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On BBSRadio.com, Sunday night, September 19th, 2010 at 6:00 PM Pacific, the famed astrologer Mark Dodich returns to Lets Find Out to continue with the fall-winter astrology predictions. The Summer Solstice brought in a wild, untempered, fiery energy for the anticipated long, hot summer. Elizabeth Joyce and Mark Dodich will discuss how this turbulent upset has effected all of us. September 21st brings the Fall Equinox and a Full Moon in Aries, conjuncting Uranus. You will need to be willing to look at both your bright and shadow side of your nature in the weeks ahead. Change is coming by the Holidays, for sure! Don’t miss this powerful information!

Sept 19 2010 – Download the MP3


October 10, 2010, Elizabeth Joyce began to teach the new Fifth Dimension spontaneous healing techniques. She discussed the various dimension levels, spinning the chakras, and uplifting your vibration to become one with the Universe, while staying energetic and healthy. In order to survive these new energies, you need to be aware and continually work with your Spiritual growth and vibration levels. Elizabeth explained exactly how to achieve this on a daily basis.

Oct 10 2010 – Download the MP3

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