not moving an inch into overtime. Venus fills you with the desire to hang out by the water cooler telling jokes. Getting your colleagues to blush and roll with laughter is more fun than you’ve had in a long time. Just be careful to visit your desk from time to time and look busy when your boss passes by. Your finances have been under the influence of retrograde Saturn, leaving you little room to maneuver. This week your finances are under the watchful eye of lovely Venus, who’s bringing in more money, but at the same time can lead you to spend more than usual too. Aim for a good balance.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Monday’s Jupiter-Saturn opposition tests your commitment for the next few weeks, although with the Moon in Aquarius through mid-Wednesday, you want to keep your options open.
You feel like a gift to the dating scene. Hopefully, your own gifts include a thick skin, because some of your overtures might not be so well received. On Wednesday Mercury retrogrades in Aries and you or someone else in your life keeps bringing up old stuff. If you don’t get lucky after a few days, take down that personal ad and rethink your approach. Maybe you’d do better if you tried humble and subtle. Maybe you’re just meeting the wrong people. Remember these options whether or not you change tactics. Thursday’s Moon-Venus conjunction makes it easy to pay compliments, some of which might pay off Saturday when Mars enters Aries and Venus sextiles Pluto. Don’t forget that “old stuff.” There are reasons to revisit it now. Remember that any mistakes you make over the next few weeks could follow you for a while.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Smile! The planets have gotten together and decided to spoil you this week, Fire Signs. If your heart is free, the Sun/ Uranus/ Jupiter/ Mercury team in the Fire Sign of Aries, cook up a magnificent encounter just for you, that’s likely to spell a major turning point in your life. Be prepared for rapid heartbeats. If you’ve been flirting with boredom recently, if you find your daily life too repetitive, dull or lackluster, you’re going to be very happy this week. The Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Mercury are opening up opportunities for running around, trips and outings in a joyful, energetic environment. You may even get to go on vacation. But whether you do or not, life is full of surprises and opportunities to explore new horizons. A change of scenery and some fresh air—this does you the world of good! Concerning love, Venus is making you magnetically charming, and giving you a more than healthy libido. If you’re single, you’re out on the prowl, and quite successful! If you’re in a couple, you take things between you further. You may decide to move in together, tie the knot, or have a baby. Whatever your decision, it’s a source of great happiness. Your intimate life has never been better. Enjoy. In addition, lovely Venus is also taking care of your finances. You weren’t expecting to have this much extra cash! Enjoy but don’t overspend. Put some aside for the rainy days expected in June. The professional front is quite calm and you take advantage to rest on your laurels a bit, or perhaps take a few days off. This break does you the world of good. Your finances are once again under the strict control of Pluto, who may help you lay a tricky money issue to rest. You may be able to renegotiate a loan, pay off a debt or obtain a grant. In whatever form it comes, your financial situation improves a great deal over the next few days or weeks.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
Change and transformation seems to be the order of the day, Fire Signs, with the present astral configuration. You may have believed certain things about each other when you originally became involved, but as time has gone by, you have both changed. Perhaps it is appropriate to see how you both view your future together, and where you need to allow each other more freedom to explore different truths. Be forgiving Monday when a Sun-Pluto square and Sun-Moon sextile show you the dark and light of relationships. Venus conjoins Chiron Tuesday to make you the elegant suitor, but you’re less convincing after Mercury retrogrades Wednesday. With the Moon in Pisces, you have two full days to rewrite your personal history. Meditate and think on this, because whatever you conjure up will come to pass, and you will have to make the best of it. Mars and the Moon enter Aries Saturday, and anyone who can’t handle a Fire Sign needs to keep away from you! When the Sun conjoins the New Moon and opposes Saturn on Sunday, you’re ready to try again, perhaps along a new direction.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your finances once again are in the planetary spotlight. The Sun, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury in Aries send the winds of luck your way and help you fill up your bank account. You’re very happy about that and so is your banker. This week you have a desire to withdraw from the world into your family cocoon. You may also decide it’s time to pay more attention to your health, and to make a change to your appearance. You adopt one or two principles for better nutrition and may tackle a new exercise program. Stick with it. In no time at all you’ll be glowing with better health and this will bring benefits to all areas of your life. On the love front, Venus in Pisces is making you Water Signs wildly charming. You’re not easy to resist. If you’re single this plays in your favor. You’re playing the field with gusto. Be careful not to break too many hearts. Lovely Venus spoils singles especially. You meet someone new, and this is an encounter that could change the course of your life. If you’re in a couple you’re the best person in the world to live with. You’re funny, you’re attentive, you’re sexy. Your partner’s in seventh heaven and is eating out of the palm of your hand. You enjoy the time you spend together and the serenity that binds you. On the job, a curve ball comes your way that obliges you to show proof of flexibility. Things aren’t always easy but on the plus side, you’ve got an opportunity to put your talents into play and show your bosses and colleagues what you’re made of. On the job, things are a bit harder to handle. A boss has you in their line of fire and seems determined to make your life unbearable. They’re asking the impossible. All you can do is lie low and wait for the storm to pass. Good luck! Your financial atmosphere is calm and uneventful. At least you’ve got nothing to worry about there.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:
You’re a good date when you don’t make demands. But don’t let anyone roll over you, either. If someone is playing games, turn the tables or walk away – it’s your choice. With luck, you will only attract those who share your sweet, relaxed nature. If you’re making plans with somebody, Monday’s Sun-Pluto square reminds you to review the big picture. Wednesday is wrong for falling in love with a new person. Water energy flows in your favor, but Mercury amps up the confusion when it turns retrograde. Saturday Mars enters Aries, Pluto sextiles Venus and squares the Moon, and no one knows if you’re coming or going – even you. Sunday’s New Moon calms you and a Mars-Uranus conjunction brings self-control. You need that now. If a frisky, passionate mood strikes you (which is likely toward the end of the week, so heads up), the right friend or lover will join the fun without reading too much into it. That’s what you wanted, right?

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

This week looks like it won’t be easy to handle. Under the influence of the Sun, Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, you will most likely need to face unpleasant and unexpected events that will require you to run around like the proverbial chicken without its head. Your daily responsibilities pose several problems; it’s not easy to juggle family obligations with your professional life. In a nutshell, you can expect a lot of stress. Also, this week can bring administrative, judicial or financial matters to deal with that are a pain in the neck. But once you’ve ploughed through it, you should enjoy excellent results. You’re benefiting from the support of the Sun, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury in Aries, who are making you clever, and truly gifted at cutting through red tape. In addition, you’re benefiting from luck; Lots of it. On a love level though, the opposite is true. All is calm. Whether you’re single or in a couple, your love life seems unsatisfying. What can you do to change that? Don’t wait around for a miracle. It’s up to you to inject excitement into your emotional world. If you’ve been getting discouraged these last few weeks at the lack of prospects, but Pluto turns all that around now. Keep your eyes open! On the professional front, Neptune is making it hard for you to shine in the spotlight and may saddle you with boring, repetitive tasks. Don’t give your okay to pick up the slack for what others don’t want to do either! Your finances benefit from this new trend, and you receive a reimbursement, loan or other breakthrough that you were hoping for. Whatever the source of the extra money, your bank account is buoyantly healthy. You’ve got no major financial problems on the horizon. As long as you stick within your budget, your money supply should stay healthy.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
Watch for dominance Monday if you’re dating a Fire or Air Sign. The Moon enters Aquarius, the Sun squares Pluto, and your opinion may not matter. If you think someone’s into you he energies invite you to think again. His or her agenda could be very different. Bending over backward to be nice could backfire as Mercury turns retrograde Wednesday. Expectations change once Mercury sextiles the Moon. Maybe you’re ready to evaluate your past behavior. Maybe an ex reappears with something to say. A Pisces Moon soothes the sting, and its Thursday conjunctions with Chiron and Venus might convince you that someone’s affections are for sale. The Moon sextiles Pluto, inviting deep, intense conversation. But when Mars and the Moon enter Aries Saturday, it’s time to look out for number one. Use the Venus-Pluto sextile to seek a better match. If you feel ready to hit the parties and clubs on Saturday night, proceed with caution.

Stargazing—Week of August 23–August 29, 2010

Mercury turned retrograde on Aug. 20th and continues through Sept. 12th. This communications breakdown cycle goes backwards through detail-oriented Virgo. If you have natal planets in Virgo, you are even more highly affected by this backward cycle. For everyone, it is time to pull back and tend to all the little things that you have been putting off. (Like installing or learning new software, getting those gutters cleaned before fall, or other boring projects).

It’s that time again. Mercury is retrograde and you can surely expect miscommunications, problems with technology, traffic delays, upsets with real estate, contracts, and more than a little frustration. The things that happen during any Mercury Retrograde push us toward a better understanding of the concept of organization, and this time that will be truer than ever, because Virgo is the sign of organization and doing everything with perfection.

Mercury, the mischievous imp, plays havoc with your schedule, your life events, and sometimes even your sanity when it moves backward in the sky. There’s no need to worry though, because this event occurs three or four times a year. When we take a look at this tricky planet, we can learn his game plan, and the more we learn about it, the better we can cope with these events.

If you already know about the discombobulating events that occur when mercury retrogrades, then this can be a reminder for you to use caution at this time. If this is your first time hearing about retrograde phases, then sit down and put your feet up, hang on, and know that you are in for a bumpy ride.

At the same time, relationship planets Venus and Mars are traveling close together for the next six weeks, currently in Libra and then in Scorpio. This is an alignment that normally only lasts a few days, so their extended dance together is meaningful. Your love life and ambition, and values surrounding those important aspects of life, is going to change before the not so distant Thanksgiving Day holiday in late November. It may be that those desires which held your attention are going away to make room for something new in the area of work, love, and money. For others, those aspects of your life will simply go through adjustments. Either way, something or someone is going to be released.


AUGUST 23 – 29, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

A plethora of planets in Libra are helping you Air Signs make progress by leaps and bounds this week. Venus, Mars and the Moon are making sure you are at your most attractive. Single Air Signs will be spoilt for choice! And many Air Signs in relationship find they’re in osmosis with their partner. A Moon/Mars trine on Monday kicks your work week off to a confident start. You’re taking the initiative and leaving no doubt as to your competence. The Moon is in Aquarius at the beginning of the week, and flirting with Venus, which has the effect of giving you very high morale. You’re also inspired to pamper yourself and others, and you may make an important investment or purchase a high price item, such as a vehicle. Singles, Jupiter retrograde forms a link with the fickle Moon which has you holding back. You’re eyeing potential prospects with a measure of distrust and suspicion. If you’re in a relationship, Neptune retrograde in your sign is making you dreamy and romantic. But your partner wants you to come to earth and focus on practical matters. Finally, there’s not much activity job-wise, but you’re not exactly scrabbling for opportunities either. Keep in mind that Friday is a time to be spontaneous! A Taurus Moon at the end of the week creates a bit of instability surrounding money. Err on the side of caution and you will come through it okay.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: With the Moon in Aquarius through early Tuesday, take a balanced approach to love. With Mars and Venus still in Libra, Monday’s about love as both trine the Aquarius Moon. But on Tuesday when the Full Moon enters Pisces and is quincunx Saturn, examine your motivations. The Pisces Full Moon hints at happily ever after, but by late Wednesday the Sun-Pluto trine tells you it’s about the journey, not the destination. By Wednesday evening, Mars and Venus suggest seeing someone else, whether you’re ending a relationship or gaining perspective before starting one. Thursday night the Moon conjoins Uranus before entering Aries, spurring you to act on a false feeling or signal. Once the Moon enters Aries on Thursday and opposes Saturn on Friday, self-control may be hard. Unless you’re involved with a Sagittarius, confusion or anger colors your Friday and Saturday. Saturday’s Moon-Mars opposition helps resolve some unfinished business hanging over you. Sunday morning the Moon sextiles Neptune and Chiron before entering Taurus. Love feels possible again under Sunday’s Taurus Moon. Whew! You can trust your intuition about relationships again.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This week the Sun says goodbye to Leo and enters Virgo, depriving you Fire Signs of all that extra energy you’ve had over the past month. You feel better financially, as delays and blockages are over and you enjoy a healthier balance. A Moon/Venus trine influencing your communication and progress helps you make an important contact at the beginning of the week, that helps move a previously blocked personal project ahead, which is an exciting relief. The single Fire Signs can benefit from Jupiter retrograde, which helps deepen a new relationship or brings someone who’s been too distant for your taste, closer. A Moon/ Mars trine also creates an excellent atmosphere for dating fun. If you’re in a couple your union is serene, except for a budget worry that could have you battling it out in a heated debate. And Pluto retrograde is counseling prudence, budget-wise. The Moon and Pluto retrograde indicate you may need to change your modus operandi on the job. Some better time management is called for. If you’re in a relationship, Neptune is making you dreamy and solitary and your partner doesn’t like it one bit. Singles, the Mars/Venus duo is sending your attractiveness into the stratosphere and you’re able to enjoy a short-lived romantic interlude.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
When the Aquarius Moon trines Mars and sextiles Ceres on Monday, let love find you. Things change Monday as the Sun exits Leo and the Moon trines Mars and Venus. It’s a hopeful time for romance. You want a happy ending under Tuesday’s Pisces Full Moon, but a Sun-Jupiter quincunx makes you a little too grabby. This Pisces Full Moon opposes the Sun, pushing you toward the perfect relationship. Your heart soars late Wednesday as the Sun trines Pluto, possibly bringing you the right person. But the Moon conjoins Uranus before entering Aries on Thursday, warning you to be realistic. You feel like your old self Thursday night, after the Moon enters Aries and conjoins Jupiter. Now how much will you change for someone else? Saturday’s Moon-Mars opposition helps you decide what a relationship is worth. Lovers feel tense this weekend, and Saturday’s Moon-Mars opposition helps you figure out why. Once Venus sextiles Ceres on Sunday, you’ll be at peace with yourself and enchanted by someone who accepts you. Physical contact makes it all better Sunday night.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your week starts off on shaky emotional footing, with a Moon/ Venus trine. You hit highs and lows and dance around that point of enjoyment you’re seeking, without ever touching it. If you’re single, get ready for a wild ride. A new love story starts to unfold and it’s the source of some steamy emotional highs. If you’re in a couple someone intrigues you and makes you want to stray. Be prudent and wait for your emotions to settle before jumping in hastily. Remember Mercury is retrograde and any commitments made are likely to fall apart down the road. A Moon/ Venus trine at the beginning of the week turns your attention to the home front. A family problem is dealt with and resolved, releasing tension and bringing a more light-hearted atmosphere for all involved. All is calm on the career front, but a Moon/ Pluto trine on Thursday delivers a perfect opportunity to get organized and fine-tune your strategy. If you’re in a couple be wary at the end of the week, because the Moon in the sphere governing your union can bring emotions to the boiling point and create conflict over issues that don’t truly matter. Single Scorpios have a Uranus/ Pluto flirt to look forward to, which either lines up an opportunity to meet someone new or allows for an opening for moving forward in a new relationship. Jupiter retrograde ensures that things go smoothly on the job, but just the same, don’t rest on your laurels.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:
With the Sun moves into Virgo for a month, be logical in love. The Sun enters Virgo early Monday, giving you a month to identify your needs and learn all about your current or future lover. It really begins Tuesday when the Full Moon enters Pisces, sextiles Pluto, and is quincunx Saturn. A conversation with someone special reveals much. Tuesday’s intense conversation reveals your deep feelings and how closely you’re paying attention. Passion ramps up Wednesday night, kick-started by a Moon-Mars quincunx and climaxing with a Sun-Pluto trine. You discover who else has feelings for you. Thursday the Aries Moon brings out your demanding side. If you’re uncertain or guilty, the Aries Moon could make Thursday night through Sunday morning difficult. Accept your needs on Friday, and use Saturday’s Moon-Mars opposition to fix a misunderstanding. Sunday the Moon sextiles Neptune and enters Taurus, sweetly illustrating the logic of love. Wait until then before your next romantic overture.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

This week the Sun enters Virgo, chasing away any fatigue, pumping up your morale and ambition and poising you to seize the day. If you’re single, you have the courage to approach someone you’ve been admiring from afar. You feel your confidence and charm rising to the surface and are enjoying every minute of it. If you’re in a relationship you’re full of surprises for your partner. A Moon/Venus trine starts your week off, bathing your career in positive, supportive energies. You could get an attractive offer that moves your career forward, or sign a lucrative contract. Job interviews also take a turn for the better. A Moon/Mars trine mid-week sees you rebelling, as you just want to break free from your usual routine. Enjoy this self-declared break. The Sun and Mercury retrograde give the single Earth Sign the chance to make up for having gotten off on the wrong foot with someone. Couples, your partner finds you distant at the start of the week, but you make up for it with attention and tenderness as the week goes on. On Thursday the Moon opposes retrograde Mercury, adding more passion to the mix. On the job, your determination helps you see which colleagues are being honest, and which are not. Financially, Venus and Mars inspire you to spoil yourself and others, and even better, you have the budget for it!

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: With Monday’s new Virgo Sun and a Moon-Venus trine, beauty and strategy are yours. When you wake up Monday, retrograde Mercury keeps the Sun, in Virgo, company, ushering in a month of careful romantic strategy. When that Sun opposes the Pisces Full Moon on Tuesday, move on if your current love object remains out of reach. The Pisces Full Moon adds the power of imagination. Now you can hold out for Mr. or Ms. Right. Wednesday’s Sun-Mercury opposition suggests advertising your desire, and Thursday’s Sun-Pluto trine keeps you optimistic even if your weekend dating picture looks grim. The Sun and Mercury turn you inward to face your own issues. But singles or troubled couples feel insecure and possibly aggressive on Thursday when the Moon squares Ceres and enters Aries. Jupiter keeps you laughing Friday, and when the Moon opposes Venus and Mars on Saturday, at least you’re on the same side as your lover. Romance finally arrives once the Moon enters Taurus on Sunday. By Sunday night, a Sun-Moon trine rewards you in some delicious way.